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A Christmas Story[Reading] ➾ A Christmas Story By Jean Shepherd – Bluevapours.co.uk A beloved bestselling classic of humorous and nostalgic Americana—the book that inspired the eually classic Yuletide filmThe holiday film A Christmas Story first released in 1983 has become a bona f A beloved bestselling classic of humorous and nostalgic Americana—the book that inspired the eually classic Yuletide filmThe holiday film A Christmas Story first released in has become a bona fide Christmas perennial gaining in stature A Christmas PDF or and fame with each succeeding year Its affectionate wacky and wryly realistic portrayal of an American family’s typical Christmas joys and travails in small town Depression era Indiana has entered our imagination and our hearts with a force eual to It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on th StreetThis edition of A Christmas Story gathers together in one hilarious volume the gems of autobiographical humor that Jean Shepherd drew upon to create this enduring film Here is young Ralphie Parker’s shocking discovery that his decoder ring is really a device to promote Ovaltine; his mother and father’s pitched battle over the fate of a lascivious leg lamp; the unleashed and unnerving savagery of Ralphie’s duel in the show with the odious bullies Scut Farkas and Grover Dill; and most crucially Ralphie’s unstoppable campaign to get Santa—or anyone else—to give him a Red Ryder carbine action shot range model air rifle Who cares that the whole adult world is telling him “You’ll shoot your eye out kid”The pieces that comprise A Christmas Story previously published in the larger collections In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash and Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories coalesce in a magical fashion to become an irresistible piece of Americana uite the eual of the film in its ability to warm the heart and tickle the funny bone From the Hardcover edition.

Was an American raconteur radio and TV personality writer and actor who was often referred to by the nickname Shep With a career that spanned decades Shepherd is best known to modern audiences for the film A Christmas PDF or A Christmas Story which he narrated and co scripted based on his own semi autobiographical stories.

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  1. Julie says:

    The Christmas Story by Jean Shepard – narrated by Dick Cavett is a 2004 RH audio publication Read from the book published in 1983I knew the movie which we have all seen ad nauseum every Christmas was based on a book but I’d never read it The movie version is adorable but I’ve seen it so many times I can almost uote it verbatim I decided to stop watching it for a while because It was in danger of losing all its charm due to the marathon showings of it on television But this year I caught myself thinking about holiday movies the ones I watched growing up and the ones my kids loved and the way television has burned me out on some of my favorites So this year I decided to read Christmas themed books instead of watching the same movies over and over But when I stumbled across this book in audio format on Scribd I couldn’t resist I figured it would be a new way to experience an old favorite However I was taken aback when I discovered this book was not exactly family oriented The book is really like a set of related vignettes or a collection of short stories Some have described them as essays The Christmas themed story about the Red Ryder BB gun is super short and made me wonder where all the other parts were Have no fear The ‘major award’ episode is here as well as many other popular scenes from the movie just not in the order I was accustomed to The Bumpus’ family is described in full detail – something the movie doesn’t address leading up to a different version of the holiday feast which was stolen by their dogs but one that is eually madcap So yes I was able to enjoy a favorite holiday story in an all new way which was very refreshing and so much fun Dick Cavett did an amazing job with the narration and the book provides some background information which gave me a new perspective on some scenes in the movie version The book is just a funny as the movie but just in case you have never read it it should be noted the language can be moderately strong in some places with adult themes and is not for younger children For me the book has a stronger feel of nostalgia and is even a little poignant on a few occasions Shepard’s deadpan wit and folksy humor are juxtaposed against the adult man living in ‘modern’ day New York and the boy growing up in Indiana in the depression era He has perfect pitch tone and timing He is occasionally wistful with a little family tenderness managing to seep out as well I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book today It is very short and only took a few hours to listen to the entire book If you love the movie then you really must check out the book I recommend trying the audio version if you get a chance

