Dance with the Devil

Dance with the Devil❮Read❯ ➳ Dance with the Devil ➶ Author Megan Derr – A detective like no otherIn a world of demons goblins witches sirens werewolves vampires and so much it can be difficult to determine who is guilty of what and why Chris White is a detective who fearl A detective like no otherIn a world of demons goblins witches sirens werewolves vampires and so much it can be difficult to determine who is guilty of what and why Chris White is a detective who fearlessly investigates this supernatural world himself a uniue product of it He will take any case brought to him provided it is interesting enough From strange rituals Dance with MOBI :✓ and runaway vampires to fighting sorcerers and cornering a demon lord this paranormal detective will face any challenge Even a Dance with the Devil.

Megan is a long time resident of mm fiction and keeps herself busy reading writing and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she's not involved in writing she likes to cook harass her cats or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers and can be found all around the internetmaderrcommaderrtumblrcommaderrlivejournalcomless.

Dance with the Devil PDF ò Dance with  MOBI :✓
  • Paperback
  • 146 pages
  • Dance with the Devil
  • Megan Derr
  • English
  • 05 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Dance with the Devil

  1. Julio Genao says:

    DislikeThe structure robbed the romance of tension but even eyeball hostile to me was the writingIt was dull and repetitious with many errors and cliches and unfunny puns and long chunks of infodumpy background on the very large array of paranormalsIn other words I can see the overall appeal but the macro problems with plot style and tone were compounded by painful lapses in micro sentence level executionNot much fun for someone like me then

  2. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    I liked grouchy Chris and amusing Sable and the concept of the basic story was intriguing Derr was imaginative with the short stories but it wasn't what I was expecting and I wasn't a fan of the stories told out of order I get some of the reasoning but it hurt the enjoyment someThere were also a few holes that bugged me Semi spoilish but if consorts are so important and they know 'right away when they first set eyes on a person' why did Sable view spoilerwait months after their first meeting to see him again? And then wait a year before telling Chris and making it official? hide spoiler

  3. Ami says:

    41 starsMegan Derr is one of those prolific authors that everyone else read and love which is part of the reasons I'm a bit weary to try hers I have a tendency to not be part of the in crowd grin BUT I'm glad that I give this series a try Must personally thank my friends Cleon and Lada for the push towards her storiesI know that I will not read all in this series since one of the titles is said to have a polyamori relationship shudders however this one is REALLY good Chris White the half ghost paranormal detective and Demon Lord's consort is adorable especially when he's grumpy Doug his imp partner at the detective agency is also likeable with one heartbreaking phase in his past Sable the Demon Lord is annoyingly romantic for a demonThis is actually a collection of cases short stories; the way it is structured it starts with a case in the present and then a case in the past Usually it gets confusing but somehow it works here although I admit I was warned by reading other reviews first Sable's repetitive terms of endearment in calling Chris beautiful should've annoyed me to no end but again somehow it doesn't Maybe because Chris is annoyed by it also and he's just so cute when he's angry so I keep wanting Sable to do it to ChrisI can't even choose which story is my favorite I love them all though I must say I love the past stories slightly better I can't help it I love to read about Chris's first meeting with Sable Chris's first dance with Sable Chris's story with Doug ALTHOUGH the present story relates to Doug and the vampire Zach is lovely too Oh okay I love 'em allI have a couple of niggles though The mystery part in all cases are pretty 'weak' Like it is solved reall uickly? Then again it is not really a mysterythriller Another one is there is no story where Chris tells Sable I love you for the first time I feel robbed of that moment Overall lovely collection

  4. Emma Sea says:

    Hmmm weird I did not enjoy that book and yet I think I'd like to read the next one It was like a spoonful of an unfamiliar food which you want to repeat before you're completely sure you don't care for itI didn't like the structure of the book with alternating chapters in the present and the past This wasn't because it was confusing but rather because I then knew from the beginning how the MC's ship would pan out ie not even a hint of sexual tension I didn't like the 'mysteries' which felt disjointed and uninteresting There wasn't enough angst or sex or romance in the MC's relationship was this the most bland ship I've ever read? The whole thing made me feel really uncomfortable and unsettled yet there's nothing inherently wrong with the book I guess it's just not for me

