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The Vanguard❴Read❵ ➬ The Vanguard Author T.A. Chase – Prince Rathian is the Imperator or Supreme Commander of the Vanguard the most elite unit in the Launioc army His men fight not only for their country and Prince but they fight for each other Launioc Prince Rathian is the Imperator or Supreme Commander of The Vanguard the most elite unit in the Launioc army His men fight not only for their country and Prince but they fight for each other Launioc’s King sends the army into war against Villious and their ueen As his men die Rathian’s heart breaks and he longs to find the one person to help him survive the war and the loss of his menStakel is a ueen’s Consort and is abandoned by his fellow Consorts during a battle with The Vanguard Taken prisoner he finds himself learning about the enemy he’d been taught to hate Stakel has been forced to do things he hated and fight for a ruler he owes no loyalty In Rathian Stakel finds not only a ruler but a lover to whom he can give all of himselfContains MM sexual practices and voyeurism.

There is beauty in every kind of love so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us uniue is how I share those insights I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years When not writing I’m watching movies reading and living life to the fullest.

The Vanguard Epub ✓ Ebook
  • ebook
  • 196 pages
  • The Vanguard
  • T.A. Chase
  • English
  • 09 July 2015
  • 9781595784186

10 thoughts on “The Vanguard

  1. Macky says:

    This works eually well as a fantasy and a mm romance in fact the fantasy side is surprisingly well written and intriguing There is a lot of steamy sex possibly a bit too much but its saved by the intensity of the chemistry between Rathian and Stakel who are literally destined to be together They sizzle in their love scenes and the connection they have is passionate and sensual The story has all the right elements to make this sort of ' sword and sorcery' story work There is intriguemagic evil ueens princes priests and demons gods and of course brave hunky warriors worthy of any high fantasy novelthen throw in the twist of an all gay elite army The vanguard who fight against evil forces and its a mm romance fans dream come true I really enjoyed this and have to say well done TA Chase for pulling off what could have uite easily been a camp version of Conan but actually turns out to be a solid well plotted fantasy that holds the attention from start to finish Deserves its 5 's Loved it

  2. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    I liked the story but way too much sex kept pulling me out of it

  3. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ says:

    Rating not uite three starsThis was uite good I liked itWell it was okay I think generally the only thing that was left with me after I finished the book was that I was unimpressed Not disappointed but just it wasn't that great of a bookAaandd that's all for my reviewWell okay maybe not That's all that's substantial review material You see I have this itty bitty problem WasisAccording to the glossary in the back I never bothered trying to find it while I was reading it's a Launioc swear word which is euivalent to shitAs much as I appreciate Ms Chase making a whole new swear word to fit in with a whole new world and I do appreciate it it kind of pissed me offOkay I do appreciate it But seriously imagine this Two characters you kindaa like are getting it on and then suddenly they're about to come and then and then WASISIt's kind of a wtf momentIt ruins the rhythm Wasis doesn't sound very swear word y and frankly is uite un hotI know this is kind of stupid and irrelevant to mention in a review But FUCK Don't ruin my sexOh and I mentioned this before but the characters aren't that loveable but you like themand here ends my babbling review

  4. Lilia Ford says:

    The author did a great job creating a cool fantasy setting here especially the culture of the vanguard Lathian and Stekel make for a very hot couple and the sex scenes were terrific Lathian's seduction of Stekel their friendshiop and Stekel's adoption of the role of custos was all really well done Mild Spoilers view spoilerThough I rarely say this I thought there was almost too much sex Just about every other chapterscene was sex I would have liked about the Consorts and the Villious ueen the king of Raunioc Lathian's brother even Stakel's long lost family It didn't help that the main conflict with Excelsie was not that suspenseful hide spoiler

  5. Fatimama says:

    MM PNR and it’s kinda different with an active intervention of their god I liked the entire pre destination side story going on HH were a good match and no cheatingom once they got together There’s a bit of exhibitionism but kinda understandable in their world

  6. Elisa Rolle says:

    In a fantasy kingdom the second son of the king is also the Imperator of an army of two hundreds lovers Rathian the Imperator is a young and handsome man taught to be strong in battle but caring with his men Only that for him it has to be only a special man a Custos that will be both his lover and his second in command Rathian has yet to find this manWhen his army captures an enemy Stakel Rathian is stunned to find that he is badly attracted by this man Stakel is a Consort an elite of men sworn to serve and fight only their ueen And the ueen uses them also as breeding animal No matter to say that most of the Consorts are not keen to the ueen and Stakel than the other since he was kidnapped from his village when he was only a child and forced to become a ConsortStakel is a natural healer he has the power to heal through the energy in his body He is not a man who loves strategy and war Probably if left to his village he would be an healer Now he finds out that his love for Rathian forces him to be also a warrior Rathian instead is a natural leader a man of strategy and has no problem to face the role fate has decided for him He can be a good warrior but also him needs the warm embrace of a loverEven if The Vanguard should be a book on war I found it a book on love Rathian and Stakel as lovers steal the scene to Rathian and Stakel as Imperator and Second in Command Plus there are also some funny moments take in mind the God even if they are balanced with lightly reference to tortures and similar luckily not described in details So in the end The Vanguard is a book about men in war which can appeal also to women who want to read about loveThe setting is a medieval one and if not for the army of lovers and some paranormal events this book could be a pure historical apart the plenty use of water that unfortunately in medieval time is not so common

