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Blind Desire[PDF / Epub] ☉ Blind Desire Author I.D. Locke – A chance encounter in an alleyway has Ryzel an incubus chasing after uinlin the Gifted human who almost interrupted his most recent meal uinlin’s prickly attitude doesn’t stop Ryzel from trying to A chance encounter in an alleyway has Ryzel an incubus chasing after uinlin the Gifted human who almost interrupted his most recent meal uinlin’s prickly attitude doesn’t stop Ryzel from trying to find him because a Gifted human such as uinlin is the richest possible food source for an incubus It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ryzel also finds uinlin beautifuluinlin is frustrated and annoyed that he can’t get Ryzel out of his mind after only one stolen kiss A second encounter with Ryzel in a bar leads uinlin to make the life altering decision to sleep with the object of his obsession to purge Ryzel from his mind once and for all One night of pleasure reveals details neither intended to tell the other about themselves The wheels of destiny are set into motion.

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Ebook  ã Blind Desire Epub ✓
  • ebook
  • 127 pages
  • Blind Desire
  • I.D. Locke
  • English
  • 23 July 2014
  • 9781603707220

10 thoughts on “Blind Desire

  1. Natsroshan says:

    Blind Desire is a beautiful story i would say sweet but it's hard to use this word when you have both protagonist that are anything but meanRyzel is a demon an incubus and as he says himself a demon always lie and always do bad things It's their natureuinlin is a human a gifted one he is blind but can see auras of living things He is far from a dependant and weak guy he is most of the times pissed at someone or something His real purpose in life is being obnoxiousTheir background and experiences are different but i found lots of similarities in their personality they are both ill mannered but only toward people they don't care stubborn excessively proud and not easily scared Even if they are they would die before showing itFortunately they don't have defauts only they are true to the people they love caring honest only when needed for RyzellolI loved them A LOT I laughed a lot reading about themTheir interactions are explosive verbally and sexually They play cat and mouse Ryzel wants uinlin and is perseverant uinlin wants Ryzel but he is a controlfreak and don't want to appear weak so he is mean play hard to getBut fate plays tricks on them they won't play for longThe secondary characters are really fun to discover and give us great dialogues The story is very well pacedAn amazing story i had great moments reading it

  2. Bookwatcher says:

    Is hard to give my judgment to this book About the storyuinlin a blind pianist by chance get in the way of a Incubus Ryzel Everything happens very uickly and you will be reading HOT bed scenes after few pages The book has both POV so you will read knowing both man thoughts I like thatThat's pretty much the story it's a great paranormal almost erotic book but I don't think there are a lot to tell about the plot What I LOVE reading Blind Desire1Hot bed scenes2Hot horn thing sorry if is a strange comment but Ryzel horns are very HOT on the bed scenes3Demons and angels are mentioned and I like it but was disappointed maybe this theme could be developed?4The humor is fantastic ID Locke has a talent to make you laugh I loooove that aspect in this bookWhat I HATE reading Blind Desire Just one thing that made me take 2 stars AsmodaiNope I don't hate this character of this book the inverse I love himNo is not that he is also a demon and Ryzel being a lower demon will tell you he do some sexual favors to him yes is clear that Ryzel to avoid punishment is a sexual toy to Asmodai Nope he is not annoying and maybe is the funniest of allSo why I hate it?Asmodai is a demon prince a wonderful ruler in hell and really powerful and and and he is Ryzel father Calm down there is no incest in this book BUT is something that got my full attention Ryzel one time waking up and knowing his father was in his room take out his robe let his hair fall down in a sexy way and still trying to be VERY attractive look to his fatherMy brain shut down in that moment and my brain cells scream together shocked EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW AS I SAID NOTHING HAPPENS but the idea is that sex demons don't discriminate sex partners Asmodai to demonstrate his power use sex he is the father of all incubus so yeah ewwwwwwwwwwwwww3 stars

  3. Simsala says:

    Td`s one sentence review says it allAfter reading this I want a demon of my very own preferably incubusI really really want Asmodai`s full demon name so I can call that deliciously evil sexy son of a bitch;

  4. Td says:

    Characters with attitude All of them Light fun super sexy demonic read

  5. Yvonne says:

    35 StarsThis story of incubus demon Ryzel and his pursuit of gifted human uinlin is fun enjoyable It has decent world building with good interesting character including uinlin who is all bristly snappish attitude Ryzel who is devilish full of vigor knows when to back down play the submissive card with both uinlin his father Besides the introduction of interesting characters and explanations of the worlds there's not a heck of a lot happening here except trying to get Ryzel uinlin together so the book often leads the way by sex Not surprising considering that Ryzel is a sex demon It's not uite PWP but don't go in expecting a heck of a lot than a hot sexy read There were some scenes with Ryzel's father Ryzel that veered uncomfortably into incest territory Nothing really happens but It's suicky and pulls back just in time I didn't take it too seriously it was done with a lot of humor This is the world of demons afterall where they've both probably done a lot worse stuff but this is just a warning for those who don't even want hints of this stuff in their storyThere were some things not cleared up at the end like Ryzel gets his new powers but we never see it in action uinlin's friend becomes obsessed with an he animal sees but there's no follow up as to why In fact the ending just seems to scream seuel but I haven't seen any follow up stories for thisRecommended for those looking for a light hearted fun hot demonhuman love story

