Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race[PDF / Epub] ☆ Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race By Jon Stewart – The eagerly awaited new book from the Emmy winning Oscar hosting Daily Show anchoring Jon Stewart the man behind the megaseller America The Book Where do we come from Who created us Why are we here Th The eagerly awaited new book from the Emmy Visitor's Guide MOBI ó winning Oscar hosting Daily Show anchoring Jon Stewart the man behind the megaseller America The Book Where do we come from Who created us Why are we here These uestions have puzzled us since the dawn of time but when it became apparent to Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show that the world was about to end they embarked on a massive mission to write a book that summed up the human race What we looked like; what we Earth A Epub / accomplished; our achievements in society government religion science and culture all in a tome of approximately pages with lots of color photos graphs and charts After two weeks of hard work they had their book EARTH The Book is the definitive guide to our species With their trademark wit irreverence and intelligence Stewart and his team will posthumously answer all of life's most hard hitting uestions completely unburdened by objectivity journalistic integrity or even accuracy Also available as an ebook and as an audiobook.

See authors with similar names here Stewart started Visitor's Guide MOBI ó as a stand up comedian but later branched out to television hosting Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central He went on to host his own show on MTV called The Jon Stewart Show and then hosted another show on MTV called You Wrote It You Watch ItStewart became the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central in early He is also a writer and co producer of the show After Stewart joined The Daily Show steadily gained popularity and Earth A Epub / critical acclaim leading to his first Emmy Award in Stewart himself has also gained significant notoriety as a vocal outspoken critic of the Bush administration and of personality driven media shows in particular Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News Channel Critics say Stewart benefits from a double standard he critiues other news shows from the safe removed position of his mock news desk However the validity of this distinction is challenged by a number of critics researchers and even supporters some of whom have awarded The Daily Show with news A Visitor's Guide Epub à and journalism awardsStewart co wrote America The Book which was one of the top fifteen best sellers in the US in Stewart hosted the th Academy Awards and the th Academy Awards.

Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race PDF ß
  • Hardcover
  • 246 pages
  • Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race
  • Jon Stewart
  • English
  • 10 December 2016
  • 9780446579223

10 thoughts on “Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

  1. Barbara says:

    Jon Stewart the primary editor of this book is an American comedian writer director producer actor and political commentator He was host of 'The Daily Show' from 1999 to 2015Jon StewartI listened to the audiobook version of this narrative which is a tongue in cheek guide for aliens that visit the Earth after humans are extinctThe book is written by Jon Stewart Rory Albanese Kevin Bleyer Rich Bloomuist Steve Bodow Tim Carvell Wyatt Cenac and Hallie Haglund The audio version is narrated by Jon Stewart Sigourney Weaver Samantha Bee Wyatt Cenac Jason Jones and John Oliver The narrative briefly covers the planet Earth the Solar System and everything related to humankind including our life cycle society commerce religion science and culture The chapters are uneven with laugh out loud sections and dry sections but the book is worth reading for the novelty if nothing else The premise is that humans have 'sucked the Earth dry' and caused their own extinction People who saw this coming had the option of sending their DNA via a plucked hair to one of two collection facilities the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway which preserves agricultural seeds or Trementina Base in New Mexico which preserves Scientology writings and films Svalbard Global Seed VaultTrementina BaseThe stored DNA would provide a chance of being resurrected by the aliens if and when they arrive I'll give examples of some observations in the book to give a feel for the content and humor As an introduction the authors describe the geology geography and history of the planetand the shift from thinking we're the center of the solar system geocentrism 'egocentrism' to accepting that we orbit the sun heliocentrism The book then goes on to describe the planets throwing a bit of shade on realtors by calling Mercury solar adjacent If the Earth's history is sueezed into 24 hours man has been present for the last minute Thus at 1159 PM In strolls the most incredible creature anyone's every seenmoves in redecorates the joint and eats half the guests before the ball drops College is where our brightest 18 to 21 year olds are hotbeds of experimentation educational chemical sexual and most annoyingly political After four years of living in this fake world you were considered prepared to live in the real one This experience would cost your parents or you 200000 unless you were good at throwing an orange ball into a round hoop in which case it was freeWe were social creatures who functioned best living in groups called a society Nomadic tribes were ones step up from a single family bound by bloodlines or a shared appreciation for Jerry Garcia “Pigmentation was a uick and convenient way of judging a person One of us Dr Martin Luther King Jr once proposed we instead judge people by the content of their character He was shotThe mechanism by which people ruled was called an election This was a series of discrete events encompassing nominations rallies and backroom deals that completely dominated the news of the dayunless someone famous got married divorced or died There was no commercial principal elementary than that it was good to sell a thing for money than you bought it for Doing so produced a profit that meant you were incredibly smart Failure to do so produced a loss which meant your broker was an idiotDescription of work That which we didn't want to do but had to if we didn't want to eat dirt Explanation of religion Awareness led us to the realization that we die The fear of death and the terrible uncertainty of existence led early man to seek comfort or at least assurance in the supernatural who created us How does the sun travel through the sky? Why does it burn when I urinate? Because you have dick anthraxScientists were the most esteemed members of civilization The only people renowned than scientists were actors musicians athletes politicians game show hosts heiresses religious leaders cartoonists plumbers serial killers celebrity chefs and women who looked good in swimsuitsThroughout the remains of the developed world you'll find facilities filled with what appear to be torture devices These were gymsThe book is interspersed with FAs Future Alien uestions such as Why are there so many buildings that say Trump? Was it better to be a man or a woman?Did humans ever discover the wormholes that make interstellar travel uick and easy? SAY WHAT? I expected the book to be clever and entertaining and it was But only mildly Still the audiobook is a pleasant way to wile away a few hours while driving running errands doing the laundry etc You can follow my reviews at

