Ice Water in Hell The City #2

Ice Water in Hell The City #2➽ [Reading] ➿ Ice Water in Hell The City #2 By Carol Lynne ➲ – When his ex lover moves to The City Basileios Baz Kostopoulos is torn He wants and still loves Nick but hurt over the past holds him back until a nightmare from long ago prompts him to reconcile with When his ex lover moves to in Hell PDF/EPUB Á The City Basileios Baz Kostopoulos is torn He wants and still loves Nick but hurt over the past holds him back until a nightmare from long ago prompts him to reconcile with his longtime love For centuries Baz tried to forget the day he and his lover Galen were murdered He thought he'd done a good job of moving on by meeting and falling in love with Nick but when his murderer shows himself Ice Water Kindle - Baz is swept back to the morning of his death The memories of his long buried love threaten to destroy the peace he's finally found in Nick's arms When Baz realizes his murderer is out to seek revenge by claiming not only Galen but Nick as well Baz is forced to come face to face with a past he never wants to relive.

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Ice Water in Hell The City #2 eBook Ò Water in Hell
  • ebook
  • 88 pages
  • Ice Water in Hell The City #2
  • Carol Lynne
  • English
  • 01 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Ice Water in Hell The City #2

  1. M& says:

    I feel really bad for Nick SOME SPOILERS BELOWHe just got back with his former lover BazHe just learned the real reason behind Baz's abrupt departure from Heaven and leaving him behindHe just found out that a very dangerous and evil being who harassed him Nick at the bar was Baz's fatherHe just learned of Baz's pastHe just learned of Baz's lost loveHe just for the first time got to see that lost loveHe just realized that if he wanted to stay with Baz he must welcome a third person a complete stranger into their relationship Considering that people in Hell live forever that's a hell of a commitment pun intended ALL OF THAT in a matter of sheer days and hours More like hours I am not happy for Nick Not at allBook had some other issues like feed the poor starving newly found child before going down on him for Chrissake but Nick was my major concern in this story1 starPS I read this book a few months back but forgot to post Just skimmed through it today to refresh my memory for the review

  2. Betryal says:

    I was gripped with the suspense of wanting? no need to know what would happen next OK so I thought the first story to this was mint but now this one? Booyah baby booyah ImpressiveI'm seriously hoping for another to this storyline I'm blown away by it Put it this was if it was real I'd be the first in line to enter Hell laughingAwesome story Carol Thumbs up all the way

  3. Ter says:

    OMG I have to say I very apprehensive at first to read this new series hell characters and all But what a surprise I loved it I can't wait till we have Cory's story less than a weekyeyGreat job Carol I should never have doubted youlol

  4. Katherine says:

    I read the first book a long time ok and it was ok I had to re read it before reading this one And now I'm wondering why I waited so long I really liked everything about this book I liked that the mmm relationship was believable And that even though these guys live in The City hellthey are basically good people And Bas was not at all what I expected but in a good way I will have to read the next book ASAP4stars

  5. ReviewerLarissa says:

    Well have to say this book was a surprise I was loathe to pick up a book with hell characters but it was an interesting read Loved the view on hell

  6. Dee says:

    its almost like a different author wrote these when compared to the cattle valley books

  7. Traci says:

    Another winner in this series This one involves Baz and Nick We find out that they were together in Heaven the story of their breakup We learn that everyone has a past and the reason for being in the City has nothing to do with being banished except for the old town but because the person has chosen to live there because they cannot deal with their mistakes regrets guilt and so on Nick and Dom open the Ice Water bar HaHa because Dom wants to stay in the City with Lu and Nick cannot seem to give up on his past with Baz This book deals with Baz and Nick dealing with what happened in their past so they can try and have a future It is difficult when Baz's father and past lover get thrown into the mix Other than the insta love with the menage that happens what do you expect in a novella has to happen uick the story takes some interesting twists and turns The book sets up for the next one with Cory and Tao Lu is his normal funny self and we see some of Draco whom I have learned to love

  8. Nile Princess says:

    I was looking forward to Baz and Nick's story and Carol outdid herself Love the twists with Lysander Draco and Galen and I was especially appreciative of the revelation of the 'real' reason Baz left Nick behind in heaven Menages are not always written as 'eual across all parties' but it is here and that's a definite plus Nick's acceptance of Galen is well done as is the resurgence of Baz's feelings for Galen Thanks to another review I will be on the lookout for DracoMichael's story but immediately I'm interested in TaoCory New readers to this series would do well to read Book 1 to acclimate themselves to the verse and introduce themselves to Nick and Baz Ice Water in Hell is well written Lucifer is always entertaining and I love that Carol continues to push the boundaries of what is written about him If you're willing to step outside your box and take a walk through hell The City you might be pleasantly surprised A

  9. Raevyn says:

    I love the world Carol Lynne has created with this series Lucifer is a small twinkish man and rules over The City and his best friend is Baz Baz was a Spartan in life and in one night lost his own life and well as the man he loved Galen He is terrified to love again which is why he leaves his second love NickThis is the story of Baz realizing his love and finding a way to mend his heart It's also about the three of them Galen Baz and Nick finding love again A great world a great story and would have been 5 stars if it were longerOh and the cover is really hot but I don't think it portrays the characters very well

  10. T.T. Kove says:

    I'm really liking this series but there's to much focus on sex which makes me give it a four instead of five because I skip all the sex scenes which makes over half of the bookI'd like to see less sex and action taking place without them getting aroused or groping or fucking all the time But besides all the sex this is a really good series

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