Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1)

Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1)[Download] ➶ Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1) ✤ Carol Lynne – Bluevapours.co.uk Mortals call it Hell Lucifer calls it The City It’s a land of good and evil and Lu is the mayor He didn’t ask for the job but someone with some sense needs to keep order and after going against Ar Mortals call it Hell Lucifer calls it The City It’s a land of good and evil and Lu is the mayor He didn’t ask for the job but someone with some sense needs to keep order and after going against Archangel Law Lu knows he must pay the price Though his crime may have Hell Hath PDF or cost him his Heavenly home when trouble shows up in The City his brothers send Lu reinforcement in the guise of a good looking bodyguard named Dominic RamosUsed to having any man he wants Lu isn’t happy when his charms don’t immediately have the desired effect on Dominic He sets out to seduce the gorgeous man using every weapon in his arsenal When a night of unbridled passion culminates in a public coupling Lu’s feelings on random sex are forever changedWho says there aren’t Angels in Hell.

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  • ebook
  • 88 pages
  • Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1)
  • Carol Lynne
  • English
  • 11 August 2016
  • 9781607351139

10 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1)

  1. Betryal says:

    Wow This story put one hellova spin and twist on the whole Lucifer being the devil and ruler of Hell A story like this would be a better spin to what the bible teaches The mere idea that Lucifer or better known as Lu in this book the Almighty Sinner falls for Dominic who I think is supposed to be angelic is a really great lip licking lusting after storyEnjoyed in immensely Now I'd like to read Nick and Baz's story Please Carol I'm going to beg here

  2. Chad James says:

    A great start to a fantastic series by Carol Lynne Very well written and the words just flowed like fine wine Carol Lynne here's hoping for books in this series than just 4

  3. Raji says:

    Originally reviewed on my blogWhat would you do if you find out that the proverbial Hell isn't what was touted to be Lucifer or Lu as he likes to be called loves his City He knows that the reason he was banished from Heaven was legit He knows he is safe here because he gives people what they want and what they need with every kind of culinary pleasures carnal pleasures night clubs etc But when there is a threat to his life due to his past the Heaven sends a team of bodyguards to protect and find the would be killer Dominic Ramos is one of the guards sent out to guard Lucifer and he ain't happy about it But as soon as he enters Hell he realizes that all isn't what it appears to be Where are the fires of damnation Where are the hot oil and people screaming for mercy Where is the evil lord of Hell known as Lucifer All he sees are people who are mindful of the boundaries of The City people who are less violent because they have other means of expending their frustration and he sees a guy who is pardon the pun hotter than Hell He is a guardian of gates of Heaven but he is shocked to his core when he realizes his attraction towards Lucifer He saw that Lu loved this City that he built and he did provide for his people But most importantly what he saw was that Lu had to hide his real self to maintain that image Dominic realizes the toll it takes on the man to be seen in silk pajamas and a glass of scotch instead of his own fuzzy pajamas and a glass of strawberry milk It was a refreshing concept that the Hell is the limit that the man has put on himself when he was in his human form Lu is a fallen angel and he can't seem to run from the disgust that his name generates All through his life he has to see either fear or hate in his people's eyes but when Dominic arrives with his entourage he is shaken up Nobody has had the guts to stand up to him like Dominic has But it is obvious that the push and pull of attraction is going both ways I loved how the angels were humanized and had no holier than thou attitude pardon the pun The climax or the end of the book was a bit of a shock for me as I never expected that to happenBasically this was a fun and light read with some suspense and a generous amount of hot lovin' thrown in That makes this book a definite winner in my book

  4. Jaime says:

    What an interesting take on the whole heaven and hell scenario I rather like the idea that the only reason people end up in hell is because they think they belong there It sits better with me than that avenging judging God thing I grew up with and never really had much use forRight from the start this book sets out to be something just a little to the left of center and as far as the world building goes Ms Lynne has succeeded beautifully Everything presented is grounded in the mythologies we know and then slewed just enough to make things interestingAnd really can I just say how much I love the idea of the devil being a diehard bottomThere's to read at teh Dark Diva website

  5. Cole Riann says:

    Wickedly sexy This mood of this story reminds me a bit of the Soul Mates Series by Jourdan Lane which I love It is short and a relatively uncomplicated plot when it comes down to it In fact the Ambrosoios plotline turns out to be not uite as satisfying as it is set up to be in my opinion That didn't lesson my enjoyment of the book howeverThis is a light sexy and fun read I'll definitely continue reading the series

