Enraptured❴Ebook❵ ➠ Enraptured Author Scarlet Hyacinth – Bluevapours.co.uk The son of the Alarian king and an unknown human woman Gabriel is forced to live than half of his life buried in a monastery under the iron fist and lascivious hands of its superintendent Lothar Howev The son of the Alarian king and an unknown human woman Gabriel is forced to live than half of his life buried in a monastery under the iron fist and lascivious hands of its superintendent Lothar However things can always get worse On his nineteenth birthday Gabriel finds out that he is to be mated to his worst enemy In despair he decides to take his own life but a chance encounter changes the course of his life uniting him with Lucien a demon prince What follows is a tale of impossible love a journey from despair to rapture threatened and cursed by secrets of the past and by pain buried but not forgotten Not only does Lucien have to fight death to save his young lover but he has to rebel against his parents as well In a world of prejudice and hatred can one impossible love survive.

Scarlet Hyacinth was born in in a Romania still struggling under the weight of the communist regime As a young girl she started studying the English language and fell in love with books After a childhood spent devouring hundreds of pages of fantasy literature Scarlet found her calling While at uni she discovered with the help of a dear friend that she had a knack for writing The rest.

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  • 309 pages
  • Enraptured
  • Scarlet Hyacinth
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  • 27 July 2014
  • 9781606015810

10 thoughts on “Enraptured

  1. C. says:

    I wish that I was a better writer or that Goodreads was a site in my native language so that I could better convey what a utter pile of shite this book was Seriously I beg to whoever might read this review to NOT waste your money or your time with this so called book JUST DON'T BUY IT PLEASEI don't even know how to begin expressing my distasteThe basic idea behind this story is usually a sure fire winner with me bastard prince left in some far off place where he is mistreated and told he will have to marry his tormentor but a chance meeting brings the love of his life and an opportunity of happiness if only they can overcome all the obstacles on their way I mean not exactly refreshing but it's a classic plot and one that I love so where could the author go wrong?Hmm let's seea Character development there's noneb the bad guys are so forced they end cartoonishc the writing style is confusingd there are Grand Canyon sized holes in the storye the intrigues of the story are forgotten and them brought up again and at some point there it seems you're reading two books at the same timef explanations are cut off in the narration or simply not given g although the characters are alien races they speak like the basic American teenager and even use Internettexting slang h the story ends abruptly and the epilogue is not really an epiloguei there are several issues not solved and worked out by the end of the storyj ad æternumI made a point to read this to the end just so to be able to say yeah it really sucks and now I shall ask for a refundAll the editors and people involved in producing this book at Siren should be ashamed of themselves and be fired for putting this thing for sale

  2. Neyjour says:

    The synopsis for this one sounded wonderfuljust the type of story I really love I was also looking forward to reading what would have been my first foray into Mpreg It started out uite good but once Lucien and his companions and Gabriel's bothers were introduced it all just went right down the toiletIf this had been a contemporary the dialogue and the way the characters acted would have been truly silly and juvenile For a science fantasy setting with demon and alien charactersit was downright ridiculous They all acted like a bunch of immature American teenagers and if I had to read the word bro one time I was going to screamThe first third of this story the point at which I gave up was also riddled with errors Whoever edited this book should have been smacked and then fired

  3. Bookwatcher says:

    Regardless the countless bro well I must agree with my friend Ares it was repeated too much I ADORED this book It's a very sweet fantasysci firomance Oh yes I have no idea if I should classify it as fantasysci fi or just as a romance because it's all No kidding The plot Imagine a parallelalternative reality Humans have magic healing power can see people aura And their don't call themselves humans but Alarians They know about the strange world of humans but it's sort of a taboo to them talk about portals or anything related to humankind or the human worldThey share their world with non humanoid creatures winged creatures called Xeetah winged creatures that we humans would call demonsYEAH Cool no? Oh yes it's a VERY cool plot And oh HELL YEAH DEMONS WINGED DEMONSno wait I'm must take a step back so Alarians and Xeetah share a world and their reins are always negotiating for peace pactsThe story will be from two characters POV one a Alarian prince Gabriel and a Xeetah prince LucienThe cool stuff that made me scream sueeeeee image error

  4. Alyosha says:

    This has to be one of the hardest novels to rate I uite enjoyed Enraptured but it DEFINITELY was a book by woman for women and was in no way a realistic portrayal of malemale relationshipsIf you enjoy yaoi ish mm fantasy novels with a cute uke and a sexy seme this will be the book for you If you also happen to like mpreg as a theme all the better

