Angels of the Deep

Angels of the Deep➼ Angels of the Deep Download ➻ Author Kirby Crow – Becket Merriday is on the trail of a killer who is murdering beautiful young men in the small town of Irenic What he discovers an ancient race of immortal beings hunted by an incredibly powerful adver Becket Merriday is on the trail of a killer who is murdering beautiful young men in the small town of Irenic What he discovers an ancient race of immortal beings hunted by an incredibly powerful adversary the angel Mastema Soon Beck and his partner Sean Logan find themselves at the center of a deadly supernatural war.

Kirby Crow worked as an entertainment editor and ghostwriter for several years before happily giving it up to bake brownies read yaoi play video games and write her own novels Whenever she isn't slaying Orcs or flying a battleship for the glory of the Amarr Empire she can be found in the kitchen her vegetable garden or at the keyboard tapping away at her next bookKirby is a winner of the.

Angels of the Deep Kindle ✓ Angels of  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Angels of the Deep
  • Kirby Crow
  • English
  • 03 May 2016
  • 9781608200269

10 thoughts on “Angels of the Deep

  1. Aleksandr Voinov says:

    What an amazing engrossing fantastic read I loved it I think this is probably among the top five in the genre and stands right there with my favourite from Tanith Lee and others in terms of dark fantasy Brilliant What a book

  2. Kassa says:

    This is a dark fantasy so uniuely beautiful in its horror and alluring in its pain that you’ll be unable to put this book down The world Crow has created from the brilliant sun to the depths of empty darkness combine with the fantasy and history of Gods Angels Demons and the ultimate balance of good and evil The subtle and nuanced writing with beautifully lyrical prose read like a fantasy yet the tangible evil and fear within almost mock the lovely moving and descriptive writing of such deeds This is an incredible story that I read twice before even attempting to write a review and will likely read many times in the futureDue to the complexity of the plot and the inability to write a review without discussing any spoilers there will be no discussion about individual elements although I truly wish I could The story begins impressively with its vivid setting and lushly dark atmosphere threaded with secrets and pain but soon turns mesmerizing as the journey moves fluidly across time and space The plot is intricately wrapped in fantasy theory faith and reality as they combine to create a world unbelievable and yet so richly alive the dream becomes the truth Each additional layer of complexity to the already complicated story line never overwhelmed but enhanced the depth and texture of the taleEach subtle and nuanced detail is important creating a different experience each telling The emotional upheaval the story takes is almost never ending unafraid of starting high and cresting upon that level only to plunge into the darkness time and time again There are no limits no safety nets and no rules that are set within this story Everything is uestionable changeable and fragile This inherent uneasiness keeps you on edge waiting to see where the author will go next what terror and horror is in store in the name of love or hatred The interchangeable and repeated use of such terms love and hatred epitomize the necessity of both emotions and the resulting actions in their honorThe various characters a rather large and veritable cast enhanced the story at every turn The depth of each person from Sean Catherine and Frank to Mastema Tamiel and Zefira was surprising There were almost no missteps in characterization each essential to the story and surprising with their purpose and intent Beck as the hero is a stunning character from his overwhelming anger to his desperate cling to humanity His need to love and be loved is emotional and moving as is his voracious denial and avoidance Beck’s progression within the story could have been enough for a wonderful tale but in combination with a fascinating plot this story easily elevates itself From the beginning priest to the last Nephilim every character’s presence is felt within the pages and its own addition to the tale importantHowever for all the raving about the story I have done there were some definite problems None of these will detract from the story hopefully nor should they scare a novice reader away The story’s twists and turns with heart racing emotions and actions are almost too much at times The author never just offers information; instead she makes the reader work for every clue every inference and every subtle hint While this works especially well in combination with many elements of the story some are over done and simply cause unnecessary confusion and work Several background elements to the various characters could have easily been offered within a simple context without the slow dropping of hints and cut off conversation and not affected either the tone pace or impact of the story Especially with the maze like plot building at the beginning the flow and cohesiveness of the tale would have benefited from a few of the mundane details freely offeredAdditionally as a name holds power several of the characters used than one name and thus the mixing of multiple names could be confusing if not paying strict attention to who is who There are also continuity errors that occur some noticeable and some subtler Even so the revelations certainly do not stop ever within the book If you think you’ve figured out the truth think again and start reading the book from the beginning Chances are you missed something The last hundred pages especially involve so many twists and turns and detailed scenarios that you want to be sure to read this book in one sitting if possible but the fast pace and fascinating topic will keep you glued to the storyThere are literary aspects that could keep scholars entranced for ages from the overwhelming theme of light versus darkness to God and faith revenge and forgiveness and even men versus Angels However absorbing these themes may be this tale is still a love story Violent gory and beautiful in its terrifying horror the theme of love is never far away This may not be for everyone but for those that enjoy an absorbing edgy story that you won’t be able to put down and keep you guessing I highly recommend this story The ending is satisfying if not simple and the hint of a seuel will have you almost sorry the story ends