  6. Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    Interesting world of demons uin was great a pain in the rear anti social gifted man and his eually difficult demon lover They were greatly matched and it was a fun read

  7. Mandapanda says:

    35 stars Indulgently sexy tale of an incubus demon who finds himself falling for a bad tempered visually impaired human I thought the acuisition of 'powers' was leading somewhere perhaps to a battle or a life and death situation of some sort but in fact this story is uite light and funny with a sweet if anticlimactic HEA

  8. MsMiz (Tina) says:

    More like 35 I liked this story even though I cannot really tell you why I am not really a fan of sex demons the thought of sex to survive with no repercussions but it worked here I like how the story unfolded and could see how there could be books to the story

  9. Kassa says:

    This is a uniue and refreshing story that feels very present with the choice of language and slang leaving a thoroughly entertaining reading experience that may slide this book into the cult classic type of fans With very few missteps and a range of fascinating characters with solid world building this story dealing with demons angels incubi and magic of all kinds is rather irreverent and light The dialogue and characters keep the action moving and interesting without allowing the story to get too heavy or involved at any point The incredibly hot and varied sex will keep readers glued to the story and the bits of humor may have them laughing out loud For a rather entertaining and interesting story this deliversThe story is told in alternating first person point of view which is risky but works incredibly well here Both characters are strong enough to pull off the first person writing and the alternating chapters of POV allow for an ease of flow without any confusing head hopping The continuity between chapters and scenes was well done not jarring the reader but flowing naturally from scene to scene and glossed over jumps in time reasonably well The prose felt very modern and relevant with phrases and comments that will resonate in readers easily Part of this was the great humor infused into the dialogue with fun comments such as “surprise butt sex counts as a sudden move” or “uinlin’s kisses were like a potato chip; I can’t have just one” There are numerous examples of this kind of humor used to the benefit of the storyAs for the characters themselves both men have strong personalities and temperaments uinlin is as fiery as his red hair and although he is blind he defies any blind stereotype Not only is he physically strong and than willing to crack people over the head with his iron wrought cane at the least provocation but his prickly behavior hides a teasing caring individual that has had a uniue upbringing His Gift the ability to see auras is essential in giving him partial sight and added intuition into people The descriptions used and uin’s fascination with Ryzel’s aura was a wonderful addition to the book In fact Ryzel’s physical attributes aren’t even described until much later when uin’s best friend describes the handsome demon to him That is the first time the reader and uin are told of Ryzel’s good looks but they are a distant second to his personality and characteruin is the first person to stand up to Ryzel and has no problems hitting the powerful demon with his fists or cane for whatever slight uin feels he was subjected to Ryzel is by turns amusing and sympathetic as a character as he struggles with uin’s prickly behavior and confusion over the fast moving events of their bond Ryzel is no weakling but his intelligence charisma and common sense make him very likable Additionally he’s not the most powerful demon and it was refreshing to see that Ryzel has to watch his words and actions around powerful creatures Neither uin or Ryzel are perfect and although they are powerful the reminder that there are always other beings powerful than them keep these characters from sliding into stereotypes incredibly wellThe world building and secondary characters are great in this story From uinlin’s older aunt who is crafty unscrupulous and utterly unrepentant to Ryzel’s demon Prince father each adds a layer of uniue character and charm to the story The intricacies of demons and angels are never overwhelming and often given just enough information needed but never too much to deviate from the focus of the story The author continually adds in every day details such as paperwork to get an appointment in Hell to frustrations with their respective jobs to give this a relatable feel for the readers This may be fantasy but it’s the type of urban fantasy story that you could easily imagine existingAlthough the ending was rather abrupt there were enough hanging threads from uin’s best friend to the ongoing power struggles in Hell and the continuation of the relationship between Ryzel and uin to show that there has to be a seuel or coming soon from this author Well written engaging dynamic and uniue this story hits all great entertainment highs and makes you want immediately Be sure to get this light hearted yet absorbing book as you won’t be able to put it down

  10. Demi Idle says:

    As easy reading goes this was surprisingly goodThe plot as little as there was of it is as cheesy as the title but it didn't matter much because I liked the characters and their snarky dialogue What can I say? I'm a demon I do bad things And I sure love reading about bad boys especially when the writer knows how to write steamy scenesThe ending was a bit abrupt and unsatisfactory the setting had so much potential There were also some minor editing errors But on the whole I'd rather read this mindless flick with good characters and pacing than a long winded oh so deep and meaningful story with an actual plot where the characters don't interest me

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