Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found

Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found❰Epub❯ ➝ Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found Author Amber Kell – Bluevapours.co.uk Amazing Ebook Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found author Amber Kell This is the best favorite book format ebook and others 44 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9781934037607 Amazing Ebook, Hellbourne Lost and PDF/EPUB ½ Lost and Found author Amber Kell This is the best favorite book format ebook and others pages and has a text language like English isbn .

Mikela Chase.

Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found PDF Ú 01 Lost and  ePUB
  • ebook
  • 44 pages
  • Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found
  • Amber Kell
  • English
  • 09 March 2016
  • 9781934037607

10 thoughts on “Hellbourne 01 Lost and Found

  1. Chris says:

    25 stars Ok short paranormal mm romance about a half fae who was dumped for a woman by his werewolf boyfriend This is actually one book split into three very short books which I find annoying

  2. Elisa Rolle says:

    HellBourne series is not exactly a romance but a discovery journey It's the story of Lucifer Luc Hellbourne half fae half devil who is trying to find his place in the human and otherworldly world After 20 years spent as Alpha male's lover of a werewolf pack Luc is on the loose; his werewolf lover dumped him to marry a woman and have kids a thing that even Luc with all his special power can't have Wandering alone after so many years living in a pack is disconcerning and when Luc sees a night club called the River Styx he feels a bit at home and enters the club and a new stage in his lifeObviously the Master Vampire of the club Nikko is all of the idea to make Luc his own personal thrall and Luc at first is not against the idea Nikko is a very good piece of a man not exactly the emaciated vampire of legends He is a stud and Luc is not against the idea to have a rebound lover like him Nikko is thinking to have found his personal pet and in his magnanimity to give protection to Luc but he doesn't know that Luc has no need of his protection Luc stays and goes when he wants and how he likesAt the same moment Luc is in a three way his former lover Bran wants him back his actual lover Nikko doesn't want to let him go and there is a new young vampire with the face of an angel Jerrod who needs his help and how can a demon not being drawn by an angel?Hellbourne is a continuing series I have the feeling that also the following novella in the series will be centered around Luc and his search for a new home and probably his real mate The uality of the story is way better than the first attempts by this same author she always plays with stereotype the Alpha Male werewolf the Master Vampire but this time they are all elements mixed in a slightly original way Not that the previous short stories weren't good but I feel like this new novella being mature and completehttpwwwdpB0023ZLIK?

  3. JenMcJ says:

    This is definately a serial style story No final ending The next adventure is clearly in the works at the conclusion of the story It was a good story though and put me in mind of J Lane's Soulmates series much shorter and less explicit but it looks like all the paranormal players are at the tableI must say I did not notice the spelling errors and switched words in this book that have plagued A Kell's previous books from Literary road

  4. Deanna says:

    This story was amazingly hilarious which I was not expecting Luc Hellbourne is such a uniue character the whole story arch is interesting and kept me guessing

  5. Bübü says:

    The plot is good but it wasn't used to it's full potential

  6. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    This is a story filled with so many twists and turns you're constantly wondering what will happen next Once you think you know what the main conflict is you discover it is only one of many Luc Hellbourne is the youngest son of the devil but that’s only half of his problems He has just been cast aside by his werewolf lover Bran for a woman Feeling heartbroken over the rejection he seeks solace in the arms of a powerful vampire Nikko is instantly attracted to Luc and wants to keep the young man for himself and Luc is than willing to stay with Nikko to help get over Bran This is a love triangle like no other Luc may be the son of the devil but he is nothing like his father He’s loving caring and likes helping others So when Bran comes crawling back to Luc he struggles with what he should do; go back to the lover who broke his heart or take a chance on the love that is growing between him and Nikko? When Bran needs him Luc goes to his aid The decision of where he should be is easily made Being the most favored son of the devil causes him to be extremely unpopular with his four older brothers Every year on his birthday the devil brings Luc down to hell to try and persuade him to stay and help rule at his side The devil's methods in trying to get Luc to stay are brutal and violent The devil changes the rules on Luc and all the strange occurrences happening in his life start to make sense when Luc discovers what the reward for getting him to stay in hell is When Luc is drained of all his power he is forced to ask Bran the man he loves and Nikko the man he is coming to love to set aside their difference and help save his life Bravo to this author for writing such a captivating story There are so many unexpected issues that come to light that will leave the reader shocked but also relieved because it explains so much about these characters and why they did what they did I loved how Ms Kell wrapped this story up at the end but left it open to come back and write a follow up story later Hellbourne is an exciting read from beginning to end and I would recommend this story to all paranormal romance lovers originally posted at

  7. Lexi Ander says:

    It is really hard to write a review of just Lost and Found when all three stories Lost and Found Bound and Determined Heart and Soul make up the book So don't read any further because I may give away Hellbourne secretsLuc Hellbourne is the son for Lucifer The young 5th son and the only one who was born with a soul Luc's lover of 20 years werewolf alpha Bran wants to have pups and has a bonding ceremony with a female Luc crushed and heart broken leaves the pack and meets vampire master Nikko Nikko feels that Luc is his mate and sets about claiming himBut there is a problem Bran's wolf rejects the female and goes in search of his mate Luc Luc is angry and hurt He's attracted to Nikko but he still loves BranWhat to do?I really enjoyed this three part series Loved loved loved Jerome who a secondary character that I couldn't help yeh you guessed it love How much would it really suck to be the son of Lucifer when you are trying to carve out a life of your own What will Daddy do to get you come back home? What you do to come back to the one you love?

  8. Elizabetta says:

    I am re reading some of my very early forays into the MM genre to see how they hold upLucifer Hellbourne son of the devil is gorgeous and fey which means he’s delectable to vampires He’s also just been dumped by his long time alpha were lover and is drowning his sorrows in Nikko’s bar Nikko alpha vamp of all vamps desires him at first site and bite There is a face off between the two alphas for Luc and so it goes This did not hold up as well to a second read the syntax was odd and there were too many grammar and vocabulary errors For example “Luc decided now was the time to slack his thirst” I’m used to “slake” but I don’t think this was an attempt at archaic speech The ending is abrupt you must buy the seuel to continue the storyWhat saves this read is Luc Pampered cocky and insouciant he is at times sure and strong and at others submissive simpering and swishy He likes sparkly things and big alpha males He was lots of fun 35 stars down from 5 stars

  9. Manfred says:

    This book was included in my ebook flatrate and I was curious when I read the storyline I did somehow enjoy it there are nice ideas it is often funny and was a nice read I would give it 3 stars nice to read and forgotten immediately once finishedHowever I am really not sure what I would think if I had actually bought the book Yes the story is fun but it also is rather strange and often really really unbelievable even if you have no problem with shifters vampires or faes performing magic tricks I also think there are too many mates for the main character besides his ex who wants him back and his new vampire mate he also bonds to another vampire as well as an old friend from hell From time to time it just gets too much and feels rather ridiculousIf you like weird stories with funny plots you might enjoy it but I decided to skip the series and look for something a little serious

  10. Jennifer says:

    Amber Kell is one of my guilty pleasure authors Some of her stuff is short and some of her stories involve a little WTF but they are always fun I like her sassy characters and the fact that even when one of the men is physically weaker than the other the relationships are balanced out by magical ability creativity intelligence or a combination of the three Hellbourne is a good example The main character isn't some wimpy guy who is willing to put up with his boyfriend jilting him for gasp a girl He has enough self respect to walk The story moves along uickly and at times there were side characters than I cared to keep track of but in the end I enjoyed the ride thoroughly and I look forward to the next book in the series

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