The Surprise Gift (Curious George)

      The Surprise Gift (Curious George)
The Man with the Yellow Hat brings home a birthday present for a friend, and in an effort to distract George and prevent him from opening the gift, the man gives George an orange to unwrap The curious monkey discovers that there are many other things to unwrap besides presents like the bathroom walls with their peeling wallpaper , but maybe not all of them can be rewrapped.Full color activities a matching and twenty questions game, a birthday idea space, and a think about it section. Free Read [ The Surprise Gift (Curious George) ] by [ H.A. Rey ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Hans Augusto Rey was born on September 16, 1898, in Hamburg, Germany He grew up there near the world famous Hagenbeck Zoo, and developed a lifelong love for animals and drawing Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein who would be known to most of the world as Margret Rey was also born in Hamburg on May 16, 1906 The two met briefly when Margret was a young girl, before she left Hamburg to study art They were reunited in 1935 in Rio de Janeiro, where Hans was selling bathtubs as part of a family business and Margret was escaping the political climate in Germany Margret convinced Hans to leave the family business, and soon they were working together on a variety of projects.Hans and Margret were married in Brazil on August 16, 1935, and they moved to Paris after falling in love with the city during their European honeymoon It was there that Hans published his first children s book, after a French publisher saw his newspaper cartoons of a giraffe and asked him to expand upon them Raffy and the Nine Monkeys Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys in the British and American editions was the result, and it marked the debut of a mischievous monkey named Curious George.After Raffy and the Nine Monkeys was published, the Reys decided that Curious George deserved a book of his own, so they began work on a manuscript that featured the lovable and exceedingly curious little monkey But the late 1930s and early 40s were a tumultuous time in Europe, and before the new manuscript could be published, the Reys both German Jews found themselves in a horrible situation Hitler and his Nazi party were tearing through Europe, and they were poised to take control of Paris.Knowing that they must escape before the Nazis took power, Hans cobbled together two bicycles out of spare parts Early in the morning of June 14, 1940, the Reys set off on their bicycles They brought very little with them on their predawn flight only warm coats, a bit of food, and five manuscripts, one of which was Curious George The Nazis entered Paris just hours later, but the Reys were already on their way out They rode their makeshift bicycles for four long days until reaching the French Spanish border, where they sold them for train fare to Lisbon From there they made their way to Brazil and on to New York City, beginning a whole new life as children s book authors.Curious George was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941, and for sixty years these books have been capturing the hearts and minds of readers throughout the world All the Curious George books, including the seven original stories by Margret and Hans, have soldthan twenty five million copies So popular that his original story has never been out of print, George has become one of the most beloved and recognizable characters in children s literature His adventures have been translated into many languages, including Japanese, French, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Chinese, Danish, and Norwegian.Although both of the Reys have passed away Hans in 1977 and Margret in 1996 George lives on in the Curious George Foundation Established in 1989, this foundation funds programs for children that share Curious George s irresistible qualities ingenuity, opportunity, determination, and curiosity in learning and exploring Much consideration is given to programs that benefit animals, through preservation as well as the prevention of cruelty to animals The foundation supports community outreach programs that emphasize the importance of family, from counseling to peer support groups.

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      The Surprise Gift (Curious George)
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  1. Miss Sarah says:

    George is very excited about a gift the man in the yellow hat has brought home but can he resist from opening it loved all the other things he unwraps preschool and up for length

  2. PWRL says:

    SM, O

  3. Austin Hanson says:

    He s so curious that he opens a bunch of presents He gets disappointed because the gift isn t for him It s for tonight He makes a big mess with presents.

  4. Jillian says:

    I like it, but I m a little worried my three year old will try to pull the paper off our walls to see what surprise is inside

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