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Everything Is Wrong with Me✽ Everything Is Wrong with Me kindle Epub ❁ Author Jason Mulgrew – Bluevapours.co.uk “People who grow up like this tend to become agoraphobics serial killers or really funny writers Mulgrew I think – hope – is the last of these three things His stories of childhood made me laugh “People who grow up Wrong with PDF/EPUB ç like this tend to become agoraphobics serial killers or really funny writers Mulgrew I think – Everything Is PDF \ hope – is the last of these three things His stories of childhood made me laugh out loud” — Rob McElhenney Is Wrong with ePUB ´ star creator and producer of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“The somewhat alarming always interesting world inside Jason’s brain has now been strewn across the pages of a book Godspeed reader” — Steve Hely author of How I Became a Famous NovelistJason Mulgrew’s wildly popular blog “Everything Is Wrong with Me Bipolar and Hungry” gives rise to a memoir of startling insight comedy and irreversible unconscionable stupidity.


Everything Is Wrong with Me PDF/EPUB Í Everything Is
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Everything Is Wrong with Me
  • Jason Mulgrew
  • English
  • 08 July 2015
  • 9780061766657

10 thoughts on “Everything Is Wrong with Me

  1. Lisa says:

    I admit to to buying this book based on it's cover It's just such a funny title and cute picture plus the gushing recommendations on the back cover made it practically irresistable to me In short I just had to read it Well I was duped This book is a self indulgent rant about the author's life He clearly doesn't see the difference between self depreciating humor and disclosures about his masturbatory habits Which occur far too often both in the text and in the footnotes His far too freuent referals to breasts at boobies was not only sophomoric but also distracting to the reader The stories had potential to be funny but failed to deliver because he interupted these stories to remind the reader that he is freuently intoxicated andor maturbating Lastly I found the chapter on stalking hookers not engaging them mind you just following and watching them to be nothing short of creepy The cover of the book asks what were we thinking? I think the apt uestion would be What was Harper Perennial thinking?Mr Mulgrew may have benefited from better editing If it is true as he states in the book that he wrote it in two weeks I am not surprised just disappointed Mr Mulgrew's reliance on fraternity boy humor is in my opinion a rather lazy approach to getting a laugh

  2. Lindsay says:

    I won this book through Goodreads giveaways The synopsis sounded like the kind of book I would like so I thought why not?Ok so here's maybe why notI really like informal writing; I don't need to read great works of literature by stuffy authors However Jason Mulgrew is just too informal Throughout the entire book he reminds you that he is lazy not too successful either in life or with love and kind of a douche bag It's one thing to be self deprecating but to go on and on and on and on and on and on about this is both boring and slightly irritating It interrupted the flow of the book If I hadn't won it for free I probably would not have finished the book It was just too much I think if the author could remove his present self a bit from the book it would be much better But his constant interjections mostly through the form of irritating footnotes really get old after a while But you might like itIf you like his writing apparently he has a pretty popular blog I went to his website and the About Me section was of the irritating I suck stuff so I didn't read any further and enjoy mildly entertaining fluffy writing Besides the above mentioned irritants it was easy to get through The other thing I didn't really get is the whole my childhood was really effed up spin Maybe it was but it doesn't really come out through the book I don't think his childhood is spectacularly awful at least as described in the book We are roughly the same age and many of the stories he tells could have happened to me or my friends I saw some people compare him to David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs Um no way Again at least not based on this book Anyway most of his stories were pretty good once you looked past his irritating interjections I'd have to say my favorite thing about the books were the pictures Now THOSE were funny Other than that just so so

  3. Meghan says:

    I wanted to like this one since I’ve kept up with Mulgrew’s blog sporadically over the past few years His most hilarious posts are usually linked to a ridiculous character from his childhood or a crazy stunt by his macho hard drinking father A white collar professional in New York City now it’s clear that his blue collar upbringing in Philadelphia shaped his worldview and writingUnfortunately Everything is Wrong With Me reads too much like disjointed blog entries and less like the funny moving memoir it could have been Mulgrew spends time inserting cute footnotes than creating a compelling story He is also much too conscious of making his family and friends angry about their role in his uasi dysfunctional childhood causing him to cast a false almost lighthearted tone over painful chaotic episodes Ultimately memoirs have to be honest and Mulgrew isn’t willing to “go there” whether it’s his parent’s divorce his role as the third wheel in his group of friends or being the kinda sorta weird kid from the neighborhood sent to private high school on scholarship because of his intelligence Instead the reader is treated to a mishmash of stories about his father’s drunken hijinks mixed in with tales like Mulgrew’s first grade discovery that he has a small penis one of the few moments when I really laughed out loud or a Scotch Bonnet pepper eating contest in junior highI’m not afraid of vulgar if it’s funny and well written but this book wasn’t

