The Emperors Wolf

The Emperors Wolf➳ [Reading] ➶ The Emperors Wolf By J.C. Owens ➩ – The echoes of a war four years' past still resounds in the minds of those who endured it Jaden longs to search for his sister though he is bound in the fetters of slavery When he is given to the very The echoes of a war four years' past still resounds in the minds of those who endured it Jaden longs to search for The Emperors MOBI :✓ his sister though he is bound in the fetters of slavery When he is given to the very man who conuered his country he is caught up in his own hatred yet fascinated by the mystery of his new master the Emperor of Tranaden who all say is demonic without mercy Trapped in the snare of his master’s beauty Jaden begins to realize that there is much beneath the surfaceDersai is Emperor to his fingertips he is used to command and being obeyed He will sacrifice anything to see his country safe Beneath he is well read highly intelligent and far sighted in how he views others Yet Dersai has an inner demon a demon that kept his kingdom free and safe from conuerors; only in his dreams can he imagine one strong enough to love him Now his slave may be the only one who can set him free.

JC McGuireJC Owens lives in small town rural Alberta and is a self confessed writing a holic In the absence of help for The Emperors MOBI :✓ this afflictionI do indeed love to write and have over twenty books sitting idle in my computer waiting I love the genre of malemale stories and conflict in what a person thinks they want versus what they truly need to become themselves I think any writing that shows the beauty of men loving men is worthwhileI love to hear from my readers and always appreciate suggestions and comments for future books Sharing a love of reading and good hot sensuality between men is always a cause for celebration.

The Emperors Wolf Kindle ð The Emperors  MOBI
  • ebook
  • 146 pages
  • The Emperors Wolf
  • J.C. Owens
  • English
  • 10 April 2014

10 thoughts on “The Emperors Wolf

  1. Julio Genao says:

    this is what the sex in this book does to my balls i've fapped to this thing so many times since it never occurred to me to rate or review it before right nowsrrslythat's my explanationtoo busy fapping n'stuffand then when i'm done with whatever scene i've just re read for the 30th time i be like like it's been years with this book

  2. SheReadsALot says:

    I don't think I could fully describe why this story is so great The characters and the world that the author built makes me want to re delve again I read this story in HOURS eating the words like fine cuisine There's slavery domination hot mm pairing excellent scenes to be had I totally recommend this story I loved it This is how I like my mm stories written

  3. Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder& says:

    Re read 17092019 I went back and forth on whenever I was gonna re read this one or not I was really undecided but I couldn't find anything else to read so I ended up with this one after all It's not a bad read; it's short enough interesting enough and has cool characters While I wish the book had depth in the sense of friendships it has something that pulls at you view spoilerI actually wish there was regarding the demon More scenes with himit and Jaden to get that bold contrast between the demon and Jaden and Jaden and Dersai hide spoiler

  4. Vio says:

    Enthralling is one of the many words to describe this intense slave fic and hey I am not a fan but dammit I have to admit this was amazing and the fantasy is smoothly written easy to follow and lures you in Standout MC's a beautiful blend of fierceness and tenderness which made the story so much believable for me a good thing too as I was expecting the worst Jaden and Dersai sexy to the extreme their relationship builds slowly and what develops is a loving and lasting partnership Angst tears and joy but they finally got there I loved it a lot

  5. Natasha says:

    WOWWWWwwweeee This is a sexy bookI loved this book and devoured it in little to no time It has an incredible main character who's tortured past places a huge part in his futureIt's amazing and sexy and well written and never boring and exciting and fun and definitely 18 and has just enough of a paranormal element and dramatic and heartbreaking and just GREAT

  6. * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    35 StarsI want to put this succinctly However I can't because I felt this story had two distinct parts which was separated by the inevitable pivotal change of feelings and thus my reaction to each was differentBefore said feelingsFirst things first The smex in this?? DamnJaden has had it rough over the last four years his life has been ruled by fear pain and resignation and it magnifies exponentially when he unfortunately serendipitously falls back into the clutches of the emperor He understandably worries for his future well being the emperor's ruthless and merciless reputation is known by all However there's always two sides to every story and this was no differentWhat this part was so good at was depicting the inner conflict the delicious turmoil of hating your captor but being unable to stop one's attraction And did I mention the sex? UnfAfter said feelingsKudos to the author It takes a good amount of skill to successfully and believably change hate to love and she almost pulls it off Almost This part was swoony sweet with a bit of frustration at the inevitable misunderstanding I seriously wish there was another 150 pages to dwell upon as mentioned above because though I may protest too much I wanted of that angsty goodness So overall this accomplished a lot in a scant 149 pages and I'm impressed The romantic in me appreciated the HEA but something was missing What exactly I just can't uite put my finger on 4 for the 1st half 3 for the 2nd half 35 Stars

  7. Chelsea says:

    Well wasn't that delightfulWhat the people say is true this was exceptionally hot I can't uite figure out why?? I mean there's nothing particularly special or different about the sex it's​ just Super super hot That must just be great writingI found this to be one of those 'sweet' slave novels Not much angst or hatred Ok wait so Jaden did hate the emperor alot to begin with but the emperor was just so sweet and loving it didn't take him long to move on There's a bit of a supernatural subplot which I didn't see coming but actually enjoyed uite a lot and the HEA was beautifulI think the last 40% lost a bit of the relationship focus and that's why this was 4 not 5 stars also other than the sex there wasn't a 'wow' factor for me

  8. Catherine says:

    I can't give this one anything less than 5 stars I was totally engrossed in it from the first page to the last

  9. Emma Sea says:

    JC Owens has really got the whole slave trope nailed This one was slightly suprising I didn't anticipate where the story went and it made this one of my favourites of zirsNo abuse or rape instead a sweet gentle slave hurtcomfort story Tiny bit of mF in the first chapter

  10. Mary says:

    Really enjoyed this The tension between the two characters is both heart felt and hot and the resolution of the story is beleivable The best books can sustain the characterization to the end and this one does that

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