  3. Em says:

    This is a tremendously dark and haunting paranormal story which some may find too much The world building was absolutely stunning and there is a huge amount of detail which I always love I'm a huge fan of Kirby Crow's books but this is simply a cut above I'm kicking myself as I should have read it ages ago It's beautifully written and just perfect for anyone like myself that enjoys dark fantasyparanormal and a great story with complex characters It's complicated and one of those books where you have to really put the effort in to understand what's going on but it's so worth it There is a romance not the conventional sort and explaining further would give the game away Go and read it you won't be disappointed

  4. Amara says:

    I really want to be able to write a coherent review for this one however I am struggling greatly with that as I can’t seem to get past my “WOW” response It’s been a long while since a book has tripped all my triggers like this one did I’ve always had a strong draw to stories of angels and demons however finding ones that are well written isn’t easy to do Throw Nephilim into the mix and it rarely goes well Frankly Kirby Crow has given me one of the best dark fantasies I think I’ve ever read Angels of the Deep is by no means an easy read It’s filled with dark even gruesome things It blurs the line of what is good and what is evil it’s filled with layers behind every character every situation It has a complexity that makes you work for the beauty behind the darkness of it all The writing was powerful The imagery incredible The characters were amazing The story so rich in fantasy theology faith love hate good evil all amazingly woven together; so full of twists and turns so dark and engrossing I found it almost impossible to put down At every turn I simply HAD to see what was going to happen next To make any further review I would have to re read it to completely absorb all that this book holds if I ever could Bottom line I will most definitely be re reading this one I will most definitely be reading all the Kirby Crow books I can get my hands on and if 5 stars stands for “it’s amazing” I give Angels of the Deep 6 for beyond amazing Highly HIGHLY recommended REREAD REVIEW STILL NEED MORE STARS FOR THIS BOOK OF THE UBER AWESOME MOAR STARS

  5. Camilla says:

    I have no idea what to say here I dont really want to write a review Would love nothing than to just delete this book from my Kindle and never think about it againI have no idea why this book bothered me so much But when I seriosuly wanted the good guy in this book to end up with the nasty bad motherfucking evil SOB you get the point that I absolutly didnt get the point of this bookOr maybe it shows that there is something seriously wrong with me but I would rather not dig deeper into that theory oThis is about Beck who we get to know in the prologue where he almost gets molested by a priest Yes thats the beginning and then it just goes from there Beck is uniue because he had a Watcher for a father and a human for a mother All this he knows nothing about until later in his life Lets just say that these halflings are special and not supposed to feel love or stuff like that There is Sean who we get the feeling early on is the good guy and a love interest for Beck I just never liked the guy So yeah That sucked tooThere was Mastema The evil motherfucker Oh let me say that both Mastema and Sean had been in love with Beck's soul for over 6000 years and they both wanted him Sean on the good side Mastema on the bad side So how fucked up am I for wanting Beck to be with Mastema? Jesus Christ I dont know I just felt that Sean loved the former body of Becks soul than the new version of the soul which would be Beck if that makes any sense? lol And for some reason I thought Mastema talked directly to Beck than the former soul Ahh well Fuck it Still didnt it like itI dont know Some of the chapters were good though There were few times where I felt I was into it but it was only when Beck and the evil motherfucker were together So yeah I'm so screwed oAll in all 1 star Didnt like it And let me end with a perfect example of why I didnt like it This is one sentence try to imagine a whole book of sentences like this Good Gawd Everywhere from Assyria to Babylonia the entire valley of the Euphrates was aflame with the abdor of the children of Abraham who had brought Yahweh to themTry reading 300 pages of that

  6. G.B. Gordon says:

    This one will stay with me for a long time So Much Pain I couldn't breathe when I finished it it was so heavy The darkness is not without hope or redemption but even the comparatively positive ending has an elegiac uality to it I felt every ounce of the weight of the world that Beck carries on his shoulders Playlist Nick Cave's Murder Ballads Bruckner's 8th Symphony and Björk's Dancer in the Dark and if that doesn't tell you what to expect nothing willSo why read it? Because all that gravitas is cloaked in an opheliac beauty reminiscent of Rimbaud Lush vivid richly detailed descriptions that engage all the senses I too rarely come across a modern author who dares and is able to use the whole stunning palette of the English language with such lyrical perfection I suspect I would start to read the Income Tax Act if Kirby Crow wrote it

  7. Elisa Rolle says:

    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

  8. Ami says:

    I don't even know how to classify this one horror supernatural love story It's totally wrapped into one The story is very dark; from the first page it feels like there is a dark cloak all around you while you follow the story of the hero in this book Beck Merriday as he is trying to find a serial murder that has been viciously and gruesomely killed a number of people in his town The story goes into a supernatural realm with angels and demons and Nephilims children of fallen angels and mortal women and other Biblical terms Yahweh Hanoch that I'm not very familiar with I'm a Muslim It feels getting dark and darker and you try to find a glimpse of hope as the hero keeps falling into a dark abyss a nightmareIt is definitely nowhere NEAR anything I have read before That makes it really different and well really good Plus it gives me chills I mean look at the cover of this book I read it at night when it was raining hard with thunders Looking at the cover definitely does not help enlighten the darkness