  2. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** says:

    3 Stars Listened to the Audiobook This had its funny moments especially the FA's Future Alien uestions and Jon Stewart's dry and snarky delivery is spot on but all of that was overshadowed by the awkward way this book was put together It's just a bunch of short chapters briefly discussing various topics There's no particular order things are presented and I felt like we were just bouncing along from topic to topic without any sense of direction

  3. Riku Sayuj says:

    Moderately funny mostly a disappointment Tongue in cheek? Yes Very Original? No Most jokes were cliches and the aliens would have slept off on reading this drab work and gotten all the wrong impressions about the literary talents of this planet

  4. Lisa Vegan says:

    The premise is that this book is written for aliens who might come to earth and act as archaeologists exploring earth and what’s left of its previous inhabitants previous because homo sapiens no longer exist Funny stuff Pokes fun at everyone and everythingLaughing smiling groaning averting eyes glued to the page parody and satire that is crass at times and almost always brilliantPeriodic Table of the Synthetic and way too much else to share If you enjoy black dark out there and silly humor and don’t mind sometimes vulgar humor and appreciate Jon Stewart’sThe Daily Show’s type of humor this book is worth reading There are many really wonderful photographs and also some forms etc that are funny andor informative The photospicturesforms work with the text; they wouldn’t work anywhere near as well without the otherThere is much 5 star worthy content but the material is uneven and there is enough sub par not so funny inclusions that can’t uite give it 5 stars even though I liked it better than America The Book A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction and many parts were as funny as The Daily Show and Jon Stewart and I think he’s incredibly bright and often hilarious It’s actually difficult for me to not give it 5 stars because there is probably enough material to make up a book that I would rate 5 stars but then there’s the 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 star stuff not a lot of the 2 and 1 but it’s thereI did thoroughly enjoy reading this though For me 4 ½ stars

  5. Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    I have a mad crush on Jon Stewart I don't think there has been than one or two things that I have disagreed with him on and I laugh hysterically when I watch the Daily Show I loved America The Book A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction so I am very disappointed that this one fell flat I actually found it tedious perhaps because everything is in the form of captions and jumping around gets tiring after awhile I'm afraid this turned out to be as exciting as I Am America another HUGE disappointment which was slightly less funny than Helter Skelter or Hamlet