  4. Mark Ferguson says:

    I really enjoyed this Mulgrew's sense of humor reminded me of a lot of essayists I like the great use of parenthetical asides footnotes and disturbing honesty and self deprecation I'm not that interested in uirky memoirs about adolescence in general but I read this based on recommendations and the amazingly fantastic cover photo I hope to read from Mulgrew in the future and not only because the book made me feel better about all the embarrassments of my childhood

  5. Ricarla says:

    Absolutely one of the most hilarious books I've ever read

  6. Lori says:

    Arc from publisherMemoir's can be a tricky animalFirst you gotta have a life worth writing aboutI didn't know much about the author Jason Mulgrew although I did hear his blog is what put him on the map Apparently he has a lot to share and has no problems sharing it And I suppose if you put enough of your life story out there and you grow a large enough readership you are destined to put pen to paper and publish a book with the smartest wittiest most embarrassing moments for EVERYONE to readThen you gotta find your voiceFor most people having a story to tell is easy determining how the heck to tell it can be a stumbling block In Jason's case he found his voice over 5 years ago when he began his online blog Taking a very raw sarcastic depreciating tone throughout his collection he shares stories not only from his own lifetime but uite a few from his parents lives before he was born as wellWhile most reviews I see praise his book and call it hilarious I admit to feeling a bit sorry for him At times I think Jason pokes a little too much fun at himself coming across as sort of clownish happily acknowledging his place as the comic relief the brunt of most of the jokes within his circle of friends It certainly didn't make me feel any better knowing he accepted things that wayFinally you have to get it all to tie in togetherWhich for the most part Jason did Perhaps I was expecting a consistent flow Starting with his parents lives easing into his earlier years and ending with his most recent life experiences I can't fault Jason for jumping around it was his story to tell and he told it well However there were things I wished he had spent a little time delving into or circling back to Like the recurring uips about his uestionable sexuality; his issues with his weight; and his obsession with having a teeny weeny These were things that he mentions many times in passing but never uite brings full circle leaving me with a somewhat incomplete feelingJason scratched many surfaces but the ones I recall best are the ones he spent time detailing A few of the stories that stood out most for me The one about his uncle and the pepper in which his uncle and friends trick him into eating one of the hottest peppers in the world; the memory of participating in the New Years Day Mummers Parade complete with embarrassing photo; and his first grade classmate critiuing the way he holds his bird while relieving himself at the elementary school urinal he's a pincher not a cradlerWhile it may appear that I am being overly critical I do have to give him credit Writing about family and close friends in this manner has got to be one of THE most difficult things to do Laying the brutal truth out there for them in black and white knowing that millions of people are moments away from reading about them Checking the caller ID every time the phone rings expecting an irate or mortified friend or family member screaming How could you write about that man???Perhaps I am missing a vital piece of the picture having never read Mulgrew's blog?I want to thank Harper Perennial for sending me this book for review It was a very uick entertaining read

  7. Badly Drawn Girl says:

    I feel sort of bad giving this book 3 stars because it's definitely one of the better snarky memoirs I've read I mean compared to Tucker Max this guy is Shakespeare I did enjoy this book and I liked the self deprecating humor But I cannot imagine giving this type of book than 3 stars It just doesn't in my opinion deserve to be compared to the other books I've bestowed that rating So I guess to clarify if you like this type thing you'll probably love this book It's funny and worth reading when you want something lighthearted I would read by Jason Mulgrew

  8. Erica says:

    Completely hilarious In his intro the author says this is a book for anyone who's ever wondered how they came from their parents and since I and eveeryone else I know wonders that about me this was perfect for me

  9. Kathleen says:

    Am almost done with itvery interesting in an ecclectical kind of way Goes to show we tend to grow up in very similar ways no matter what part of the country you're fromwhat counts is in what period of time you grew up init seems to define they way you grew up

  10. Amanda Schwenkel says:

    Five stars because I actually know this guy His humor is a bit like Tucker from I hope they serve beer in hell

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