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Small Favor❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Small Favor Author Jim Butcher – THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden's life finally seems to be calming down until a shadow from the past returns Mab monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor from Harry one small THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden's life finally seems to be calming down until a shadow from the past returns Mab monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor from Harry one Small Favor that will trap him between a nightmarish foe and an eually deadly ally and that will strain his skills and loyalties to their very limits.

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files the Codex Alera and a new steampunk series the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago and he plays guitar uite badly An avid gamer he plays tabletop games in varying systems a variety of video games on PC and console and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resi.

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  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • Small Favor
  • Jim Butcher
  • English
  • 15 January 2014
  • 9780451461896

10 thoughts on “Small Favor

  1. Petrik says:

    For better or worse Small Favor is a fully action packed packed—have I mentioned packed?—volumeTo the longtime fans of the series here’s a brief reminder that Peace talks the long awaited seuel in The Dresden Files series is out now As for me I’m still slowly catching up I actually wish I can prolong my speed but it seems likely that by October or November I’ll be fully caught up with the series “Punctuality is for people with nothing better to do” Just when he thought his life is looking up everything seems to be at peace but then the past visits Mab the ueen of Air and Darkness calls in an old favor from Harry Dresden and immediately all hell breaks loose There’s a lot going on here; Were goats the Archive the Knights of the Cross Marcone Mab and last but not least Nicodemus and the Denarians Suffice to say the life for Harry and his friends are imperiled once again Small Favor the tenth volume in the series is an installment full of actions If you’ve been following my reviews you know how much I enjoyed reading The Dresden Files but at the same time you’re also probably sick of me criticizing the pacing of its action scenes in some volumes Unfortunately this novel by far the most action packed volume of the series so far There was almost no room for breathing and this was especially true in the middle section of the book and I have to say that it did bore me a bit “Think of every fairy tale villainess you've ever heard of Think of the wicked witches the evil ueens the mad enchantresses Think of the alluring sirens the hungry ogresses the savage she beasts Think of them and remember that somewhere sometime they've all been realMab gave them lessons” With this series I definitely prefer when there are breaks and room for breathing rather than continuous actions Butcher has an engaging and straightforward writing style and the formulaic storytelling structure does make long action seuences boring because most of the time we’ll know the result of the battles already I love The Dresden Files when the actions are spread out; as I said the best part of The Dresden Files is when Butcher focusses the narrative on Harry and the development of his relationships with the important people in his life; that’s what Butcher did in the second half of Small Favor and it worked really well for me “Caring about someone isn't complicated It isn't easy But it isn't complicated either Kinda like lifting the engine block out of a car” We’re halfway through July now and honestly I’ve been having a rut of a reading month So far I’ve had two DNF and the last three books I managed to finish were either disappointing or just okay As a matter of fact the last book that I enjoyed thoroughly was the previous installment to Small Favor White Night Small Favor brings back old enemies while developing the characterizations of the cast of characters further with engaging dialogues and cool action scenes I’m pleased to once again add another book in The Dresden Files to the list of great books I read this month “You rush a miracle worker you get lousy miracles” Picture Small Favor by Vincent ChongYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shippingYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Alya Annabeth Devin Hamad Jimmy Nutts Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas Zoe

  2. Paul O& says:

    Hell’s bells this series just keeps on getting better and betterDuring a blizzard in Chicago yellow page advertising wizard Harry Dresden is summoned by the ueen of Winter Mab who calls in a favour she is owed The Denarians are back and they are the main foes in this story The book also features Gruffs as in the brothers Gruff referred to by Harry as “were goats” the Archive Marcone and the Knights of the cross This book is one of the deeper books in the series It asks some uestions about right and wrong I was welling up when Harry starts shouting at God in the churchFormatBook format Audiobook narrated by James MarstersLength 13hrs 46minsDifficulty EasyPOV characters One – Harry DresdenPerson FirstChronology LinearButcher’s writing makes the book easy to digest and the fact that it’s told through Harry’s point of view makes it really easy to follow CharactersButcher has created a bunch of characters that I’ve grown very fond of They have all developed through the course of the series and I love the fact that there isn’t a reset at the end of these books The characters and the world is always different which gives each book a sense of purpose and they all add to the larger storyline Dresden’s abilities are really growing and he always learns something new In book one his magic is still being worked on but they are almost epic here at book ten Dresden has to be one of the coolest and yet most human characters out there WritingThe writing does its job it takes you through the action explains the magic and the world very clearly and transports you from A to B Its very humorous there are tonnes of laugh out loud moments that fans of the series have come to expect Likeith thou jelly within thy donut? Sanity invited shame over for tea and biscuits You rush a miracle worker you get lousy miracles We’re ostriches and the whole world is sandFinal thought I’d say this series is a great place for anyone who’s looking to start reading It’s simply the coolest most fun kick ass character driven series there is Butcher does a great job of explaining and recapping things so you don’t really need to read it in order but I’d recommend you pick it up from the start This is one of my favourite series ever and the audiobooks are just fantastic Can’t recommend it highly enough

