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Saving Ciaran➻ Saving Ciaran Free ➱ Author Cassandra Gold – Cast out of his family for being gay Drew is a werewolf without a Pack While traveling to his new home he saves a strange winged man who is being chased through the woods He doesn't expect to fall in Cast out of his family for being gay Drew is a werewolf without a Pack While traveling to his new home he saves a strange winged man who is being chased through the woods He doesn't expect to fall in love Half fae half demon Ciaran is an outcast among his people When he's summoned to the human world he doesn't know what to do To him Earth is complicated and scary and he soon finds himself dealing with unexpected feelings for his rescuer If they can find the courage to take a risk two outsiders may find a home at last.

By day I am a middle school teacher I spend much of my time grading papers filling out paperwork and trying to get th and th graders to readWhen I am not at work I can generally be found at the computer dreaming up stories about men falling in love When I have spare time which is unfortunately not too often any I read romance of all kinds Occasionally I pretend to do housework.

Ebook  ¾ Saving Ciaran Kindle ✓
  • ebook
  • 73 pages
  • Saving Ciaran
  • Cassandra Gold
  • English
  • 14 April 2016

10 thoughts on “Saving Ciaran

  1. Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    Cute sweet light and uick I'm reading on in the series but I doubt they'll be books I keep around for future rereads Removed from Kindle

  2. Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    35Really sweet storyabout a werewolf out for a run and finding a demon being chased by the humans that summoned himSounds complicated than it isit really is a cute tale Ciaran has been living in isolation and totally without any kind of love all of his life he is in some ways very childlike Drew had to leave after telling his family he's gayThese two lonely men found each otherI liked it a lot it just lacked a little depthbut there are two in this seriesso I'm hopeful

  3. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    Review from first read on11710 Short and cute I loved Ciaran After second read on 90112Still love Ciaran he's so adorable and endearing And Drew is pretty likable too And together I just love them

  4. Ami says:

    45 starsDrew is a werewolf he has been shunned out by his family for being gay One the way to family cabin he stumbles into Ciaran a Bat boy Drew description due to Ciaran's black wings and pointed ears Ciaran turns out to be half demon summoned to the human world by people who ended up hurting him Drew then takes him to his cabin and they start their life as roommate and friends though Drew also develops strong feeling for CiaranIf I have to sum up this story by one word it will be awwwwww Yes this story is sweet and tender Ciaran is like an innocent kid he only learns about human from books and it's sweet to see him trying to understand this new world Love reading his thoughts as well as Drew's view of him It's cute to see that Ciaran learns about two men kissing from watching soap opera I guess thank God for soap opera huh?It actually takes time for the story to grown so the kiss and the love making doesn't even appear until the end But the journey to get to there is so worth it I love it

  5. pbj says:

    I liked it but it felt a bit unfinished probably because there are books in the series

  6. Nikyta says:

    This was a cute read about a wolf shifter Drew who stumbles upon a half faehalf demon creature Ciaran that is running for his life after being summoned by strange men After helping Ciaran run from the men Drew takes him home and helps him get accustomed to an unknown world During their time together they both develop feelings for one another and live a rather domesticated life even though they are scared to share their feelings While not much happens within the story I thought it was sweet Ciaran is so innocent and naive when it comes to humans and such because he lives in another world hidden away from all other creatures He's damaged in a way that he thinks he's shameful and walks on eggshells so that he doesn't get thrown out of this new life he's created with Drew Drew is nice in the way he takes Ciaran in without any hesitation He helps build Ciaran's confidence and treats Ciaran like he's special He lets Ciaran be free and make his own choices which goes a long way to bringing Ciaran out of his shellI'm glad this is a series though I felt like it was too short and didn't answer any of the uestions I had from Ciaran's old life how the men were able to summon him and even Drew's family I'm hoping we get information about all that and also what Ciaran and Drew's life will be like now that they are officially a coupleOverall the story was still cute It's a simple easy read and one I enjoyed very much I liked that they were dancing around each other and how oblivious Ciaran was while Drew tried to hide his attraction I'm looking forward to the rest of the series

