Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play➫ [Ebook] ➦ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play By Richard R. George ➶ – An alternative cover edition for this book can be found here.Here s your chance to join Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka s amazing chocolate factory It s always fun reading plays, and almost everyone wh An alternative cover edition for this the Chocolate PDF/EPUB è book can be found hereHere s your chance to join Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka s amazing chocolate factory It s always fun reading plays, and almost everyone who has read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has wanted to join in his adventures Now, with the help of this dramatization, any bunch of enthusiastic actors could put on a performance of this play either at home or in school Cover illustration Charlie and PDF \ by Joseph Schindelman.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play PDF/EPUB ↠
  • Paperback
  • 89 pages
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play
  • Richard R. George
  • English
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9780140311259

10 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play

  1. Zackery Oliver says:

    Although the movie has been released already, I took time to read the scripted version used for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, transmitted by Richard R George, story by Roald Dahl The story starts off with a poor bloke, which whom is named Charlie Bucket Charlie has an obsession of being kind He lives with his mother and father, along with his four grandparents As you can tell it s a tight squeeze Charlie wins a golden ticket to a mysterious chocolate factory Does he go alone No In fact, George his mother s father is able to attend the magical tour with him In this story you meet wild characters, like the obese Augustus Gloop, witty Mike Teevee, sweetheart Verruca Salt, deceiving Violet Beauregard, and the loony Willy Wonka Odd sets are used in the play, along with brilliant dialogue.Reading this was the highlight of my script reading week The pace was bearable and the dialogue was fun I understand that Richard R George did not write the actual story, but he did a good job on translating it to what it s become My favorite part was when Violet turned into a blueberry I could imagine how that would have played out in a live performance The Oompa Loopa s were great They only came out when some terrible event occurred with one of the children, other than that they remained in the background Willy made a great chaperon, and is just a great character in general To me, he comes off a bit insane.What sets this apart from the actual book is the way it s written formatted without poetic narration This script read was indeed good, but it had its cons To be honest, I felt like it was way too short I m not much of a book reader, but I know enough that it should at least have been fifty pages longer, minimum Also, what s with the parents In my opinion, they should be a big part of the story Their characters feel dead, it s like a talking zombie following the weirdest kid ever These children are abnormal, yet they come from depressed, non active parents That makes sense Now, I ve read the actual book and seen both movies too All of them are approached differently The scripted writing lets you approach it in any way you want, and that s what I love most I felt as if I was on the tour with them, is that weird to say All in all, I enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I recommend you check out the scripted version I m looking forward to expanding my imagination through literature I m Zack Oliver, you have a nice day.

  2. Shehla Khan says:

    This is one of my favourite books since childhood The story revolves around a boy named Charlie Bucket who was born in a poor family and lived with his grandparents and parents The only breadwinner of the family is Charlie s father Mr.Bucket who lost his job in local toothpaste factory The story then becomes magical as Mr Wonka who is the maker of the best Chocolate in the world gives out 5 tickets hidden in chocolate wrappers to 5 different children The winner of the tickets would get a tour of the factory, and a large supply of chocolate enough for the rest of their lives Charlie Bucket is one of the winners and he takes his grandpa Joe to go and visit the factory As a child it was so magical and full of fantasy to imagine being in a factory where a whole chocolate river was present in which Charlie amoung the other winners took a boat to cross it The story creates an artificial world of fantasy and adventure which help in creative thinking and imagination I enjoy reading the book even today and often read it to my children aswell.

  3. Elisha Condie says:

    The latest installment in mine and the 7 year old s bedtime reading club The book is just like the movie you can t escape the movie images in your mind, even if you ve only seen it once like I have My kid loved it I bet she d give it stars I liked the different children and the aspects of a kids personality they represent You can identify a little bit with each of them My favorite thing about read this was as I read it aloud, using my limited number of voices and a British accent my daughter suddenly exclaimed Hey He has the same voice as the BFG In no way did it occur to her that I was reading it in the same voice It was awesome.

  4. Yuliana Gallardo says:

    I liked the part when he finally ate a chocolate bar because he hasn t ate for a while.It was about this boy named Charlie that his family was really poor he also lived with his four grandparents.I liked it really much because Roald Dahl is my favorite writer Even because there s a movie of it I recommend it to people who love chocolate of course and that likes fiction because they use lots of imagination.

  5. Matthew says:

    The book Charlie and the Chocolate factory is an American classic that should bring joy to anyone that reads the story My belief is that the author purpose of writing this book is to express his creative imagination Also the author s purpose was to spark interest in the reader s mind The book leaves an impression on the audience with great story telling skills Also it reminds readers of their childhood that leaves a lasting value of the book The book is a good read The book is also really well written for people who have descent vocabulary An example of this would be Mr Wonka Don t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted Charlie Bucket What happened Mr Wonka He lived happily ever after Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The book was very captivating and the characters are very relatable The Character that related to me the most was Grandpa Joe Grandpa Joe reminds me a lot of myself and how I act This book is very funny but has it s dramatic moments The greatest strength of the book is the way its was written An example of that would be Whipped cream isn t whipped cream at all if it hasn t been whipped with whips, just like poached eggs isn t poached eggs unless it s been stolen in the dead of the night Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Their is no major weakness of the book or if any I believe that this book near flawless I would recommend this book to a friend because it s a classic Charlie and the chocolate factory is a great book.

  6. Cheyenne Cortesi says:

    This book is about a poor boy named Charlie who dreams about Willy Wonka s factory One day, it is announced that Willy Wonka will make five golden tickets that will be found in candy bars Whoever receives a golden ticket will get a tour of the factory Charlie gets a ticket and enjoys adventure including oompa loompas, Mr.Wonka, and the factory This book was very well when dealing with imagery and imagination, especially once Charlie and his grandpa make it inside the Willy Wonka factory This book, however, was a little farfetched This book can be used many ways inside the classroom This book can be used as a book to promote imagination This is because of all the types of candy that were made up, the workers that were made up, and the crazy factory that was well thought out It can also be used to teach the class about different socioeconomic statuses This is because some of the ticket receivers were from rich families but Charlie is from a very poor family Dahl, R 1964 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory New York, NY Penguin Group.

  7. Patsy says:

    This is a pretty good, simplified adaptation of the book, and would be fun for a school or youth group to stage I wanted to love it, and use it for a reading with our family, but decided against it.

  8. Sammy says:

    I loved it I can t believe I watched the movie so many times before reading It is vastly different and absolutely great Better than the movies, as most books are The ending made my day.

  9. Wong Tsing Hay says:

    This book is so amusing, like when Charlie s visiting the chocolate factory.

  10. Tamia says:

    The whole time I was reading this I was thinking about the movie with Johnny Depp It was nostalgic and made me feel comfortable and cozy while reading it.

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