  3. Reed says:

    As I began reading the 10th Harry Dresden novel I started ticking off little mental bullet pointsSarcastic dialogue Harry in trouble than any 3 urban fantasy charactersThe frenzied first climax that always happens in the middle of a Dresden novelRepetitive info dumping description of Harry's beat up Volkswagen Mouse the huge ass dog his big ass cat his pretty boy vampire brother his burned hand his terrible youth the tavern for supernaturals you get the pointI began to wonder if I've grown weary of Butcher's series at this point With all the dare I say it recycling of characters and plot points Small Favor feels like been there done that We have Marcone messing with things The Winter and Summer Courts causing Harry trouble Michael the Knight and Thomas the Vamp It feels like Butcher is coasting a little bitDon't get me wrong Small Favor is still enjoyable If you like the Dresden series it should satisfy that Harry Dresden itch But I wish Butcher would mix it up a little bit He's beginning to do so with Harry's Warden duties his apprenticing of Molly and so forth I just wish he'd jump further away from his safe plot lines and venture into new territoryI'll still read the next Dresden novel I love Harry I like the dialog and the writing is just plain fun And I must admit the last third of the book really picked up the action and felt a bit than going through the motions I just hope the next novel wanders farther from the norm

  4. Carolyn says:

    This was another action packed Harry Dresden adventure Started off a little slow but sure did build momentum through the middle culminating in a massive battle Harry is growing smarter and powerful but is still young in wizarding terms especially when some heavy weight foes are out to get him In this episode Mab ueen of the Winter Court calls in a favour Harry owes her and asks him to rescue crime boss Marcone who has been kidnapped by a bunch of fallen angels called the Denarians At the same time Titania ueen of the Summer Court is trying to stop Harry from rescuing Marcone and sends some fae creatures to hunt him down including the brothers Gruff you can imagine what they look like each brother bigger than the one before Fortunately Harry has his apprentice Molly brother Thomas a vampire and friend Michael a knight of the Cross to watch his back and eventually the Wizard's White Council send in some Wizards to help What I love most about this series are not only the great characters and sheer inventiveness but also the humour in some of the scenes and witty repartee between Harry and the bad guys I have a feeling this episode is setting the scene for serious business to come particularly if the Red and White Vampire Courts restart hostilities I guess I shall just have to read on to find out

  5. Lyn says:

    When Mab the faerie ueen of the Winter Court asks you for a small favor – it’s not really a small favor Like Ron Burgundy it’s kind of a big dealSo begins Jim Butcher’s TENTH Harry Dresden novel The past few stories have been about Harry’s conflicts with vampires especially the White Court That problem having been or less resolved for the time being we now switch themes back to the faerie courts and a visit from the White ueenAnd getting saddled up on the WINTER side of the Fae means he’s on the WRONG side of Titania the ueen of the Summer Court Harry just cannot stay out of troubleThree Billy Goats Gruff Butcher has some fun with a tie in to the old fairy tale these are some of the Summer Court minions come to tackle HarryBut wait There’s Besides Winter Court weirdness and Summer Court minion advances the Denarians show up in full force and are back to stir up hellish trouble For readers who don’t know these are fallen angels bound to 30 pieces of silver who possess those who carry them A cool idea for demonic bad guysMichael Carpenter paladin Is he a paladin? I think so technically according to the story he’s a Knight of the Cross but I imagine him as a paladin in the DD sense And remember Lawful Good does not mean lawful nice He’s Old Testament BADASS in a fight especially against supernatural gooniesWe also get to visit with The Archive Kincaid Gard and another trip to McAnally’s Pub Good fun for Dresden fans