  7. Paisley says:

    45 starsI put off reading this book for a long time although it was recommended to me It resided upon my to read shelf for a few years Why? Well because I have really not done very well with other stories written by this author TA Chase has written many books in the mm genre and I have read a few of them from geeks to cowboys but none have really worked for me I am pretty generous in my ratings on GR I like to say that I am easily entertained it's just that Ms Chase's stuff doesn't seem to do it for meuntil this one I would have been sad to miss this one I really liked the characters I thought the world building was creative and entertaining There are a lot of sex scenes which may or may not be a good thing for readers so be forewarnedI love fantasy stories a lot so this is a genre I explore I was so dubious about liking this book and my expectations were pretty low It's really nice when a book surprises you in a good way

  8. Christy Stewart says:

    Not a bad book but it had the problem of the shit Chase made up not being a good ratio to why it matteredThe characters could have been stuck in any other story and it wouldn't have mattered much that's it's problem

  9. Shelby says:

    It’s funny because I’ve read a number of books by Ms Chase over the years and yet this was nothing like I expected from her Everything else I have read by Ms Chase has been contemporary and while a simple story I’ve always enjoyed them This manages to maintain the simplicity Ms Chase normally personifies in her writing while taking an entirely different tact with a fantasy novel and two warring factions I enjoyed this story the world created here even if things did wrap up a little too easily for my piece of mindPrince Rathian is the Imperator of the Vanguard the most elite fighting force the Launioc army has to offer By tradition the Imperator is always the second son of the reigning king and unlike the rest of the army the Vanguard only answers to the Imperator Their loyalty is absolute even above that offered to king and country Rathian has chosen to lead his army in the true tradition of the Vanguard through love and earned loyalty rather than fear As such his men’s bonds are stronger than ever They are the one fighting force where same sex couples are encouraged and each man is freely allowed to love and embrace the other men in their company Their bonds are absolute and never broken When his General brings Rathian their most recent prison from the front lines one of the feared Consorts of the Villious ueen he finds himself strangely drawn to the man and trusting very uickly of someone who by nature should be his enemyStakel may have been trained as a ueen’s Consort but he loathes them and everything he stands for Taken from his home as a child and forced into subjugated service first in the army until his healing gifts were discovered and then tortured and beaten into submission as a Consort Stakel has very few fond memories of the country he calls home His loyalty in no way lies with the country and monarch of his past The demon priests have spent years torturing him to force his actions and while they might make him bend they have never been able to break his spirit His company loathes him and are than happy to abandon him during a battle with the Vanguard to hopefully be killed Instead Stakel finds himself standing before the one man who might be able to change his futureFirst of all I really enjoyed the world building here I found the society created a lot of fun and the structure of the Vanguard to be well executed I enjoyed the fact that their loyalty was to the commander not to the king and that they would follow him and his orders anywhere Rathian and Stakel as a couple were very sweet and well balanced I usually really enjoy stories where the captor is falling for his enemy and this was no exception I enjoyed that for once Stakel’s capitulation wasn’t brought about by neglect abuse or any sort of negative reinforcement even to keep others unaware of Rathian’s falling for him Instead Rathian embraced him as an honored guest to figure out exactly what was going on between themOf course the insane view spoilergod given hide spoiler

  10. Shira Anthony says:

    Yummy This novella was a joy to read although there are a few typos and formatting problems that could use cleaning up this may just be the Kindle formatting gremlins at work though Sexy fun and poignant as well view spoilerStakel is a warriorconsort to the enemy ueen who is captured in battle by Prince Ratheon's troops Stakel is part warrior part unwilling concubine and part sorcerer To say his life has been miserable up to the point of his capture is an understatement Ratheon is a brilliant and forceful commander to his men an elite group of soldiers The Vanguard who would do anything for each other and for their leader But Ratheon has not found his Custo a sort of second in commandloveradvisor You can see this one coming a mile away although it's sweet to see the relationship between the two men develop If there's anything negative to say it's that there was probably a bit too MUCH sex in this story for me I loved the sex scenes of course but towards the end I have to admit I skimmed through them What captured me was the unfolding of the mystery of the voice that speaks to these two men and the priests who tortured Stakel for so much of his young life The secondary characters were three dimensional and the universe was a solid fantasy backdrop to the story of the love these two men find for each other hide spoiler

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