A Suitable Boy

      A Suitable Boy
A student, a shoemaker, a poet three suitors fight for Lata Meanwhile India, newly independent, is struggling through a time of great turmoil as the agony of partition still throbs in people s minds driving a wedge through friendships, families and political unions. Best Download Books A Suitable Boy author Vikram Seth – bluevapours.co.uk

Vikram Seth is an Indian poet, novelist, travel writer, librettist, children s writer, biographer and memoirist During the course of his doctorate studies at Stanford, he did his field work in China and translated Hindi and Chinese poetry into English He returned to Delhi via Xinjiang and Tibet which led to a travel narrative From Heaven Lake Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet 1983 which won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award The Golden Gate A Novel in Verse 1986 was his first novel describing the experiences of a group of friends who live in California A Suitable Boy 1993 , an epic of Indian life set in the 1950s, got him the WH Smith Literary Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize His poetry includes The Humble Administrator s Garden 1985 and All You Who Sleep Tonight 1990 His Beastly Tales from Here and There 1992 is children s book consisting of ten stories in verse about animals.In 2005, he published Two Lives, a family memoir written at the suggestion of his mother, which focuses on the lives of his great uncle Shanti Behari Seth and German Jewish great aunt Henny Caro who met in Berlin in the early 1930s while Shanti was a student there and with whom Seth stayed extensively on going to England at age 17 for school As with From Heaven Lake, Two Lives contains much autobiography.An unusually forthcoming writer whose published material is replete with un or thinly disguised details as to the personal lives of himself and his intimates related in a highly engaging narrative voice, Seth has said that he is somewhat perplexed that his readers often in consequence presume to an unwelcome degree of personal familiarity with him.

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      A Suitable Boy
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  • Paperback
  • 622 pages
  • A Suitable Boy
  • Vikram Seth
  • English
  • 14 July 2018
  • 1857993586

10 thoughts on “ A Suitable Boy

  1. Madeline says:

    October 2019 Hi, everyone It occurred to me that Vikram Seth might be waiting for me to get a tenure track job before he publishes A Suitable Girl I m not on the market this year, so it will be a bit of a wait Sorry June 2018 Well, I finished my thing, so the book s...

  2. Vowelor Books says:

    CANT WAIT FOR THIS A Suitable Girl by Vikram Seth is the sequel to the bestselling novel A Suitable Boy This book is Vikram Seth s most awaited novel which got delayed due to Vikram s personal issues.FINALLY, This 800 page novel now has a release date of 14 Jun 2018.

  3. Siddhi Goyal says:

    A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth is one of those books which pleasantly surprised me I was a little apprehensive while picking this one up over one thousand pages and mostly on marriage I wasn t sure I will end up enjoying it to the core so much so that there would be a point when I would not want the book to end This book has an uncanny q...

  4. Laura says:

    3 A Suitable Boy A Suitable Boy, 1 3 An Equal MusicTR A Suitable Girl A Suitable Boy, 2 TR Two Lives

  5. Maqsood Qureshi says:

    I ve always strongly believed in the possibility of Soul Mates but A Suitable Girl invokes the die hard, hardcore skeptic in me I mug up my Skeptical Manisfesto all over again But this sequel is from our Avant Gardist Vikram Seth so it s I dunno He has a magic wand and notoriously and dubiously credited for coining and minting the word miracle itself by none other than our diurnal, night owls Literary activists of our vibrant Social Media I gave em my own handle Lurkers Always in I ve always strongl...

  6. Saurabh says:


  7. Martin Fuller says:

    one of the best books I have read storytelling that draws a foreigner into.tbe cusp of Indian culture, life, family and everyday life..

  8. Tracey Fraser says:

    One of my all time favourite books Love it Highly recommend.

  9. Christine says:

    The sage continues It s like a soap opera, but better and not as stupid.

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