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Sleight of Hand[PDF] ✍ Sleight of Hand Author Katrina Strauss – OUT OF PRINTWhat if the man of your dreams is also the one of your nightmaresEdwin Matthews just wants to get some sleep Traveling by steam train with his family the melancholic nineteen year old is p OUT OF PRINTWhat if the man of your dreams is also the one of your nightmaresEdwin Matthews just wants to get some sleep Traveling Sleight of Kindle - by steam train with his family the melancholic nineteen year old is plagued by restless nights and recurring dreams of a fiery disaster When a mysterious magician comes aboard the troubled insomniacs trip takes an interesting turn Tall dark and incredibly handsome the flamboyant Sir Marco Satori offers to cure what ails Edwin Spurred by eual parts curiosity desperation and attraction Edwin agrees to the experiment Suddenly he finds his uiet journey turned into a wild ride of life love sex death and a few strange things in between He also finds himself claimed in ways than one while a promise of eternity may be than Edwin bargains forWarning This book contains violence dubious consent masturbation anal penetration light Ds frock coats cravats uestionable Victorian parlor tricks and hot sex between beautiful men on a fast moving train.

Former erotic romance author; now retired.

Sleight of Hand Epub Ó Sleight of  Kindle -
  • ebook
  • 70 pages
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Katrina Strauss
  • English
  • 05 June 2015

10 thoughts on “Sleight of Hand

  1. Daisiemae says:

    This book has several interesting elements to it First ALL of the characters written are interesting and well developed Second the mystery of Marco Satori kept not only his future lover Edwin and me as the reader on the edge of my seat Marco's has a wickedly seductive and mysterious uality about him that is very appealing Edwin Matthews has been frail most of his life Suffering from horrible nightmares he never allows himself to relaxmuch less sleep Because of his insomnia and the nightmares he has been accused of having mental problems and has never been really taken seriously As he travels across the country with his mother and sister Edwin becomes fasinated with an dynamic magician Marcos Santori Edwin can't shake the feeling that he knows or has seen Marco before When he meets Marco for the first time he is immediately taken under Marco's spell Marco insist that he has a cure all for what ails Edwin but it comes with a pricea price he might have to pay for eternityI loved Marco's character Edwin didn't stand a chance in refusing him The chemistry Marco and Edwin had together was very intense and passionate I thought they were perfectly matched and I loved watching everything come together I give this story a 45 out of 5 stars I really wish it would hae been longerbut I'll round it up to 5PS At one time Ms Strauss was sending out postcards of the cover of this book if you emailed her proof of purchase I don't know if this is still going on but I received my artwork and a very nice note from her

  2. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    35 starsI have to confess that I don't really know what to think There are a lot of wonderful ideas in this story and I think they deserved space to develop because some of the situations especially those on the dream plane faded to black and then came back too abruptly Instead of the confusion of the main character I was left only with a sense of disorientationThe setting was really fantastic The story takes place on a train and the other protagonist is a mysterious man part magician part healer Marco Satori is a very interesting character and he makes you hold your breath when he appears on the page And he's very sexyEdwin from whose point of view we see the story is melancholic and in need of salvation and Marco gives him awareness and also a spark of will to change the situation he is inThere is a paranormal twist and it was a big thing with a lot of information that made me crave for a longer story I was left with the impression I was given only a teasing abridged version of a great bookBeautifully written

  3. Elizabetta says:

    25 starsWhoa Done at 84%? That’s annoyingThe story starts promisingly enough Atmospheric Victorian era A train traveling through snowy mountain passages A young and restless lad wanders the gently rocking cars late at night And meets up with an enigmatic and handsome magician Some sheets get rumpledThen it just veers off and is over too fast Not my cuppa really view spoilerThe bit about Edwin's sister at the end was the most interesting development that never gets developed hide spoiler

  4. Deja Dei says:

    I wish I had read this sooner It's completely bizarre in the best possible way Really really different which is what I like The writing and descriptions are beautiful and the characters are well fleshed out For sure a uniue and different book and one I really enjoyed I may write a real review later it deserves one but for now I will just rec this for anyone looking for something weird wonderful and very uniue

