Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found

Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found❴PDF❵ ✎ Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found Author Bill Keaggy – Cabich bird fude nodiles buttmilk dog yogurt bannes hare sope cream of salary soupWhat do these things have in common They're all items from real grocery lists Whose lists Who knows The lists were fou Cabich bird fude nodiles buttmilk dog yogurt Vodka Grocery ePUB ↠ bannes hare sope cream of salary soupWhat do these things have in common They're all items from real grocery lists Whose lists Who knows The lists were found discarded in shopping carts dropped on supermarket floors and parking lots even tucked in returned library books But the fact that they were discarded is not Milk Eggs ePUB ✓ what's interesting about them It's that they were found found andor collected by Bill Keaggy proprietor of Grocerylistsorg and the author of the world's first compilation of lost grocery lists This bookIf we are what we eat then this book reveals deep and strange truths about the average food shopper not to mention mundane facts like a lot of people love vodka Eggs Vodka Grocery Kindle Ø banana is actually very difficult to spell and that butter used to be dyed yellow using marigoldsSeparated into chapters funny lists sad lists unhealthy lists organized lists the book also includes humorous commentary by the author and some delicious recipes created from found grocery lists uirky sidebars and odd food facts round out the menuTranslation Cabbage bird food noodles buttermilk dog yogurt Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost ePUB ✓ duh bananas shampoo cream of celery soup.

Focused yet easily distracted.

Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 232 pages
  • Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found
  • Bill Keaggy
  • English
  • 26 May 2014
  • 9781581809411

10 thoughts on “Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found

  1. karen says:

    another genius idea that seems simple at first but there is so much to appreciate here it is what it is a book of peoples grocery lists the fun of it besides mr sad chairs' commentary is the amount of detail to be examined the kinds of stationery the uality of the handwriting the juxtaposition of items on the lists the doodles my lists seem pedestrian by comparison i have learned that americans eat healthier than we are purported to eat unless the healthiest people are also the most likely to litter and leave their lists behind in carriages either smugly or obliviously i learned that a lot of people buy but few can spell bananas i learned that a grocery list can sometimes make you feel sad and i laughed aloud three times

  2. Mauoijenn says:

    I laughed at a bunch of these lost but found grocery lists Poo paper itchy butt cream and ass pair agus Also liked the tib bit facts located all through out this book This took some time and a good eye to find the lost lists I come across coupons in carts them lists Genious idea Great book

  3. 7jane says:

    This is a book about grocery lists the found type which the author has here collected for 10 years much now of course It's probably fun to imagine stories behind each The oldest shopping list is the one found in a UK Roman fort from c80 AD there's also one from 1950s and 1970s shown At the end index items on each list are listed from 'AW root beer' to 'zucchini' Scattered on pages are also fun facts like how many variations of rice exist 100000 that Native Americans invented baked beans how long food stays safe after loss of electricity how much Americans consume sugar daily 19 teaspoons on average etcA great page for guidance in doing shopping should be read by anyone but now I list the list typesview spoiler funny odd funny items like 'hookers blow' 'tush cleaner' 'comet' 'moo' lists with exclamation points 1 or items with that or stand out differentbigger text or underlining to make sure something ISN'TIS bought; non food wishes thank yous and to dos party stuff plain sad lists health problems self improvement goals 'if enough money' new home needs repeating etc BAD spelling also seen in other categories 'muchroom' 'cheess' 'pork stake' 'sager' 'banne' so many variations for BANANA 'popcicals' etc grocer's apastrophe chip's banana's etc list paper that is creative lottery ticket 5 bill piece of wood food coupon napkin cardboard piece paint sample piece doodling woman's body ginger root piece a superhero battery alien face very short lists 1 3 items vague lists 'supper' 'dinner' 'lunch stuff' 'food' very organised lists amount for each day coupons enveloped recipe brought along budgeting elderly persons' lists shaky and capital letters including prices sweets prune juice dental stuff etc lists from outside US incl the country's uniue foods healthy unhealthy stuff lists particularly so lists with uestion marks ? after item age uestion knife or hatchet? other lists that may include grocery shopping lists from every state Washington DCAnd finally recipes using items mentioned on 1 list with only a few allowed from outside it is possible hide spoiler