  2. Candi says:

    Only within the last year or two did I realize that the 1983 holiday film A Christmas Story was based on a series of short stories penned by radio personality Jean Shepherd The short pieces contained here and from which the movie was based were originally published in two other Shepherd collections – In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash and Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories The movie has become a tradition in many American households although I personally must admit to seeing this only once when it first appeared at the movie theater My son received a copy of this film last year and I will soon remedy the fact that I only remember very small bits of this comic movie Of course what sticks with me the most are the famous words You’ll shoot your eye out as well as the legendary leg lampThe book itself is a wonderfully nostalgic holiday read Now I admit to being around when the movie first came out; however unlike Ralphie Parker I was not a child of Depression era America But that didn’t stop me from remembering the magical feeling of Christmas as a young child Christmas was on its way Each day was exciting than the last because Christmas was one day closer Lovely beautiful glorious Christmas around which the entire year revolved Driving downtown to the shops all sparkling and adorned with pretty lights visiting Santa at his what I believed to be enchanted throne and anticipating that one special gift that you just had to have this year or else In my case it would not have been the Red Ryder BB gun but perhaps a special doll or maybe a brand new sled Books were always a welcome possibility of course I loved going into the local Woolworths and using the small bit of cash I was allotted to spend on my own family members Searching for the perfect gift for mom dad sister and grandma were special memories I will always cherish Like Ralphie I did get the whole point of gift giving and receiving at a young age – The joy of giving can uplift the saddened heart Living in western New York with the wind and snow blowing across Lake Erie and Lake Ontario I imagine my childhood winters weren’t much different from Ralphie’s in northern Indiana In fact the weather here the past couple of days could really be said to be depicted by the same evocative words as in A Christmas Story The wind howling down out of the Canadian wilds a few hundred miles to the north had screamed over frozen Lake Michigan and hit Hohman laying on the town great drifts of snow and long story high icicles and sub zero temperatures where the air cracked and sang Simply switch out the words Michigan and Hohman and you have my hometownNot all of the five stories contained here are Christmas stories They are a great sampling of Midwestern American culture during the Depression and should have a little bit of something for everyone here Next to the Red Ryder BB gun story I would say my next favorite is the section titled My Old Man and the Lascivious Special Award that Heralded the Birth of Pop Art – definitely a hilarious story that most would recognize from the movie Once you’ve seen it the image of that outlandish lamp will stay with you always A monstrous barrel shaped bulging tube of a shade a striking Lingerie pink in color topped by a glittering cut crystal orb was lifted reverently up and put onto the table Never had shade so beautifully matched base Within an instant the Old Man had screwed it atop the fulsome thigh and there it stood a full four feet from couettishly pointed toe to sparkling crystalJust a note – these stories are not linked together in a seamless fashion They are really just a series of what could be stand alone vignettes which focus on short pieces of Ralphie’s childhood This did not bother me but I suppose that I rather expected them to be linked only because of my knowledge of the movie I recommend this book to those fans of the movie that want to see where the story originated as well as anyone that relishes a uick fun holiday read I wish all my Goodreads friends a peaceful holiday season

  3. Jason Koivu says:

    When it comes to holiday comedies for me it doesn't get much better than A Christmas StoryNow up to this point I'd only ever seen the movie version of Jean Shepherd's book Finally after all these years I decided it was time to check out the real thingThat movie version doesn't deviate much from A Christmas Story the book The reader gets a pinch of the narrator's adult life but the biggest deviation from the movie is the elaboration on the Bumpuses the inbred backwoods hicks that move in next door and who are only personified in the movie by their invasive pack of hounds Though about 75% of this book is replicated in the movie the addition of the Bumpuses alone make the book a worthwhile read I love Shepherd's homey sense of humor I love humor in general but especially when it's applied to one's childhood Shepherd has plenty of memories to mine from his Depression era upbringing He smartly ties them into the Christmas theme for the most part And here I should warn the few of you who are expecting a word for word replay of the movie The book is not laid out exactly the same way And that's where the movie triumphs It perfectly plots out its topic material The book is a bit scattered in comparison Even so most all of the movie elements you've come to love are right here between these pages I'd suggest grabbing a copy if you're in the mood for a really good holiday read