  5. Leah says:

    After reading the first few chapters I was rapt; this seemed liked my kind of novel dubious consent a lil kink a protagonist that was completely debased yet retained his empathy and humanity and thenI don't know what the hell happened The language and dialogue changed I've never read baby in such freuency a hardcore BDSM novel descended into the most emasculating harleuin esue drivel I've ever read Don't take my word; read it for yourself though I think Sacred Fate and Acuainted with the Nightare better examples of MPREG characters that manage to hold on to their masculinity

  6. Readers Roundtable says:

    Jaymes’ ReviewGabriel’s life is nowhere near the idyllic life of prince His life has been a living hell since he was sent to live at the monastery thanks to Lothar In Enraptured everything Gabriel expects to happen changes the moment he falls into the arms of Lucien a demon princeLucien wants Gabriel but is in Alaria for the purpose of keeping the peace between the two races Instead of following his desire he cruelly pushes Gabriel away only to realize that was the biggest mistake he ever made With the help of his brother and friend as well as Gabriel’s brothers he finally takes steps to claim his mateLove pain betrayal and misunderstandings lead Lucien and Gabriel on a journey to find each other and the love they both crave Lucien gently blunders his way through the myriad of misunderstandings he and Gabriel encounter Even though he’s been cruelly abused Gabriel still clings to hope With the help and love of not only Lucien but his brothers Gabriel is able to move forward even though darkness still hovers on the edgesEnraptured was a roller coaster ride of ups downs twists and turns Scarlet Hyacinth has brought us a uniue and interesting new world and fascinating charactersRated 4 Gold Crowns by Jaymes

  7. Nikki says:

    Read as part of the GB challenge and recommended to me by Nikyta thanksThis seems like the start of a really good fantasy series and I can definitely see myself reading the rest of itI think the first half of the book was better than the second I really enjoyed reading about Gabriel's life at Kirgil monastery and how he works hard to maintain his dignity in the face of the cruelty he experiences thereI also liked reading about Lucien and the other demons but there were some elements of the second half of the book that were just a bit too cutesy for me Gabriel also seemed to become kind of spineless and needed protecting and re assuring all of the time which seemed a bit at odds with the strong young man we read about at the start of the bookHowever overall I enjoyed the story and I think the world Scarlet has created holds lots of potential for interesting adventures in the rest of the series I am also intrigued to see how the whole mpreg things turns out

  8. Elisa Rolle says:

    First of all big warning if you don't like a chick with masculine characteristics don't let me go into details you will not like this book I think we have to be uite sincere there are books written by men for men AND women there are books written by women for women AND men and then there are books written by men FOR men and by women FOR women It's not impossible that men could enjoy romance only for women I know there are out there men who read for example Danielle Steel and recently Suzanne Brockmann But they are aware that they are entering an exclusive playfield a playfield that is open to special admission neverthelessEnraptured is a romance by women for women It's a man on man story but the I would not say that it's gay True being setting in a futuristic world where homosexuality is not an issue there is not even the smallest problem for the all male nature of the characters More being an inter breed story between Demons and genetically modified Humans the issue is the difference in race than the same sex relationship To add spicy to the thing the Demons are an all male breed their women all died for a virus centuries before and they naturally modified their genetics to be able to reproduce between males So yes there is male pregnancy in there and that is another plus factor for the submissive male to be a chick than a roosterSaid all that it's a good romance? IF you try to read it knowing the purpose for which it was written then yes Enraptured is a funny romp the futuristic setting is light and easy and the story didn't fall in the overadorned style that usually these stories have The futuristic world is very much like a medieval romance setting not the real Middle Ages but the fictional rendering that you often find in a romance novel; the plot is classic the bastard son of a king raised in a monastery and subject to the lascivious attention of a villain a powerful mage Just when the evil father promised the innocent son to the villain for a much abhorred mating an handsome stranger prince comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress Only that the prince is not exactly a prince charming but a demon with black leathery wingsWhere is the originality of the story? I think it's in the lightness all events even when dramatic are funny than angst This is a sexy romp than a sci fiction novel There are also a lot of kind homages to similar fiction out there the human princes have long and colorful hair they have to be virgin till they come to age and so onSo yes if read with the right perspective this debut novel by Scarlet Hyacinth is very nice and I think I will read also the following books in the sagahttpwwwdp1606015826?

  9. Lexi Ander says:

    This is a fantastic start to a new series Vivid world complex characters and an excellent plot Lot's of twist and turns angst hot sex and an endearing love story Started right into book two because I was desperate to know what happens next

  10. Lola says:

    Ignore the picture cover it looks really bad but the book is not bad It turns a bit fluff and corny after half way through

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