  4. Sandra says:

    When I saw this title I knew I had to get my greedy hands on itThis is so clever now we get to peek inside people's lives I mean eventhough just a 'simple' grocery list it is still someone's thought process or mood we get to seeI can see this website grocerylistsorg being a hit You get to be interactive with others You can share a list to go viralHowever as a book this is so much harder to get through After just a few lists it becomes monotonous There are trivia bits thrown in to break it up but usually those were pretty random and had nothing to do with either the chapter theme or the list beforeafter it According to US Food Drug Administration regulations ground paprika is allowed up to 20% mold 75 insect fragments and 11 rodent hairs per 25 grams and tomato puree may contain 9 fly eggs and 1 maggot per 100 grams What irked me the most was the commentary on the lists Which was mean spirited than funny Jokes on how someone must be stupid because of misspellings Are you stupid or what? Anyway did you know? Skunk eggs Cowboy slang for onions 25

  5. Jessaka says:

    Milk Eggs Vodka Grocery Lists Lost and Found by Bill KeaggyThis was a fun light readYou learn a lot from grocery lists in America because many people here have really bad penmanship as well as spelling I wondered what grade level they had completed Some use apostrophes incorrectly such as listing items like pears and apples as “pear's” “apple's” Maybe these items own the grocery list Then there was the spelling banannas I should talk but at the same time it seems that at least the schools should have been able to teach grammar in regards to making up a grocery list And I admit yogurt is a hard word to spell One grocery list had it spelled “yogert” I always had a hard time with the word “spaghetti” but I found no misspelling of it in this bookThe author makes funny comments about each grocery list even talking about how old people's writing is shaky I wonder if that will happen to me What I have noticed is this Since I type all my letters to friends when I do write by hand my hand doesn't know what it is doing any I am probably trying to write as fast as I type I don't know but I can write a great hand printed grocery list and sometimes I put items down in the order that you find them in the store Where I get caught in writing is that I never remember when to add a comma or a semi colon etc And at least if I can't spell something there is always spell check on my computer but I really don't learn to spell that way because I don’t pay attentionMy favorite grocery list was the one my own grandmother gave to me when I was around 8 years old She sent me down the street to the corner market with only a few items on the list the list being only three to four items that i was to remember I forgot everything but the raisin bread Then on the way home I began eating the raisin bread I purposely passed her house and walked around the block and by the time I got to her house again I had half a loaf left She scolded me not for eating the bread but for forgetting the other items So if you have a lazy day ahead and don't want to read anything where you have to think this is the book for you

  6. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I'm an incredibly nosy person When I used to work as a grocery cashier I would always be mildly amused by the things that people would put on the conveyor belt and imagine what kind of lives they lived and what their hobbies were like And then there were the awkward encounters as well like the people trying to buy alcohol with no ID or the time I told someone buying two boxes of condoms without thinking to have a good night and then regretted that deadpan automatic clerk politeness with all my heartThis book is a collection of found grocery lists that were submitted to a guy who keeps a blog about lists I recently read another found book which were all the rage until online communities went mainstream and people started sharing these sorts of things for free I liked the grocery lists because I feel like each one was a little story about the person who wrote it but after a while the premise wore a little thin There's only so many times you can see someone saying they bought milk or eggs before you're like SO?The saving grace of this book were the little extras thrown in food trivia and facts a restored table someone working in a grocery store had covered in decoupaged coupons people had thrown on the floor a grocery list someone had Chevy Chase autograph in a bathroom and then a link to a printable grocery list the author made himself on his blog for efficiency along with some handy recipes for all American staples with ingredients found in your local grocery store wink winkAs others have said some of the author's pithy commentaries got pretty annoying Some people conflate meanness with humor but I think there's a line before things start to just seem petty and Keaggy crossed that line multiple times I was also kind of surprised that he didn't bother translating some of the international lists couldn't he find someone who could speakwrite Turkish or Tagalog?This was an OK book but I don't think it's a strong enough concept to really warrant a book in the first place Blogs are easier because you can just look and view until you're bored of the subject without feeling compelled to read every single post to the end unlike a book Might be a funny conversation starter for a coffee table piece but I wouldn't recommend buying this to read2 to 25 stars