  5. Kristen Burns says:

    35 StarsReviewI received an ecopy of this book from the publisher This has not influenced my reviewThis was a light easy to read urban fantasy just as the other books in this series have been I started with Books 5 and 6 and I do mean that as a compliment The writing was clear The plot was uncomplicated The characters were easy to like It was just what I was looking for something that would be enjoyable and that I'd be able to get immersed in despite my difficulty concentrating at the timeThat being said the way the plot jumped in time between two storylines past and present confused me at first I didn't pay attention to the case numbers that headed the chapters so I didn't realize we had jumped into the past the first time and couldn't understand why the MC was suddenly acting like his lover was a stranger and why he said he'd never been in the casino even though he was just there when the book opened Oops lol Once I realized though I ended up liking the way it jumped in time It workedThe plot was also unusual in that there was no single focus to it The main character Chris was a detective so we got to see him solving a few cases We got to see the past when he first met his demon lover and his friendbusiness partner Doug There were also chapters from Doug's POV because had his own romance subplot There were a couple parts from Phil's POV too though I'm not sure what the point of that was to be honest And then the climax was just about a case in the present But just like I didn't mind the jumping around I didn't really mind the lack of singular focus either because it was all interesting and fun to read aboutAs for the characters they were so likeable Chris was grumpy but good hearted Doug was good natured Sable was irresistible and surprisingly kind for a demon This would've been a great group to have a whole series about but alas it's just this book since the rest of the series is about different charactersI also liked the idea of a half ghosthalf human and a storm demon We should have of those in booksOverall this was an enjoyable uncomplicated fluffy read with easily likeable charactersRecommended ForAnyone who likes MM paranormalurban fantasy likeable characters and detective work Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight Initial ThoughtsEasy to read urban fantasy with likeable characters Full review soon

  6. Ilhem says:

    I'm pretty sure that Megan Derr sprinkles her books with perlimpinpin powder It took me some time to get into the storyI wasn't thrilled by the romances didn't particularly fall in love with the characters and the cases were not captivating but when I closed the book my overall feeling was that I liked it Perlimpinpin powder I tell you

  7. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    This was fantastic I liked everythingFirst of all the structure The story is told in episodes following the cases of Chris' paranormal detective agency The cases are not presented in chronological order so we meet the characters at different stages of their lives knowing less or about them case after case Sometimes it puzzles us sometimes it makes us curious but we keep wanting Second the characters Chris is the protagonist He is half ghost his dad is a ghost tied to his house his mother is a witch who had to use black magic to conceive Chris His partner in the agency is Doug an imp who can use powerful magic but he's also gentle and a little bit insecure since imps are considered like slaves in their world Sable Brennus the demon lord is dark powerful and sexy and when Chris and Sable meet sparkles fly Then there's Phil a new detective in the agency and Zach a fascinating vampire There is not only Chris' point of view but there are also the POV's of other characters and page after page we are invested in their own stories Chris and Sable's romance is very sexy because Chris is proud he comes from the poorest part of town and being a half demon he had to endure a lot of bullying when he was a child He is also generous and idealistic Sable is possessive powerful but he's smitten with Chris who can bring out his playful sideThird the world building As I said before there are a lot of creatures each with their rules and history In few strokes the author can paint a whole species without needing a lot of info dumping The cases often deal with magical books and I adore these kinds of stories Also the richness of the world gives a lot of opportunity to devise new stories I could read them for daysThe mix of fantasy romance mystery is winning Recommended

  8. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    Reads a little weird not at all in chronoLOGICAL orderbut oh by golly' it's frustratedly good Okay this is what I felt like when I started readingFrustrating Yet Fun WHAT WAS FRUSTRATING WHAT WAS FUN ☂FrustratingThe book was told via cases and was not in chronological order☂Fun Chris and Sabin personalities gosh I love those storm eyes☂Fun cases were different and very interesting☂Fun The side character's Doug Rita and the Red FairyPixie pure sweetness and lots of funGosh Really I Liked it

  9. M says:

    In a genre literally saturated with Gay Paranormal Investigators this book stands a head and shoulders above most of the other similar stuff I'v read It's funny and compelling and the cast of characters is seriously great Told in a series of brief vignettes which are not in chronological order the non linearity is pretty cool and lends a kind of freshness to the story The touchy feely romance is a bit overdone so minus a half star for that but it's not so overwhelming that I enjoyed the story any less because of it What I'd really like to know though is why is this not a TV show yet?

  10. DaisyGirl says:

    40 StarsThis was an engrossing novel set in a world of demons ghosts imps goblins witches werewolves and vampires Chris White is a paranormal detective who fearlessly investigates this supernatural world A product of the Woods – the poorer district of the city – he and his partner Doug are dedicated to helping the underprivileged This story is not laid out in chronological order but rather pieced together through a sampling of the cases Chris and Doug have solved First off Megan Derr dives right in to the world No set up or intro Just bam and there you are Couple this with the lack of chronology and in the beginning things are confusing But I was never truly lost Rather Derr unfolds her tale by doling out cases like puzzle pieces The overall effect is a wonderful story that comes together like a jigsaw I especially loved reading about Doug and Zach's story so sad but really sweetBottom line An incredibly entertaining read with one really HAWT demon lord Recommended

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