Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131)

Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131)[Reading] ➶ Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131) By John Ainsworth – The hive of the Vrill bears the scars of a terrifying cataclysm Only a handful remain alive, hatched after the holocaust of the mysterious Winterlack The Vrill seek a new Authority They find the Docto The hive of the Survival of ePUB ´ Vrill bears the scars of a terrifying cataclysm Only a handful remain alive, hatched after the holocaust of the mysterious Winterlack The Vrill seek a new Authority They find the Doctor, a twolegged creature who can lead them to survival He must solve the mystery of the Carrion beast that haunts the lower chambers He must face the Winterlack that still stalk the mountains And he must find a path that does not lead to extinctionPlus: Klein's StoryElizabeth Klein is an anomaly A renegade Doctor Who: Kindle - from an alternate future in which the Nazis won World War II, In an attempt to get to know his latest companion, the Doctor invites Klein to tell him how exactly she came to be in possession of his TARDIS and of the events that led to her trip into the past to Colditz Castle.

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Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest PDF × Survival of
  • Audio CD
  • Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131)
  • John Ainsworth
  • English
  • 12 March 2019
  • 9781844354344

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131)

  1. April Mccaffrey says:

    Few audios later and I’m loving Elizabeth Klein with the 7th Doctor. She’s a strong character who takes no shit. It’s also great to see her as the main protagonist who started out with extremely problematic views and both are just as devious and manipulative as the other.

  2. sabisteb aka callisto says:

    Nach dem Kenia Abenteuer bleibt dem Doctor nichts anderes übrig, als Dr. Klein zu seiner neuen Reisegefährtin zu machen, denn sie ist und bleibt eine Anomalie, die nur darauf wartet, eine Tardis in ihre Finger zu bekommen, um ihre Zeitlinie wieder herzustellen.
    Um sie Menschlichkeit zu lehren, ihr beizubringen, das Faschismus schlecht ist, nimmt der Doctor sie mit auf einen außerirdischen Planeten. Er landet in einem Vrill Nest. Die Vrill sind Insektoide, aber die Tardis übersetzt ja auch Sprachen, die über Duft funktionieren.
    Nur noch wenige der Vrill sind am Leben, weil ein oder die mysteriösen Winterlack sie angegriffen haben.
    Parallel dazu erfährt man in diesem Hörspiel auch Dr. Elizabeth Kleins Geschichte und Vergangenheit und was zu ihrer Reise nach Colditz Castle führte (was sich wohl auf eine frühere Episode bezieht).

    Dieses Hörspiel schließt nahtlos an Folge 130 an und endet mit einem Cliffhanger, der direkt zu 132 überführt. Folge 131 ist somit nicht in sich abgeschlossen, auch wenn das Abenteuer an sich in sich geschlossen ist.
    Die Botschaft ist ein wenig platt und vorhersehbar. Der Gutmensch Dr. Who will Dr. Klein bekehren, nachdem er eigentlich Schuld daran ist, dass ihre Zeitlinie zerstört wurde. Wie naiv muss man sein, dass ein Trip in ein Insektennest die Weltsicht verändert?

    Ein nettes, vorhersehbares, unterhaltsames Hörspiel mit top Sprechern vor allem wird der siebte Doctor auch von Sylvester McCoy, dem Schauspieler des siebten Doctors gesprochen. Warum Dr. Klein als Nazi und wohl als deutsche Muttersprachlerin keinen deutschen Akzent hat? Als wenn es nicht genug deutsch Sprecher für diese Rolle gegeben hätte. Einige der Sprecher scheinen zumindest echte Deutsche zu sein, oder bekommen des Akzent zumindest deutlich besser hin wie Paul McGann.
    Ich verstehe die Besessenheit der Engländer mit der Nazizeit einfach nicht.

    Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Tracey Childs (Elizabeth Klein), Rupert Wickham (Faber), Adrian Bower (Steffen), Hannah Smith (Rose), Evie Dawnay (Lilly), Mark Donovan (Jackson), Alex Mallinson (The Carrion), Paul McGann (Johann Schmidt)

  3. Chrissy says:

    I didn’t like this one quite as much as the last Klein audio, but it was entertaining enough. I did appreciate the addition of Klein’s backstory and how she came to be in this version of history. That was helpful.

  4. A room full of books~ :) says:

    (Rating only for Klein's Story.)

  5. Jamie Revell says:

    The second of three stories pairing the Seventh Doctor with Nazi scientist Elizabeth Klein is set on a distant planet in the far future. The Doctor and Klein arrive in the aftermath of a disaster, interacting with a particularly alien race. That the majority of the guest characters are giant insects inevitably invites comparisons with the early TV story The Web Planet, although, here, the absence of visuals probably helps.

    There are some great ideas in the story, particularly in the way that the insects communicate through scent, and how the TARDIS copes with translating that. There's also a great moment where Klein is delighted to discover that there are still fascists in the future, and that her ideology never entirely dies out. The struggle between the rigidly hierarchical alien society and the expansionist human colonists isn't quite as effective as the '50s colonialism of the previous story at highlighting Klein's philosophy, although the intent is clearly similar.

    For that matter, the story relies a little too much on just wandering around, and the mad insect that acts as the antagonist for the early sections does seem a little pointless. The cliffhanger ending is also one that's starting to feel a little over-used. Such weaknesses are, however, readily overshadowed by the first half-hour of the play, which consists of a flashback explaining Klein's past, and filling in some of the gaps in her first story, the 2001 Big Finish release Colditz. It's a great little alternate history tale, not just in the historical sense, but also in showing us an alternative version of the Eighth Doctor, following a regeneration that's strikingly reminiscent of that in the TV movie.

    Together with the presentation of the Vrill, that's enough to push this up to four stars.

  6. Aidan says:

    There are actually two stories that form this release - the middle part of a trilogy of Seventh Doctor adventures - and I feel quite differently about the pair.

    The first story is just a single episode in which Elizabeth Klein explains to the Seventh Doctor how she came to travel back in time from her alternative future and become involved in the events at Colditz castle. Her reasons for doing so had been strongly hinted at in that earlier adventure, yet I was glad to have them fleshed out here as it not only fleshes out Klein's history but also is quite an entertaining drama in and of itself and features a great guest performance from Paul McGann.

    The other three episodes form the bulk of the release - Survival of the Fittest - and while they have much more colorful setting, I found the story less interesting and at times very heavy-handed.

    The story is set on an insectoid world on the very brink of destruction and Clements does do a superb job of making that world seem fully-formed and very believable. As the narrative progresses however the story almost seems to try too hard to draw parallels between Klein's Nazi ideology and the events on the world, making the story feel forced and certainly lacking in subtlety.

    The uniqueness of the setting and a smashing cliffhanger ending did at least leave me engaged but of the stories within the Klein trilogy this is the one that I enjoyed least.

  7. Mel says:

    The first half of this, Klein's story, was very good. I particularly liked Klein and Paul McGann's doctor in the alternate timeline. All a bit confussing but still very interesting. Handsome in a gothic sort of way was a pretty great line. As was Klein saying she didn't like the redecorating.

    I did also like the second adventure. The Vrill were nice insectoid aliens. I did wonder how they'd manage to get Klein to turn around. But this was handled quite well.

  8. Debra Cook says:

    The Doctor takes Klein in his tardis and learns how Klein got a hold of the Tardis and ended up at Colditz. Afterward they end up on a planet that has insects that are being wiped out by humans for the gel they use to reproduce. Can the Doctor stop the genocide. Will Klein get a hold of the tardis to change the timeline? Find out.

  9. Christopher Buchanan says:

    A fantastic story. Complete with alternate timeline Doctors and insects talking with pheromones. A very well constructed story with Seven at his devious best and his reluctant companion Klein matching and even besting him at his own game. Very much enjoyed this.

  10. Silvia says:

    I only listened to Klein's Story.

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