Illusion of Night

Illusion of Night❄ [EPUB] ✼ Illusion of Night By C.J. Black ➝ – A spectral war has torn the veils that separate life and death into pieces Beings of the darkness slip through these rifts as armies of man wage a losing battle against the corporeal invadersDane Tand A spectral war has torn the veils that separate life and death into pieces Beings of the darkness slip through these rifts as armies of man wage a losing battle against the corporeal invadersDane Tanderes was once a mortal man condemned to an unjust death cursed to live as a fiend until such time as the gods decree him worthy of forgiveness Now Illusion of PDF/EPUB ² that he has escaped back to the world of the living he is determined to never again live in darkness Dane is instrumental in the war against those he once called brethren fighting to give his people a chance return to the lightVanlyn Sarn is the second son of a cruel lord He lives a life of one of misery and degradation despised by his brother and father for reasons known only to them He is tasked by his father to journey deep into enemy territory and escort troops to aid in the fighting However Vanlyn knows the true nature of this mission He is not expected to returnWhen Dane takes Vanlyn prisoner he plans to use the young prince as a pawn to seduce Vanlyn into betraying his kingdom and his people But passion ignites red hot and Dane is torn between his burgeoning feelings for the young prince and doing what his honor demands Which decision will lead him to what he desires most.


Illusion of Night ePUB ã Illusion of  PDF/EPUB ²
  • ebook
  • 268 pages
  • Illusion of Night
  • C.J. Black
  • English
  • 17 January 2016
  • 9781595787248

10 thoughts on “Illusion of Night

  1. Betryal says:

    There are pros there are the cons of this story and I’ll try to touch on each one The overall outlook of the book I enjoyed Great plot but the abundance and over much description could have been less and would have made the store if you get my drift The book was stop and go for me Where I usually get through a story this size in I fraction at about 2 days it took me a full week I did pick up on a few editing issues that were missed but whomever edited this story didn’t do it justice in that department and could have looked it over again Sad for the author who puts their all into a book shrugs I’m anal so deal with it I can overlook one but when said one goes from that to a five and up to a ten then it becomes a nuisance when they are unsurpassableIt starts off as being a strong read with plenty to hold your interest and at some point which I’m still contemplating it dwindled off to being so so on my interest level I’m going to garner is was about the some time after Dane had kidnapped Vanlyn and when Van got comfortable in his surroundings it lulled off to a trickle What commenced as a seduction turned into a long strung out vacation in a sense and what started to appear as just another loving couple that from time to time came with various everyday issues The two settled into being a cozy couple and battling whatever came their way Into the last 40 pages or so the action picks up to non failing ending If you see the story on a different level so be it I’m curious to know others thoughts Now it goes to just cause in saying that and to admit that the characters are savory and enjoyable the sex scenes are hot with the added Ds thrown in the mix which if you get your rocks off on some bondage you’re good to go here I even applaud the new types of beings in this story like the fiends and those bogies that work for Dane Very creative Vanlyn is fearful but as the time goes by his bravery picks up Depending on who and what he’s confronted with Dane the ever fearsome fiend goes to show that he really is human after all and has human traits than his demon persona by being sensitive loving and caring towards Vanlyn Another part I applaud I notice there to be references in the story that thought me to believe that the principal era of the story took place many eons ago but as you read along you’ll notice where some instances are relating to what we’d only see in present day The boggled me a little and my confusion conflicted These are the facts and only the facts folks I do believe readers would like it apart from the little tiffs I’ve discovered and the material is uite a pleasurable story In all honesty I found the animals critters and insects the most amusing in their contribution to this book They are very humorously entertaining From the getgo this book rated as a 25 star but I’m going to give it one extra star for the book cover which is exemplary impressive 35 is the final rating