  5. Paul Jr. says:

    The beautiful cover art by Anne Cain hints that this story has a Yaoi inspired genesis and after reading it I have no doubt that the author Katrina Strauss was at the very least intrigued by that genre For once I feel that the publisher’s blurb accurately represents the plot with only one addition needed for the purposes of this review It is important to note that our hero Edwin is traveling along with his mother and sister the latter having agreed to marry a significantly older man — a bit of a lecher honestly — to better the station of their family Intriguing yes It is But does it work? Well yes And noAuthor Katrina Strauss’ prose is competently written the period setting made clear by the heightened manner of speech of the characters and she clearly knows the time period in which she is writing It all moves at a decent pace and yet I found myself becoming a bit annoyed early on in the story What derailed pardon the pun the piece for me initially is that while Strauss has a very good eye for detail she sometimes didn’t know when to stop with the observations We get incredibly detailed descriptions of the train and its compartments but in the end it does little to create an atmosphere Yes I know how each of the characters are dressed — down to excruciating detail — and I even know where there privy is in relation to each of the passenger compartments But it all felt rather like a recitation of historical facts rather than a tool to create atmosphere or tension There are times when I actually found myself mumbling “enough” with the details It was beginning to feel a bit Ann Rice in verbosity and “info dump” though woven into the story better than most info dumpsWe are also during the early parts of the story so completely engulfed in Edwin’s malaise and internal homophobia that–after a while–he becomes a bit unlikable It’s nearly unbearable as a reader his moroseness and becomes the totality of his character traits Yes he is there with his sister and mother but neither becomes than a prop until later in the story when the sister becomes the plot device We are — despite the story being told in third person — stuck in his head and frankly his thoughts are rather self involved especially when we learn about his sister’s plight and the result is he turns too whiny and unappealing for my tastesWhen Edwin finally meets the mysterious Satori we get to see a little passion as he becomes intrigued and then bedded by the magician Now Satori is a shady character rather slimly drawn and never really rising to the title of irresistible and charming He wears a waistcoat and a cravat and speaks in a particularly affected way but he never evolves into a full character Now part of that is the appealmysterious stranger on a train so in that respect Satori serves exactly the function he needs to in the storyThe sex between Edwin and Satori is fairly well drawn a cut above many depictions in the genre but both characters are so terribly feminine that it it didn’t really feel hot or erotic to me The characters both before and during the sex scenes play much on the female side of androgyny and miles away from the male And there was one moment when Edwin is being penetrated by Satori in a manner of speaking where unfortunately Strauss fell into one of the biggest cliches ever as Edwin is penetrated the train is going through a tunnel Have we never seen the incredible spoofs of such imagery? It is unfortunately a laugh inducing moment for me and completely shattered any eroticism I was findingAfter the initial encounter Edwin is hypnotized into forgetting the encounter but scheduled to return except that Edwin hasn’t forgotten Strauss was clearly trying to depict Edwin being haunted by slivers of memory but it was almost as if he remembered the whole thing So the light Ds the author teases us with ends up not uite working for meWhere the story does start to take off is in the twist in the end with Edwin’s sister Now this fascinated me and it was a good idea but right when we get to it the story ends rather abruptly And that is where I got extremely frustrated This twist was a wonderful wonderful idea Where it failed is lack of foreshadowing during the early part of the story and the fact that Edwin’s sister had been a near non character until she was needed to bring the story to an end Had Strauss concentrated a bit on the sister and mother early on and thereby got us out of Edwin’s annoying melancholy the twist would have worked instead of feeling like an afterthought a way to simply wrap up the story And Strauss could have ended up with a bit of a treatise of gender roles both in that time period and now as a bonus But the great idea came too late and was over too soon Or was it simply that there was nothing built into the beginning of the story to make us go “WOW What a great solution”In the end this short story didn’t really work for me as a romance a character study or a piece of dark erotica But what did work is that hint of where Strauss could go as a writer with a bit polish and focus The turns she took with the story I found intriguing albeit never fully committed to but in that one brief glimmer I saw enough to make me wonder where this writer could go It could be exciting places