  6. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Another solid story with a stellar narration even if I think James Marsters is sort of backtracking and doing fewer distinct voices I'm crazy addicted to this story and I simply don't think it is possible for me to not enjoy one of these books This plot was again sort of all of the place and complicated but Jim Butcher makes it work I can't give less than 4 stars On to the next

  7. Lindsey Rey says:

    45 Stars

  8. seak says:

    I was blown away by White Knight and couldn't possibly imagine this series getting any better than that I'm happy to say Butcher may have done so If anything Small Favor's at least on the same level with what I already considered the best in the series Maybe I'm drinking the kool aid at 10 books in but this series has gotten much less annoying to me as it's progressed I didn't notice too many over explanations in this installment that drove me nuts about the first couple books in the series I get that he's writing each installment to be its own separate story which works for the most part but it gets tiring and I'm glad that seems to be going away or severely reducedHaving said that I don't think much needs to be said Butcher is really going deep in his world building adding to each installment while bringing up past charactersraces It's really getting wide and deep and it's exciting to see and of this world open up Again I realize I'm drinking the kool aid at 10 books under my beltSpeaking of which the Harry DresdenJames Marsters narration combo is just about the best thing known to fiction I think I really started falling in love with the series when I started the audiobooks around book 6 45 out of 5 Stars highly super duper recommended

  9. Chris says:

    Hell's Bells count 21This is the tenth book in the series and if Butcher's own plan can be trusted it marks about the halfway point for the series as a whole Having made it this far with the series is a remarkable achievement and if he can keep it up all the way to its projected end I will be a very happy and impressed reader So a few words about the book itself and then some thoughts on the seriesHonestly if you've been following my reviews of this series you can be pretty sure what I'm going to say about it I devoured the book and enjoyed every minute of it In this edition Our Hero Harry is faced with death and danger on all sides as usual The everlasting ueen of the Winter Sidhe Mab wants Harry to rescue John Marcone the boss of the biggest organized crime racket in the city from the clutches of fallen angels who have immeasurable power and millennia of experience What they want with Marcone and other innocent and tragic characters isn't clear but what can can be sure of is that the full extent of their plans will far exceed simple kidnapping Meanwhile he's being attacked by agents of ueen Titania the ueen of the Summer Sidhe for reasons that are not all that clear to anyone especially Harry His attackers are beasts of legend the Gruffs You may have heard of them when you were a child goatlike creatures with a talent for eliminating trolls They are brothers and if you manage to defeat one of them you can be sure that his big brother will be along soon to take care of you And you most certainly don't want to get on the bad side of the eldest of the Gruffs let me tell you that Nice guy but he's clean your clock no matter who you areSo things aren't so good for Harry Dresden But then when are they ever? Going up against forces way over his head is pretty much a theme for Harry's life and while we can be reasonably certain that he will prevail after all there are about ten books to go and they'd be hard to write without him we don't know how much damage he will take in the doing so Although if you guessed a lot you'd be pretty well on the markThat goes for pretty much every book in the series Harry is an underdog or at least he starts out as one By the time you get to this book he has some measure of authority responsibility and respect as well as a serious reputation amongst people in this world and others So this makes it rather harder for him to be an underdog Instead of simple vampires werewolves and the occasional necromancer we now have to deal with the Big Guns like Mab Titania and The Fallen Which brings me to my first prediction for the rest of the series Harry Laid Low At some point I figure all that he's built up will have to come crashing down Gross physical harm aside he's put himself in a much better position than the one he was in way back in Storm Front and if he continues the way he has he will cease to be the underdog and become the overdog if there is such a thing While it'll be interesting to see how he handles being higher up on the food chain I don't think it'll sit well with his characterThat would be unfortunate because it's Harry's character that really make this book I've talked to those who aren't too keen on investing in this series because it's not uite different enough from the other modern urban fantasy out there And in a way they're right A lone wolf investigator with a mysterious past and unknowable potential who has a talent for making big enemies? That could either be this series or the Nightside books by Simon Green and I'm sure there's a few that follow a similar pattern Butcher isn't breaking open new ground with this series at least not as far as I can tell And a main character who is a wizard named Harry with a mysterious destiny and a tragic past? Yeah like I'm sure you haven't thought of it already I don't think that's Butcher's fault though Harry seems to be the kind of character who shows up in a writer's head long before the book gets published and Gary Dresden or Fred Dresden doesn't sound as goodThough Christopher Dresden has a nice ring to it I must say Why aren't there fictional heroes named Chris anyway? WeirdBack on topic what Butcher has done and what makes me enjoy this series so much is take the genre and populate it with really interesting people One of the things I enjoy so much about Harry is that he seems to be someone I'd like to hang out with he has a sense of humor that I enjoy and seeing how many of my friends tend towards wise assery I think we'd get along well Other characters like Murphy Michael Molly lots of M names Thomas Bob Mouse They're complex they're interesting and occasionally surprising You really come to care about them because Harry cares about them and you care about HarryWhich reminds me Predictions 2 and 3 The Death of Karrin Murphy and The Corruption of Molly Carpenter These are two people who are extremely close to Harry and invoke his much debated sense of male chauvinism A few people seem to take issue with Harry's desire to protect women which appears hopelessly old fashioned Maybe it is but Harry and by extension Butcher seems to be okay with that Murphy is Harry's best friend the one character who's stood by him since the first book and has grown to be his closest ally She has gained his trust and his faith through fire and trial and in this book is actually able to assert her authority in a wonderful wonderful scene to save Harry's skinSo she has to die It's one of those Hero's Journey things the hero has to lose those things closest to him in order to come out the other side as a True Hero He needs Murphy he really does and he needs to be able to stand without her If that means that she's taken out well I don't know if or when it'll happen I'd bet somewhere in the climactic final booksAs for Molly she's an interesting person A young person who after a very rocky start to her life as a magic user has been given a second chance by Harry For his part Harry's job is to make sure she turns out right to make sure she learns how to use her powers responsibly and wisely for the betterment of others As of this book she's doing very well her powers are becoming refined and she's got a good handle on what it means to be a responsible wizardBut first she has to see her dark side look it in the eye and face it down So at some point Molly is going to slip Whether through impatience arrogance or circumstance she's going to risk both her and Harry's lives by using her powers for EvilThere you go then It's a great series very enjoyable and I'll be following it to the end I highly recommend you do the same