  4. Jessica says:

    The essays used as the basis for A CHRISTMAS STORY as howlingly funny as anything in the film A great little Christmas read for fans of the film or simply for fans of great comic writingReread 2014 6yo daughter has watched the movie every day since Thanksgiving so I busted out the book in a day Every year I think I need to get his other books Reread 2016 A uick and always delightful reread

  5. Steve says:

    For many people Christmas isn't Christmas unless you sit down to watch the A Christmas Story on TBS on Christmas Eve We all know the classic lines You'll shoot your eye out kid Oh fuuuddgge He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny I triple DOG dare ya You might be surprised that only one of these phrases actually came from this bookThe book like the movie is the uintessential look at life in Depression era Upper Midwest America Back before the internet invaded our lives back before satellitecable TV heck even before black and white rabbit ears TV the primary means of entertainment was radio which people listened to every evening Gene Autry Roy Rogers The Lone Ranger and Red Ryder I don't have to explain the overwhelming desire that Ralphy has for the Red Ryder carbine action two hundred shot range model air rifle all because of this radio showIt might surprise many that the book has little in common with the Christmas movie The book moves through five interrelated stories starting with the BB gun story and progressing through the months after Christmas ending with the Bumpus Hounds stealing the EASTER ham and the family going to the Chop Suey place for their Easter dinner Kind of a letdown Shepherd wrote the screenplay to the movie and he incorporated the stories of the secret decoder ring the leg lamp the bully the Bumpus hounds and of course the Red Ryder BB gun into a coherent and sensible script I'm glad he wrote it this way; it makes for a much better Christmas tradition and taste of AmericanaThe narration by Dick Cavett was pretty good but there were instances in which his voice was simply overwhelmed by the sound effects Yes sound effects Christmas carols jingling bells hounds baying the kitchen sink gurgling all of it got in the way At first it was cute but as the book progressed the sound effects guy got carried awayI really only recommend this book and narration for those that are interested in where the classic Christmas movie originated This is one of those very rare cases in which I can say the movie is better than the book

  6. Mischenko says:

    I really loved the stories but not so much the narrator because it seemed to fast to me Still 4 stars

  7. Obsidian says:

    Please note that I gave this book 35 stars and rounded it up to 4 stars on GoodreadsWho hasn't seen A Christmas Story? I have been watching this movie since I was 6 years old and it's been a holiday tradition in my family that every year we watch this Heck I am not going home this year but my brothers sister and I are still going to watch it and group chat My favorite scene hands down is always watching how proud the Old Man was watching Ralphie playing with his BB gun that he wanted for ChristmasReading the book that inspired the film I can say that I was a bit disappointed with the structure Since I am so familiar with the movie and can uote that thing off the top of my head the book only really focuses on Christmas for one part of the book The other parts occur at different times of the year and I thought the last part focusing on the Bumpus's family was off putting and pretty gross in partsThe book starts off introducing the book and tying it into the movie that many readers may know about From there it goes into the uest for the Red Ryder BB Gun There are course are many of the same scenes in the movie so we have the whole you'll shoot your eye out and even the same admonishments from his teacher and Santa Claus however he still gets his gift the day before Christmas Apparently in this household Christmas Eve was when all of the presents were opened by this family with Christmas Day all of the other relatives showing up to provide gifts We also do get that scene were he almost did shoot his eye out but lied to his mother about what happened and got away from it I found parts of this story sweet and found myself smiling throughoutWe are provided other details about the terrible Little Orphan Annie decoder ring The Old Man and his special award his fight with a bully named Grover Dill and how much the family hated it when a clan of hillbillies the books words called Bumpus moved in next door I am really surprised with how well the moviescreenplay was since the movie intertwines everything uite beautifully The book jumped around a lot and maybe it wouldn't have bothered me so much if I did not have the movie playing in my head as background while readingI thought the writing hit the right level of nostalgia for childhood things like snow storms being warm in the house and love of Christmas and Santa Claus After that though we get Shephard's comments on marriage his parents and how they work I thought looking at the major award section and how his father and mother uietly dueled over the lamp that my mother would have outlawed in our home too was pretty funny However unlike with the movie this causes a three day freeze between his mother and father before his father finally breaks the silence and everyone goes to the movies afterwardsThe flow didn't really work though in this one I have to say I think it's because we have Shepard using a present incident like the woman who was screeching about the terrible toy industry to him as an adult to recall his childhood affection for his Red Ryder BB Gun We get another off segue when Shepard does his best to hit on some woman sounds like this took place during the 1960s and is thwarted by her female lover which leads to him talking about his parents struggle over a lampThe setting of the book takes place in Indiana during The Great Depression I didn't really get a sense that the family was struggling which is weird cause my grandmother before she passed away still was all about never throwing out food and keeping everything she had ever been given because she always had a fear about running out of food or needing clothes and blankets She also passed this along to my mother who was a pack rat and this is why if any of you ever visit my home you will see how minimalist I am I do a yearly purge because I still dream of rooms filled with old blankets that scratch and smelled but we had to put on our beds every winter because they were still goodShepherd does a great job though with describing his neighborhood and the times of the day and how everyone was crazy for prizes in newspapers along with listening to the radio every nightThe ending was a bit of a letdown though The book abruptly ends and I thought it needed an epilogue or something included since you feel like another story is just waiting to be toldI read this for the twelve tasks of the festive season task 8 the movie ticket