  6. Shannon says:

    This was a cute but not very involved story I loved loved loved Lu which upped it a star for me The sex was hot but had no tension or build up Interesting take on Heaven and Hell and the Archangels Pretty good start to a series I'm sure I'll continue

  7. Lisa says:

    Loved this storyI loved Lu With the wave of a hand he dresses undresses God forbid you see him in his fuzzy pj bottoms drinking strawberry milkAn interesting take on Hell and why Lu was banished from Heaven in the first placeI will certainly be carrying on with the series

  8. Pamela aka Scottieluvr says:

    MM Re Read ChallengeCarol Lynne is my favorite MM erotic romance writer; her many series leave me wanting Strong real characters and the story line is always enchanting plausible and detailed Lu and Dominic are really hot in this HeavenHell premise while the suspenseful under story makes this read enjoyable

  9. Jeff Erno says:

    Hell Hath No Fury by Carol Lynne is the story of fallen archangel Lucifer and his love interest Dominic Ramos Dominic is a guard keeper for the gates of Heaven who is sent by God to protect Lucifer when his bitter rival and archenemy Ambrosios escapes from prison and makes an appearance in “The City” threatening revenge upon Lucifer“The City” is the terminology that Lu uses when referencing his home known to mortals as “Hell” In this story hell is portrayed in a much different context than the traditional biblical fire and brimstone depiction Lu also is depicted in a much different light than what we generally think of when we consider the devilLu takes his job as city mayor very seriously and tries to maintain a public image as being a strict authoritative and selfish ruler who unapologetically engages in sexual debaucheries at his every whim When he meets Dominic for the first time he is taken aback when his advances upon this heavenly bodyguard seem to go unnoticedDom on the other hand is indeed attracted to Lucifer but he is a man of principle and remains committed to performing the job for which he was commissioned It isn’t long however until Dom does succumb to the seduction of the persuasive fallen angel The couple engages in a very sensual sex act in a very public place and from that point forward Dom begins to see Lu in a whole new light He begins to understand the heart of this former heavenly being He sees the true identity of this often misunderstood icon not merely as being the uncaring and evil dictator but rather as a compassionate principled being who secretly prefers to curl up at night with glass of strawberry milk in a warm pair of fleece pajamasI was immediately attracted to this author’s writing style Being that this was the first of her stories I’d ever read I was a bit surprised by the simplicity and unpretentiousness of her prose I particularly like the manner in which she writes dialogue and feel that she realistically captures the inflection and nuance conveyed in informal conversationI also felt that the character development was remarkable For such a short story she did an amazing job of including a believable and interesting arc for both central characters Initially my perception of Lu was that he was a playboy with an insatiable sexual appetite By the end of the story I perceived him as being a multi faceted character who was indeed very sexy but who also possessed intense emotions and principles I also genuinely fell in love with the heart of Lu’s love interest DomBeing that stories of a Domsub theme are my personal favorites I especially enjoyed this element within the story It was rather interesting that the Dom in the story was not Lucifer but instead the heavenly being Dominic It was sort of a bad boyangel romance with a twist My criticisms are minor one being that I didn’t particularly understand why the inhabitants of hell would fear death being that they all were already dead Perhaps “death” in this case is complete obliteration I also noticed a few minor editing issues Sometimes Lu was spelled “Lu” and sometimes “Lou” for example These minor issues did not detract from my overall opinion of the story I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading of this very talented authorFor those who are concerned about the religious or sacrilegious elements of the story I’d simply advise that you view this as a masterful work of fiction There is indeed a moral message within the story but I don’t view it particularly as being of a religious nature— so a matter of human nature Be careful how we judge one another because people are not necessarily who we think them to be Hell Hath No Fury is a fascinating read which I highly recommend

  10. Gisell says:

    I really love this book it's really good Loved all of the characters from this book Lu Nick Baz etcLu's a great character but I think it was too much hot time and no simple talks and well u know all the rest of things I didn't really like Dominic because Carol Lynne didn't really saydescribed much about himhis life in the book We'll see in the other books if she says Hope soBut still this book gave me so much feels I really loved the fact that Lu was so mad of the name that people gave him even when he wasn't the bad person that everyone thought he was And I was so worried when Lu went all alone to Old Town to see Ambrosios and left Dominic in The TempleI was like omg no is this the end of their love But no so I was really happy and mad at Baz Gabriel Michael not because of what they did but the way they did itBut anyway this book is really good and I recommend it to everyonePD Sorry if there is any wrong spelling english is not my native language

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