Looking for Some Touch (Utopia X, #1)

Looking for Some Touch (Utopia X, #1)❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Looking for Some Touch (Utopia X, #1) Author K.Z. Snow – Bluevapours.co.uk In the future world of Regenerie an exuisite male prostitute has a chance at finding passion with a gorgeous magician if they can just steer clear of savage Doms sneering demons and their own nagging In the future world of Regenerie an exuisite male prostitute has a chance at finding passion with a gorgeous magician if they can just steer Looking for Kindle - clear of savage Doms sneering demons and their own nagging doubts Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse bondage dubious consent malemale sexual practices menagemultiple partners whippingflogging.

This says it all.

Looking for Some Touch MOBI Ò Looking for  Kindle -
  • ebook
  • 189 pages
  • Looking for Some Touch (Utopia X, #1)
  • K.Z. Snow
  • English
  • 06 April 2015

10 thoughts on “Looking for Some Touch (Utopia X, #1)

  1. Ami says:

    At first I was a bit leery in reading this because the summary does say about The Coven of Three in addition to Pablo the young bi sexual whore So I figure oh no menage I'm not a huge fan of that However my curiosity over Ms Snow's stories won me over And boy am I glad that I did read it This book is amazing The world of Utopian Metroplex of Regenerie that Ms Snow pens out is so well crafted and wonderfully layered In addition to that Ms Snow writes rich characters in Pablo and the three magicians Win Tole and Zee who actually not just as simple as they seem to be In addition to that Ms Snow has an excellent style of writing her vocabularies are at times poetic and other times just plain mesmerizing I'm easily drawn into the world of the Utopian from the Overcity or the Undercity and its citizens and I can't wait to get my hand on book #2 Well done Ms Snow once again

  2. Ije the Devourer of Books says:

    I really enjoyed this sci fifantasy story It is the first in a series of four The world building is brilliant The story has both a touch of romance and a mystery although as the first book in the series it doesnt go to deep into either the romance or the mystery There is enough for it to be a satisfying read and enough to set the scene for future storiesI really liked the different characters and their attraction to each other and the way they need to enhance their attraction in order to make their magic powerful The main characters are set within a society that is advanced but complex with deeply hidden secrets and it is a society in which humans and paranormal beings co exist I am not going to provide a detailed review because there are plenty of really great reviews that provide the background to the story All I can say is that I was surprised that i hadnt come across this story before especially given how great it is Made me realise that i have to explore KZ Snow's back catalogue I may well have missed some other great stories

  3. Elizabetta says:

    I like to return to books that I read some time ago to see if they stand up to the test of time first read October 2011This PNR romance stands out for the sensual connection between two of the main characters and to a slightly lesser degree its ambitious world building In the almost utopian society of Regenerie humans are separated in the above ground Overcity from the paranormal ‘otherbeings’ of the below ground Undercity Otherbeings are various paranormals vamps angels demons hybrids and those who have magical ability They live apart mostly for their own protection Tensions can run rampant between the two disparate societies and there are those who work very hard to keep the peace and those who want to fuck with it While a great start unfortunately you have to read further into this series to get the full effect of this world A conduit between these two worlds is young Pablo Creed exuisite vulnerable and looking for a way out of his job as a rentboy for the Givers Agency In this world of legalized prostitution Pablo specializes as a bi giver he’s not picky about who he services because it brings in cash But he is tired of giving himself away and desperately needs some connection some ‘touch’ When Pablo answers an ad placed by a coven of male magicians in the Undercity the action kicks into gear This ‘coven of three’ works in concert to keep balance in the world But they’ve lost that spark which enhances their magic and they are in need of someone who can reignite their connection keep them attuned to common demand and act as a liaison with the Overcity Pablo seems well suited for the job he is sensitive street smart honest and ambitious Just how this ‘spark’ is actually accomplished is what makes this dish so delicious ‘cause you know that this stimulator this energy spike is of course provided by sexual arousal and climax Pablo really wants this job but what he steps into is a relationship between three men in dysfunction who’ve had a strong psychic and physical link with each other that is no longer working for them So the sexual frustration and jealousy ramps up when lovely Pablo joins the team In general the writing is a little rougher here than with Snow’s later work If I have one little teensy tinesy nit pick it’s that I really wanted smutty four way action in the magic circle Just as things start heating up with regard to that the story ends Love intervenes a little too uickly and interferes a little too much dammit Oh well it is love after all and in the romance genre once the lovers have found each other there can be no one else Because this is still an engrossing read and because of Snow’s ability to spin sweet sensual tension this one is hanging onto its five stars

  4. Bookwatcher says:

    25 stars this book confused me too much It's a great premise different and in some way magic alternative reality with a city divided between normal and supernatural beings but the writer lost me at half of the bookPablo is a 24 old whore in a place called Regenerie and considered a perfect place It's hospitable almost crime free with complete health care but as you notice some persons is doing a degraded job as him so well the utopia is not so perfect no? Anyway This city is above while the underground The Undercity is the place for vampires faeries magicians etcTo run from a violent client Pablo get the courage to answer a job offering something I really never get this job available being posted like nothing serious in the Undercity There the Coven of Three will accept Pablo They are 3 magicians view spoilerthey are much than that and much powerful hide spoiler