  2. Kassa says:

    Illusion of Night has some great moments and a lovely cover but I struggled to keep my attention in the story and freuently wandered away In fact I often did things just to keep from reading since I would get bored too uickly about half way through the story It does pick up towards the end and the idea itself has some great ingenuity but it’s also plagued with issues The plot is your basic humans versus demons in an age old struggle for power land and dominance Dane is the leader of a small island but he also happens to be a fiend After an act of extraordinary stupidity and selfishness Dane has been reborn as a fiend from hell He retains his inherent goodness though and works hard so that his people and land prosper Of course another lord of the realm has decided to attack the fiends for glory and power Dane is trying to keep his people out of it and devises a plan to seduce and betray the lord’s youngest son to shame the lord into giving up his war Predictably Dane falls in love with the son and can’t go through with his plan That doesn’t stop the war mongering lord though The plot is actually pretty complicated and the world building even so Some of the world building is truly inspired and uniue The fiends and humans both are given complexity Some of each side are predictably cardboard evil with cruelty in every pore while others offer eually empty goodness and shinning light Then there are those humans and fiends that are not fully good but not totally evil either They’re simply filled with strengths and weaknesses flaws and virtues This is where the most interesting characters always lie The boogies are wonderful and a great inventive touch to the story The demons from hell are nicely depicted and offer a mythology that is complex than the simple minions of Satan Both of these details show the author’s creativity and cleverness These sorts of concepts kept pulling me back into the story The world building has some problems though It’s high fantasy but never uite manages to stay there There is the historical feeling with titles and pomp and circumstance associated with high fantasy Yet there are numerous touches that bring the story into a much modern age The writing seems to flip between the two arbitrarily which throws off the pace and tone of the story It’s disconcerting to find modern details in the historical setting which combined with numerous editing mistakes make the story sometimes awkward to read Additionally the actual focus of the book seems to drift freuently There is a very strong beginning 100 pages or so where the characters are introduced and basic plot set up Here Dane meets and later kidnaps Vanlyn and there is a pushpull dynamic between the two They have an immediate connection yet Vanlyn is a prisoner and wants to go home Here the story definitely begins to drag and slow uite a bit Vanlyn spends a lot of time homesick and wishing he could return home Yet his father and brother have abused and belittled him for years heaping humiliation after humiliation on him So Vanlyn’s musings start to feel like immature whining Vanlyn continues his whining until he falls in love with Dane and the story continues with the two having sex often while hanging about Dane’s house as he works Not much happens and this is supposed to progress the romantic relationship but my attention wandered freuently The BDSM relationship feels weird to me as well Vanlyn supposedly submits to Dane which is all well and good The sex scenes are pretty hot with only a bare minimum of Ds so it keeps things interesting which I needed Unfortunately this thread feels totally lost as Vanlyn gains confidence and power The later parts of the story get moving with action and no sex so that’s to be expected but the underlying theme of Ds which is always present at Dane’s home is suddenly missing entirely The complete lack is what threw me off Not to mention the story feels like it ends unfinished There is some wrapping up but a lot of issues still to be resolved by the end Overall this is an ok story 25 to 3 stars for me but I struggled to keep reading it There are enough clever moments to keep me reading but this is not a story I’d read again I’d probably give the author another try if there is a seuel or a non fantasy novel