  7. JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

    This was a really sweet story right from the get go Drew a werewolf on his way to a new home after a falling out with his father and pack comes across Ciaran a half fae half demon who is on the run from the group who summoned him Ciaran is super sweet really cute and it is hard not to instantly love his character Drew is big caring sweetheart who takes Ciaran under his wing and helps him make a new life among the humans As Drew helps Ciaran adjust to his surroundings their relationship blossoms and they fall in love Looking forward to the next installment in this cute series

  8. Erotic Horizon says:

    When lone wolf Drew finds himself in a situation where he has to help a young man he does not hesitate – he thinks uick and moves just as uickly to get them both out of a rather sticky situation When the dust settles Drew finds on his hand a man unlike any he has ever seen before any he has ever heard of before but not one he intends to leave on his own to the nefarious intend of othersCiaran is that young man from another place and time he takes baby steps to trust but he has to take a chance and trust someone and Drew is that person because he is the first one to really reach out and touch him on a whole other levelWith a whole lot of things to adjust to and new feelings to deal with both men makes the best of their situation – but new emotions finds than uestioning how important each is to the otherEvery time I come back to Ms Gold work I slap myself for not making a decent go and get through her backlist I love her fun style and sweet characters and SAVING CIARAN is no differentThe two main protags are good together and after reading this first book I’ll just say it was really an introduction book to the Outcast series and as such it was info about both parties lifestyle background and experience and where they are todayThe setting is not over elaborate and the language and scenes are uick paragraphs that make me want to just read onWhile there is time passing in terms of being together there is insta love in this book which was not a problem for me as there are two other book in the series so far with the same characters and I am hoping for time to develop on their relationship There is also some mystery and even some clock and dagger stuff to ensure that the second book is already on my e readerIf you are looking for a uick paranormal read that just hits the spot without reinventing the whole paranormal genre – this is it Fans of Ms Gold’s work you will love it

  9. Honey says:

    Drew is a werewolf without a pack Since coming out to his family he’s had to make his way on his own One night after a run he encounters a supernatural creature running from something or someone in the woods Unable to abandon the innocent hurt man he takes in the mysterious Bat boy Ciaran’s been shunned his whole life for being a half demon in his home world of Faerie Abandoned by his mother and raised by a negligent grandfather he’s never had so much as a friend When he’s summoned by humans for purposes he knows won’t lead to anything good he manages to get away and is saved by DrewDrew is a man who has had to keep who he is locked up for a long time so giving into his feelings for Ciaran is hard Not only does he believe that Ciaran is straight and won’t reciprocate his feelings but he also doesn’t want to pressure him into thinking he doesn’t have a choice in the matter since Ciaran has nowhere else to go As a result he holds out for a long time and it takes him and Ciaran a great part of the book to get together Ciaran has grown up surrounded by books and little else He’s never found acceptance before so as unused as he is to experiencing love it takes him a while to realise what his feelings for Drew are I loved Ciaran He’s than a head of curly black hair and big violet eyes he’s brave and smart and his wonder at his new home and everything he encountered made him an easily lovable character This story was short and sweet and I’m so glad I got all three books in the Outcasts series at the same time so I won’t have to wait and wonder what happens next

  10. Beck says:

    This was a very sweet fluffy romance 99% of the book is about the lead up to their first 'night of passion' so don't expect heavy erotica from this one I'm not sure if I will continue with the series because I didn't really become heavily invested in the characters The story was too shallow to allow for that If THIS book had included about Drew Ciaran's pasts instead of just glossing over the difficulties they had faced prior to meeting; about how Ciaran was called into this world; and about Ciaran's physical differences instead of neatly folding the wings away never to be seen again; I might have found the effort of reading worthwhile It's sweet It's undemanding It's an easy HEA

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