  7. Jenni says:

    Milk Eggs Vodka is a collection of discarded or lost shopping lists The premise is cool and it's easy to think that we might find some insight into human nature through these but frankly it's also a little boring For every list with a surprising item or interesting phrase there were five or six that were just your basic average everyday grocery list The author attempts to liven up the book with snappy captions and bizarre foodgrocery facts on every page In some cases the captions add to the list and make it funnier For example in the party section one list appeared that had AAA batteries and the caption alluded to a party of one making an otherwise ordinary list elicit a good chuckle On the other hand many of the captions were cheesy attempts at humor or just making fun of the imagined life that the list writer might have Although there is an entire section devoted to misspellings and another for grammatical specifically apostrophe mistakes much of the book's humor throughout other chapters is still devoted to making fun of these common problems As a high school English teacher I guess I'm desensitized to seeing things spelled wrong or punctuated improperly If a student is willing to hand in a paper for grading with said problems I don't see why a person who is writing a list under the impression that no one else will ever view it would bother to edit and revise Two lists were included with a letter from the person who sent each in explaining how the list came to be and these two were ultimately my favorite because the stories behind them made them far fascinating than anything else I guess I'm a sucker for a full story

  8. cat says:

    the concept for this book is awesome and i thoroughly enjoyed the lists themselves in this compilation of found grocery lists the author's comments however were mean spirited and in no way added to the fun of the lists on almost every page i found myself wishing that he would just shut up and leave me to read the lists which were so much entertaining and insightful than the comments that he put with them

  9. Denise says:

    Ok it's a book of found grocery lists but trust me it's so much It's a look into the lives of people based one one specific group of criteria what they planned to buy at the store on a particular shopping trip Author Bill Keaggy breaks down the lists into categories and puts them in chapters such as Doodles and Noodles Organized Lists Unsure of Myself etc including my favorite The Grocer's Apostrophe Then he does what makes books like this work so well he attaches funny commentary to each list He makes the mundane seem comical not unlike Wendy McClure's book of diet recipe cards from the 1970s The Amazing Mackeral Pudding Plan or James Lileks' book The Gallery of Regrettable Food When writers poke fun at everyday things around them it takes a clever touch to find the balance between lame and mean and Bill Keaggy achieves thatDesign wise I love this book I totally get off on seeing the original found lists on the pages The book was designed by Grace Ring and she did a great job showcasing the lists in a way that makes them pieces of art themselves This is another book my son refused to let me read in public as it made me laugh uncontrollably I've shown the book to co workers and strangely they did not have the same response that I did Hmmgo figure And I still start laughing whenever I think of an item on one list I can't believe it's butterPS I just looked through the book again a dangerous move as I'm at the reference desk right now and ok some of his comments are mean But they're so damned funny

  10. Rebecca says:

    The idea of this book sounded better to me than the actual book did when I got it It is a bunch of grocery lists that the author has found or people have sent him It is interesting to see how many different ways people found to spell banana or to try and figure out what people actually mean by some of the things they list what are you shopping for when your list says ‘smelly stuff’ or ‘hookers’ but it can become monotonous after a while I would suggest going slowly instead of going through the whole book in two days like I did because no matter what they are written on in the end they are just shopping lists and they all start to look the same I understand that part of the point of reading the lists is to make fun of the people who wrote them But there is a fine line between poking fun and being mean and I think the author sometimes crossed that line Some of his comments are funny but after he called four people in a row losers because they spelled yogurt wrong on their own personal reference material it not only sounded mean but was not even very clever or witty any The fun food facts on the edges of the pages are very interesting and should not be skipped over Did you know that honey is the only human consumable food that will never go bad or that the banana plant is a gigantic herb? I enjoyed the book but I think it would be better ingested slowly a little at a time a list here and a list there instead of sitting down and reading it through

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