  3. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    011813 Revised rating after a couple of years of reading mm from 4 to 3I'm very conflicted about this book I wasn't impressed for a long stretch and finally when the two characters found themselves in danger and in need to fight to help their people they really came to life and with them the world in which they were inI didn't uite like Dane and Vanlyn In books where sex is used as a mean to achieve a goal disregarding the feelings of the man who is seduced I usually take sides with the weaker man but inside I'm drawn to the stronger man Here nothing of this happened to me I really disliked Dane because he often criticized behaviors that were his with regards of his relationship with Vanlyn He achieved his goal with Vanlyn and it was clear that it was a bittersweet victory but I couldn't see his torn soul the real regret of what he did On the other hand Vanlyn surrendered but his resistance didn't feel real Now I'm probably contradicting myself but even if there is a clear attraction between the two so there was a reason for Vanlyn to give himself to Dane he didn't do it with all his self respect intact So what am I trying to say That in the first half of the book the two main characters in my opinion weren't strong enoughThe third uarter of the book was a bit weak in my opinion The love words were spoken but I had to wonder when it happened that the two fell in love They told that they were in love but there wasn't really something that conveyed their words I also felt that all the dream weaving wasn't really interesting It created a few flashbacks that explained the past but it was as if things were told again and again The author decided to introduce the readers slowly to the characters' past unveiling it layer by layer but it didn't flow very smoothly with the rest of the book It was like all the action had to stop to allow the recollection and then it went forward again And the two became too emotional and I thought they were both tougher than thatThe last uarter of the book was magnificent All the world of magic really came to life Vanlyn got hold of his powers and I was enthralled by his interaction with the animals In the end Vanlyn proved to be worthy of his rank as a prince and I was very happy with this because he really seemed too flat at the beginning I don't think Dane was as good maybe because he also took a few dumb decisions he didn't consult with anyone and he took decisions for Vanlyn disrespecting him in a wayI think the world building was great and I especially liked the bogies these loyal and helpful creatures perfectly balanced between the earthly world and the other world There were a few editing issues I think the book could benefit from a thorough proofreadingDespite these defects it is often the last impression that decides my rating therefore it's four stars for me

  4. Still Reading says:

    I'm a bit of a sucker for the MM fantasy and sci fi genre so I started this book with only a very little trepidation Alas What I found was a plot full of potential with characters that I was interested in learning about although I admit they're a bit trope y and a world that was interesting but it was all weighed down and overshadowed by the absolute worst grammar editing I've seen so far in a published book Grammar errors comma splices and awkward sentence structure gaaahhh I've been a professional editor so I kept getting side tracked from the story to make little corrections in my head I kept thinking Did I buy the wrong edition or something Until they a better edited version I really can't recommend this

  5. MsMiz (Tina) says:

    I am still deciding what to rate this it goes back and forth between a 3 and a 4 I liked it wanted to really like it think I really liked it and then think why How is that for a review

  6. Mandi says:

    4 45 stars It was tough for me to get into this but once I did I couldn't stop reading Ending up loving both characters though I didn't really like either at first and the world building was good I loved the idea of humans and fiends

  7. Staceyr says:

    Wow a fantastic read

  8. Elisa Rolle says:

    2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

  9. Fencer_x says:

    I had to make a new shelf for this book not going to finish I'm 43% done in page numbers and 500% done in ability to stomach of this bookNow I can handle some skeevy content I usually stay away from A becomes a concubinebed slave for B and romance blooms between them but some of my absolute favorite books involve one of the characters being a war prize or kidnapped for reasons XYZ and coming to not only respect their captorhis position but love them and find a way out of the messSo that's what I was hoping for hereInstead I got HORRIBLY done Stockholm syndrome whiplash from how often the characters jump back and forth to EXTREMES about how they feel about each other liberal molestation and rape which I guess must be okay because the victim got off physical abuse coupled with sickening endearments like Love and The single star is for the half decent ability to write I had some complaints but I've read far worse which was only undermined really by a poor editing job and for the setup itself and the 'fiend' creature concept You'd be hard pressed to pay me to finish this book; it couldn't figure out what it wanted to be and it's one of the few purchases I genuinely regret now

  10. Jimmy Hanson says:

    35 starsThe first words that pop into my mind on finishing this novel was omgLONG The story was well done yes the plot legitimate the characters mostly 3 dimensional and the different creatures uniue and interesting The methods Dane uses in order to seduce Vanlyn are uniue and really very engaging But shortly after the half way mark I started losing interest It picked back up uickly but then just seemed to drone on and on and on Many of the actions and scenes could have been left out they really didn't have much point and a lot of the talking and planning just seemed to waste even reading time By near the end I was skimming to pick up the essence of the action in order to finish the book not reading every single word or even every paragraphStill it was a good novel and well worth reading I just don't think I'll be coming back to it any time soon

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