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Human Nature❴Reading❵ ➷ Human Nature Author Cat Kane – Left for dead by hunters werewolf Dominic finds refuge at the isolated home of reclusive demon Gage and his human servant Randall Healing from the attack physically and mentally Dominic has no choice Left for dead by hunters werewolf Dominic finds refuge at the isolated home of reclusive demon Gage and his human servant Randall Healing from the attack physically and mentally Dominic has no choice but to rely on his grudging host and his enigmatic assistantHidden away from humans for decades the last thing Gage wants is a werewolf bringing trouble to his doorstep Keeping Randall at arm’s length is problematic enough but allowing Dominic to stay seems like the safest option at least until Gage finds himself drawn to Dominic as much as he is to Randall Randall has his own reasons for driving Dominic into Gage’s arms It’s only a matter of time until Gage discovers the secrets Randall’s been keeping secrets that will surely destroy their fragile undefined relationship Still the pull of the powerful desire that binds them all leaves him wishing there was a way to keep them bothBut as the outside world encroaches on Gage’s sanctuary all those secrets are about to collide unleashing a dangerous tide of betrayal deception and love and all three men will have to re evaluate their priorities their relationships and who or what they are.


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  • 137 pages
  • Human Nature
  • Cat Kane
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  • 14 February 2014

10 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. Elisa Rolle says:

    Maybe it’s only my impression but I see a bit of the Beauty and the Beast in this story Randall is the faithful servant of Gage a strange man who lives in an isolated ranch Randall serves him in all his desires and when I say “all” I mean “all” It’s obvious that Randall is in love with Gage but Gage doesn’t want to allow himself to love Randall back since Randall is a mortal When Gage welcomed the then little child Randall in his life he didn’t know or better he didn’t expect that the man would become than a ward for him Gage is demon and he is used to loose everything he loved in life and so maybe he thinks that if he doesn’t love Randall then he will not loose him But it’s clear that Gage failed since even if he doesn’t admit it with himself he is already in love with the man When Randall takes home a “puppy” Gage knows that Randall has something else in mind Dominic the “puppy” is a young werewolf that was hunted almost to death near their property Randall convinces Gage to allow him to heal and nurture back to health the boy and then maybe give him a job on the ranch Gage is jealous even if he doesn’t want Randall’s love he not even wants for him to love someone else Yes it’s a bit egoistical from his side but no one ever said that love is something logical And so instead of trying to remove Dominic from Randall Gage decides to seduce the young werewolf I don’t think the real intention of Gage is to have a ménages among the three of them but it’s exactly what it happens Randall loves Gage but he knows that he can’t give him all he needs and so he introduces Dominic in the euation to have a substitute for himself; Gage loves Randall and he doesn’t want to loose him to Dominic and so he thinks if he bounds Dominic to him he will not loose Randall; Dominic loves both Gage and Randall for different reason and he is than happy to be in the middle of them after all wolves are pack animals The story is almost all concentrated in few days and spent all inside Gage’s ranch It’s nice but I wouldn’t have minded to have a little info on the background of both Randall than Dominic Also Randall and Gage’s life together before Dominic’s arrival would be an interesting topic for a preuel of this story

  2. Seregil says:

    It's a pretty interesting gay menage novel or MMM for those who use the abbreviationThe master of the secluded ranch in the middle of a forestis definitely not human and his loyal servant knows that but doesn't care because he can't help the sense of duty and love he feels towards the one who's been his protector and master since he was a baby The master is very detached and cold though up to the end I can't say I really understand why he felt sex with his servant was ok but kisses and affection weren't In comes a wounded werewolf who manages to stir things up and transform the cold master servant relationship into a hot threesome but making the stupid couple loosen up and admit what's in their heartsThe wolf was my favorite because he was just sooo right he was the character that finally does the rational thing and the one that know how to communicate instead of suffering in silent angst for yearsLiked it but not enough for a 4 star rating Worth buying if you feel like reading a hot shifter menage though

  3. Pranx says:

    I loved all three characters it pushed all my buttons Dominic pushed my lost buttons Randall well you just wanted to hug the guy and tell him to go for it and Gage what is there to say about Gage excepthe was hot he was dangerous and when he finally got past his own built walls he was smartThis is a very well written story that captures your interest from the get go and keeps it all through the actions of the characters Not once did i lost any interest in what i was reading I definitely think everyone interested in paranormal MMm should give this a read It is definately a treat for the senses

  4. Ashley E says:

    I liked this book than I though I would Sometimes ebooks disappoint me in that the romance feels rushed and the plot too short This one however felt just right At the beginning the world building confused me a bit but the characters drew me in uickly and I soon had it sorted out I love the way Dominic's guilelessness broke up the lonely static between Gage and Randall He was the perfect foil for these two stubborn idiots cough I mean heroes The plot was also surprisingly intense toward the end I got a bit emotional I'm definitely looking forward to reading from Cat Kane

  5. Cole Riann says:

    I'm only about 20% into this book which isn't enough to properly call DNF but I uickly lost interest after starting this book Gage is such a cold character and the other two are so submissive to him I have no idea in what direction this story goes and one day I hope to find out but this isn't what I'm currently in the mood for so this is temporarily shelved

  6. Tam says:

    Gage and his faithful human servant Randall live in the woods with a bevy of human employees One night they bring a werewolf to the house and while Gage a demon would like to kill it Randall convinces him to help him Gage then tasks Randall with getting rid of the staff and he ain’t talking pink slips Seems Randall has been with Gage since an infant and is totally in love with him but Gage stays very distant and while they do have sex he never kisses Randall decides that Dominic the wolf would be a good replacement for him as Gage will need someone to care for him but he’s also attracted to Dominic and they end up on the road to a threesome until Randall’s refusal to follow orders nearly gets them all killed Okay I wanted to kick Gage so many times He was a total arrogant asshole It was all about him HE didn’t want to be sad when Randall died so screw what Randall feels I also wanted to kick Randall for taking whatever freaking crumbs Gage decided to dole out But I loved Dominic who didn’t give a shit that Gage was a demon or rich or the boss and told him to pull his head out of his ass and not be so selfish Go D It took until nearly losing Randall and Dominic to hunters for Gage to do so but I finally started to like him at the end as he lightened up So it could have been really off putting but Dominic was like a breath of fresh air and kept it from moving into “I wish you’d both die you’re so annoying” territory

  7. Styles says:

    I presume you know what the book is about I'm letting you know what I liked or disliked about itMy first time reading Cat Kane I enjoyed Human Nature Dominic Gage Randall were excellent characters to become acuainted with the story took a much different turn than I expected from reading excerpts Surprises are goodThe dynamics of the relationships as impressions were made and feelings established were a pleasure to watch unfold I liked the level of intensity and all it's steaminess grrrr How I love a good wolf story Wolves are crazy hot and apparent there was still a certain creature I hadn't run into before that was just as hot if not so but I'd need to see much of Gage to know that for sure yum Just when you think you've seen them all someone comes along and describes a new demon to keep things interesting Love it

  8. Gwengwel says:

    Did not finish Stop at 31%Gage is an asshole borderline sociopath Randall is patheticDominic is dull Too much of thinking not enough of actionThe fact that Gage raised Randall that he is an position of authority against him and now has sex with him make me uncomfortable

  9. Natsroshan says:

    I'm putting this one down cause i really can't get into it

  10. Kyle Silverfox says:

    Best mm fiction I've ever read

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