  10. Heidi The Reader says:

    When Mab the Winter ueen comes to cash in on one of the favors Harry owes her things go from bad to worse And snow won't stop falling on Chicago Could the two possibly be related? Instinct told me that reason had disappointed me than once and that it wasn't thinking in the long term anyway Over the years my instincts and I have gotten cozy pg 57 ebookMemorable characters from the previous entries in The Dresden Files make a reappearance in this the tenth book in the series We get to enjoy the company of Toot Toot the pizza loving pixie gentleman Johnny Marcone and Mab among others Our instincts were a long time in the making though and the threats that can come after us now have outpaced them You can't outrun a bullet and you don't go hand to hand with a gunman unless you're certain you are about to die anyway pg 79 ebookThere's also a major villain from Harry's past but I won't go into details and spoil it for you At one time in my life a shapeshifted demonically possessed maniac crashing through a window and trying to rip my face off would have come as an enormous and nasty surprise But that time was pretty much in the past pg 143 ebookI have read a few reviews in which some readers believe The Dresden Files is ridiculous because Jim Butcher puts Harry into situations that he couldn't possibly survive But I beg to differ As the stakes and bad guys increase so do Harry's friends and allies Yes perhaps the wizard from book one would have been crushed by the baddie in book ten but they're both at different places nowDare I say it Harry has learned things? Through his nearly constant trials and tribulations he's become a stronger magic user adept and emphatic? But no that may be going a bit too far The prime rule of combat wizardry is simple too Be prepared pg 143 ebookAt least he's nailed down his wardrobe game Going forth to do battle with the forces of darkness is one thing Doing it in a pair of borrowed sweatpants and an ill fitting T shirt is something else entirely pg 427 ebookOne final thought in the other books in this series I felt like things were getting worse and worse for our intrepid hero But as readers discover in this entry there may be a silver lining on all those clouds after allAnd all I have to say about that is it's about time

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