  6. Miranda Reads says:

    Almost parallel to Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything though favoring uite a bit of the facts for humorous moments this novel was thoroughly enjoyable Audiobook CommentsJon Stewart read his own audiobook and rocked itYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  7. Rebecca says:

    While on the surface this audiobook might seem like 3 hours of good laughs it did win a Grammy for “Best Spoken Word Album” There is lots of great sarcasm and irony here but there is also a deeper commentary on humans as a species that actually made me stop and think for awhile For example Stewart points out that we are the only animals that are actually aware of our own mortality and yet don’t deal with the knowledge very well I love this exchange from the end of the “The Life Cycle” chapter under FAs—“Future Alien uestions” How did humans cope with the finality of death—the knowledge that one day they and all their accumulated knowledge and experiences would be lost from the earth?A We tried not to think about it Seriously though—that must’ve been hard not to think about One day you’re there and the next—pfft You’re goneA Can we talk about something else? But given that knowledge how did you justify wasting your time on unimportant things when every minute brought you that much closer to—A Hey look Another chapter

  8. Angel says:

    I wanted to like this book since I do enjoy The Daily Show However the book just left me with a lukewarm feeling It was not bad; it just was not that good Sure it had humorous moments here and there and I think the premise of a handbook for aliens visiting Earth was pretty good But a lot of the humor seems pushed like trying a bit too hard This is definitely a book to skip around and browse not one to read cover to cover Just find your favorite parts and enjoy skip the rest Another reason I was disappointed is because I liked AmericaThe Book which I reviewed here too This just did not live up to that So read it if you are a real fan of the show or if you feel a need to keep up after reading the other one This is one to borrow not buy

  9. Kristina says:

    This book really is the Visitor's Guide to the Human Race With its large colorful pictures and graphics and chapter headings Earth Religion Science Culture someone not familiar with Jon Stewart or aliens from another galaxy could be forgiven for thinking this is an abridged encyclopedia Of course that is also the problem with this book it's basically an encyclopedia with snarky jokes After a while it's exhausting Jon Stewart and his writing staff present this book as a guide to aliens visiting Earth for the first time All life on Earth at least all human life is extinct We probably killed ourselves off due to our own folly I'm betting on that rather than a Star Trek like future However we disappeared we are now extinct and so this book is a guide to human culture Along with the surprisingly detailed information the authors also supplied sarcasm and tons of jokes jokes that probably the alien readers would not understand This is not a book to read straight through It's of a pick up and browse book due to the immense uantities of information and humorous commentary based on that information You obviously I hope it's obvious wouldn't use this book as an actual information source; it's of a humorous interpretation of a topic The humor of this book is very similar to the format of The Daily Show in order to recognize the humor you have to be familiar withhave knowledge of the topic In the Religion chapter there is a section about Islam Under a picture of President Obama taking the oath of office there is this caption Islam's political power skyrocketed after a practicing secret Muslim was elected President of the United States 154 Ha If you're a fan of Jon Stewart and miss him this is a fun book to browse I'll keep it to cheer me up after watching yet another news story about the current president and his abhorrent tweets

  10. Liza Gilbert says:

    This was a fantastic book on several levels First the layout and design is stunning Earth reminded me of the DK Eyewitness books for kids There are gorgeous photos and images that draw the reader in and sometime during the ogling of the images the reader finds himherself reading all the textSecond the humor is spot on Even what might be considered crude humor has layers to it and it seems that Stewart and The Daily Show never made a joke just for the sake of the joke However there are several lines that are crossed in this book and considering that America The Book was eventually challenged and banned I can pretty much guarantee that this one will be as well if it hasn't been alreadyThat said the nudity in several places and multiple centerfolds does not seem gratuitous Stewart has points he wants to make mostly ecological and political and a lot of the hot topic sections merely act as clever coversThird a reader can actually learn things from this book Stewart et al must have done considerable research for this book But you need to be smart enough to know what is actual truth and what is Stewart snarkI found this to be much engaging than America The Book and I look forward to whatever Stewart chooses to tackle next

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