  5. Elisa Rolle says:

    The title has a double meaning Pablo is an hustler in a futuristic world In this apocalyptic setting the profession of whore is centrally controlled as every other profession but obviously is not a revered one There are different level of prostitution and Pablo unfortunately is on a low level he walks the street by night When one of his clients expresses a bit too much of interest in him bordering on violence Pablo knows that it's time to change line of workHe replies to an ad by a coven of three magicians in search of a Touch here the first meaning of the title a Touch is a human being able to arise and direct sexual powers; obviously this could imply physical contact and maybe also sex but Pablo is not worried of that Better being an independent worker with the possibility of choice than depending on the will of strangers night after night And here is the second meaning of the title since Pablo is looking for some touch but not a physical ones he wants a connection with someone something that goes beyond the merely sex actThe three of the coven are uite different Zee is gentle and caring always with a tender touch for Pablo; Tole is brisk and rude not violent but he almost seems to despise Pablo; and finally Win the man from which Pablo wants touch of everyone else He can't resist to the beautiful man but it's not only a physical reaction Win is among the few who seeing Pablo are not only seeing a whore He is actually interested in what Pablo likes and wants and put Pablo's needs and desires in front of his ownThe story has a paranormal turn almost at the end and maybe all the uestion is not so well explained In the story there is far less sex than expected and this maybe is not even a bad thing but above all it's not the multiple menages it was hinted in the blurb There are only three sex scene and one you can forget since it's Pablo's work before meeting the coven the second is the only full and for me interesting one and the third is or less a making out with multiple partners but with not full sex included So strange to say the book is my cup of tea than expectedhttpwwwdpB002BY789E?

  6. Lexi Ander says:

    The description for this book is misleading on so many levels It is not a BDSM mage to the rescue story Good thing that I didn’t read the description before I read the book otherwise I would have had a whole different set of exceptions instead of the blank slate that I was The city Regenerie also known as Overcity is a utopian metroplex governed by The Powers Crime rate is low cures for diseases are just around the corner and Pablo Creed is a Giver a legal prostitute just trying to eeck out a living not really enjoying what he is doing or even how his life is going All he wants is just an opportunity to be When Pablo is picked up by the VIP something doesn't feel right but he rolls with it and be professional that he is When he walks away from the encounter he knows that he has only a short time to find a way out of his current employment with the Giver Agency and the only way to do that is to find another job immediately or to leave the city Answering an employment ad for a Touch for a coven in Under City Pablo can only hope that this will be his ticket out of the Givers Agency and away from the VIP who can get his way But did Pablo jump from the frying pan into the fire? Now he struggles with wants and desires that he hasn't had before hasn't allowed himself to have before His mere presence sends the whole coven in turmoil exposing an emotional vulnerability that he wasn't aware he had Now the uestion becomes will Pablo stay and weather the storm brewing in the coven or is he too emotionally raw and leave the coven and the city to find a new beginningThis futuristic fantasysci fi is in some ways is not a light or easy read The beginning was a little choppy for me but smoothed out as I came to understand the rules of the world that Snow built Once I got halfway through I couldn’t put it down because I was so hoping to at least a ‘happy for now’ ending for Pablo There are many unanswered uestions at the end of this lucky for me that all four books are already out

  7. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    35 starsI really liked the world building but it was like it was crammed in too little space The world where Pablo the main character lives is very complex it's divided between a overcity and an undercity; there are humans and paranormal creatures of various kinds; the humans seems to be divided into social classes that rarely mingleEverything is almost perfect but there are bad things happening in that world people being kidnapped supernatural beings being attached Pablo himself a licensed hustler is victim of a sadist at the beginning of the book When Pablo decides to take the chance of a different job in the undercity to escape from his sadist client he meets three magicians the Coven of the Three He should help them spark their magic especially with his sexual energy but he is immediately attracted to one of them Win causing a bit of trouble in the CovenThe Coven of the Three are than magicians and I liked their mixed and imbalanced nature Only at the end of the book when they reveal their true identities it becomes a little clearer why they need Pablo their combined energy is fading and they need someone to spark it to be able to intervene in the city and make what's wrong rightI think it was a very interesting setting but maybe because it's the first book of the series there was so much information to process that I was confused and a little perplexed for a lot of time

  8. Natsroshan says:

    Nice story with an interesting utopian universe am i creating a new word again?Too bad some great aspects of the story were not fully exploitedA real 35 but i'll put 4 because i really liked Pablo's character

  9. Lily says:

    I can't believe I've had this book in my TBR for so long without reading it I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the rest of the series

  10. Ashley says:

    Pablo is an amateur poet as well as a bisexual whore who is endangered of being assigned to a sadistic VIP He applies for a new position as a Touch for a set of three alters he doesn't expect the attraction to Win I really enjoyed this story Pablo was put into a situations that he didn't fully understand but he did the best he could do in the situations that the had been put in He stuck up for himself and didn't allow others to walk over him I was expecting this to be menage but there wasn't any of it in this story not sure if it will happen in the later stories or not Great uick read that was fun

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