  9. Mel says:

    I really really liked this but I'm also glad it's over Weird huh? And I'm not glad it's over because of the dark contentI have become a lazy reader which uite annoys me and to read ANGELS OF THE DEEP took uite the time and energy from me I can't even pin point the exact reason to be honest The world the ideas the philosophy the characters they are all enormous huge powerful And that's amazing but also tiring At least for me it wasBut it was worth itBecause Kirby's language and style is just utterly beautiful poetical Change the uninvited guest that destroys what once wasBecause the lines of right and wrong of good and evil blur Because you can even feel pity for evilWhen you face Mastema do not hesitate Though he's incapable of mercy there is much that is tragic about Mastema He's an instrument of fate and that's never a kind path We've all felt his despair Not even at the end can you allow yourself to pity himBecause there was lots that I didn't see coming It was a delight actuallyBecause there's love and even romance and happinessBecause we also get the POVs of the bad guys which I think is rare A treasure? A torture?Here's a teaser for you in the spoiler—although it is actually not a spoiler—if you want from Mastema's POV the um bad guy with his counterpart Beckview spoilerWhat are you?“I have already answered that I am Mastema an Angel”“A demon”He dismissed that “There is no such thing Evil is as necessary as good One can never triumph wholly over the other lest we all die There are no demons There are only Angels of the light and Angels of the dark”Beck probed the bones of his hand for damage “Which one am I?”“You are a human soul in the ageless body of a Nephilim An enigma A catalyst for I know not Something terrible”“Liar”Mastema laughed “Still you deny it angel”“Don't ever call me that” Beck said slow and wintry as a dagger of ice in his ear Beck raised his eyes and Mastema saw the anger boiling in his brain “Ever My name is Beck”He gripped Beck’s tender newly healed hand “Now there—there—is the Nephilim There is the giant the killer You are savage than any human because part of you is like me There is the key to your power Use it”Beck recoiled from him hissing in pain and regarded him with burning eyes nursing his hatred Mastema adored that look He produced a box of wooden matches from his pocket much like the kind Beck preferred to use“I have another gift for you angel Have you ever been burned?” He smiled at Beck’s expression of fresh alarm The acrid phosphorous of the match flared bright yellow “Everyone gets burned now and then smokers especially But you've never been burned have you? Not ever Don't you find that odd? The Nephilim like Angels are masters of the earth plane Fire is an element It cannot hurt you You cannot drown suffocate freeze”Beck seized on this “I can feel the cold”“You think you feel it because you think you're supposed to This is your eidolon of humanity your ideal fantasy of what you believe you wish to be Humans feel the cold They feel heat as well and love and compassion” He touched the match to Beck’s wrist It guttered and died on Beck’s skinBeck brushed it away shaken“Have you ever been ill?” Mastema pressed “Have you ever been injured?”“I was shot” Beck answered faintly “Homicide case It’s how I met my wife”“And the bullet left no scar Have you ever had a cold? A disease? Sunburn?” In a blur of movement Mastema seized Beck’s throat and pulled him out of the corner dragging him to his feet Mastema placed his fingers on Beck’s temples Beck twisted and grimaced as if the pads of Mastema’s fingers burned him He tried to twist out of that steely grip Useless“Let me in Beck” Mastema hissed relentless “Let me into your mind I want to crawl inside you Let me help you understand I will have you”Beck clenched his teeth “No Fuck you” His fists flailed He kicked at Mastema and missed then thrashed wildly trying to break free When that failed he spat in Mastema’s face and raved obscenities“Goddamned motherfucking son of a whore fucking bastard”“You're an Angel Angel angel angel” Mastema taunted “Half an Angel anyway Your mother realized what you were and discarded you before your first year Humans raised you and you believed yourself to be human but you never were You are as much a demon as I am”Mastema leaned over and touched Beck’s cheek with his forefinger tapping it to accent his words “You” Tap “Want” Tap “To kill me Don't you angel?”Beck glared at him with raw naked desire plainly written on his mind A child could have read itHe’s never felt this before does not know what it is what he needs Would he cry I wonder if I told him that all he needs to feel whole is the sweet give of a pulsing artery between his teeth?Mastema smiled and wrapped his arms around Beck holding him immobile letting him vent his rage uselessly They battled for several minutes until Beck’s chest heaved and sweat poured off him His dark hair was wet at the temples black strands like strokes of ink dripping onto his flushed face He fought Mastema with a vicious desperate strength that would have prevailed against a lesser beingAll at once Beck gave up He went limp his body hanging in Mastema’s arms as he drew in deep wheezing breaths eyes closed and the white lids trembling He stubbornly kept his face turned to the floor away from Mastema Is this surrender? Mastema wonderedMastema forced Beck’s chin up and turned his face until their foreheads touched Beck’s body jerked once as Mastema injected himself into Beck’s mind penetration like a knife dragging thoughts like black blood from his brain and Beck screamed hide spoiler

  10. Gaby says:

    This book is totally different from what we usually read in this genre and this is one of the reasons why it makes it so uniue It's not an easy read but i still enjoyed it a lot Review to come soon

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