  8. Stephanie Anze says:

    Ralphie Parker and his family live in Indiana during the Depression Era Their day to day life varies Wether there is a battle between the parents over the placement of a uite peculiar lamp the neighbours are wrecking havoc again or Ralphie's plot to get the BB gun for Christmas is not going well there is never a dull moment Through humour and laughter the Parker family navigate their life in their own uniue styleChristmas is almost upon us and this title kept coming up on my GR feed so I decided to give it a go I am in the minority that has not seen the movie I know about it and have definitely seen that iconic lamp In this case though that played in my favor as I had no preconceived ideas about the book With wit Midwestern Indiana charm and a wry humour this collection of short but related stories was uite to my liking The prose had a nostalgic feel and the setting was a great contrast to the lively Parkers While not all the stories dealt with Christmas it tied in nicely Overall this was just a fun and cute book Will try to watch this film before the season is over It is my sister's theory that one can not watch a Christmas movie if its not Christmas time; listening to Christmas music year round however is fine Don't uite get her rationaleJust one observation The Hecks from the sitcom 'The Middle' seem to be like a modern version of the Parkers Both wacky but lovable families

  9. Linda says:

    Every scene of the 1983 holiday film A Christmas Story is so thoroughly etched in my mind that I thought reading the story would be a bit of a letdown Usually I'll read the book and skip the movie such is not the case here the movie finds its way into everyone's heart You'll shoot your eye out kid rings as clear as Ebeneezer Scrooge's Bah Humbug Or maybe you just need to be a kid from the 50's to appreciate the pull of the Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range model air rifleI picked up the little book at the local library nonetheless and am glad I did The book focuses on three of the fifteen autobiographical essays taken from Shepherd's In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash; four actually and the fourth scenario is the fun one because in the book it is featured as an Easter happening and the introduction in the book of Delbert Bumpus and his hillbilly kin who move in next door to the Parker family is not really featured in the film Makes one want to read of Jean Shepherd's childhood recollections

  10. Kevin says:

    This is even better then the movie even better then listening to Shep tell the story yearly on his radio show If you enjoyed the movie you really owe it to yourself to give this a read The fightI had woven a tapestry of obscenity that as far as I know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan And my mother had heard SantaEvery evening immediately after supper we would pile into the car and drive downtown for that great annual folk rite that most ecstatic golden tinseled uivering time of all kidhood Christmas shopping The lampThat night for the first time our home had a Night Light The living room was bathed through the long still silent hours with the soft glow of electric Sex

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