  6. Elisa Rolle says:

    At the beginning of the twenty century a family of three mother brother and sister are travelling by train to reach the future husband of the young woman It's not a marriage of love but an agreement the older man will provide a comfortable home to the two women and will pay the tuition for the young man too weak and bad illness to sustain himself and his family It's years that Edwin is weak in body as in mind having continuous nightmares that don't allow him to sleep and subseuently worsening his health Then at one of the stop the train couples up a private car that of Sir Marco Sartori illusionist hypnotist and spiritualist extraordinaire who also offers tonics and restoratives to cure what ails you Edwin is drawn both by the man than by his written promises maybe if this man could heal him his sister Alma would be not forced to marry a man older than their late fatherIndeed Sartori takes good care of Edwin immediately understanding what is the disease of the young man and what causes him to not sleep at night; with a simple hypnosis Edwin reveals his desire for men and for Sartori in particular and Sartori is than ready to seduce Edwin and to benefit of his innocenceTill now the story could be well a nice and interesting historical gay romance but there is the problem of Edwin's family of its maintenance and the other usual problem in tales like this of the uite impossible situation of living as two male lovers in that age Katrina Strauss chooses the paranormal way and I don't spoil the story since it's in the blurb of the book the publisher decided to post but for me it's only a nice and believable end for how much believable could be a paranormal twist to a very nice story Truth be told I didn't feel necessary the paranormal twist probably I would preferred an improbable happily ever after for a pure historical romanceAnyway the setting in a travelling train and the description of Edwin's past life are really interesting and original being Edwin not the usual strong and invincible hero but not being neither a female in disguise type of character; on the other hand Sartori is only hinted don't forget that the story is only 50 pages long but when he enters the scene I almost could see the colors and the sparks and the cheering of the public he has all the fascinating aurea of Houdini maybe helped in this by the really nice cover by Anne Cain almost too pretty for an ebook short story I hope that the publisher will release something else by the same author and will use that cover for a print edition it's not often that I see covers that deserve a space on a bookstore shelfhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom46

  7. Sarah says:

    Edwin Matthews just wants to get some sleep Traveling by steam train with his family the melancholic nineteen year old is plagued by restless nights and recurring dreams of a fiery disaster When a mysterious magician comes aboard the troubled insomniac’s trip takes an interesting turn From Samhain PublishingI am not usually a huge fan of short stories or novellas I read so uickly it is nice if my books last longer than 5 minutes However Sleight of Hand does not suffer from being a mere 60 something pages It is packed with much frock coated goodness that was just so pretty and sexy and hot and yeah I kinda liked itThis has to be one of my favorites by Katrina Strauss not that I haven’t enjoyed her previous work but this book in particular felt well structured and concise There were no words wasted and it made for a compelling read The sex was totally hot and I am uite sure part of it is down to Edwin himself exploring his newly awakened sexuality as he comes to the realization that he is attracted to men not women Marco is no slouch either and has a bit of man in charge hotness going on The book also has the best warning which made me laughWarning This book contains violence dubious consent masturbation anal penetration light Ds frock coats cravats uestionable Victorian parlor tricks and hot sex between beautiful men on a fast moving train Kinda like trains too

  8. Ayanna says:

    Weird in a good wayI think the entirety stuck to its premise really well and maintained the eerie somewhat disorienting atmosphereuite a nice character piece imo and it has some nice mindfuck ^^

  9. pbj says:

    This is written well enough to deserve three stars but I really didn't like itThe time period is well established and felt true to the era but the characters just aren't given time to become than two dimensional cut outs Especially given the convoluted plotThis book depressed me

  10. LG (A Library Girl& says:

    I was browsing a review blog when I came across Sleight of Hand's cover art which caused my “ooh pretty” reaction to kick in I read the review and was intrigued I was a little concerned by the bit in Samhain Publishing's “warning” that mentioned “dubious consent” but I decided to take my chances I'm glad I didStrauss is an excellent author and disclaimer time I liked this novella short story? enough that I actually contacted her and told her so To my surprise she emailed me back which is how I ended up with one of her shorter stories which later led to me buying of her works I wrote a post a while back about Strauss's Some Kind of Stranger the third work of hers that I've read She's an author who has yet to disappoint meSo what did I enjoy about Sleight of Hand?The first thing I noticed and really appreciated was the setting Little details about the train and information about Edwin's experiences with depression gave me a good feel for the world this story was set in I suppose that those who go into this story expecting a hot sex scene right from the start may be a bit disappointed To those people I say just keep reading The sex scenes in Sleight of Hand are on what I'd consider the “smokin' hot” end of the heat scaleAs far as Samhain's “dubious consent” warning goeswell I agree with that and usually that sort of thing would make me at least a little uncomfortable I think one of the reasons why I was okay with the “dubious consent” aspect was because it was presented as a lowering of Edwin's inhibitions rather than as Satori making him do something he wouldn't have otherwise done view spoilerslight spoiler Edwin's first time with Satori happens while he is hypnotized something Satori told him he could do to help him with his depression and inability to sleep soundly hide spoiler

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